Saturday, November 25, 2006

Been a while

Since I last updated my blog...still gotta put more effort and time in..Lazy git that I am....

First thing to mention is to wish Graham (aka themoffman) a speedy recovery in his battle against his ill health at the moment. Our prayers are all with you buddy, keep up the fight.

On the poker front, managed to claw back a reall bad start to the month (was $250 down at one point) which for me is a lot. The turnaround was mainly due to a 2nd place in one of the UKBetting payday events, £7 entry, 70 entrants, top 50 paid and £2k guarenteed...£300 for 2nd changed my whole month from loss, to a decent profit so far.

The next bit of luck, was poker poka going tits up and changing platforms, I was getting a hammering on the sngs there. While the site shutdown, I took all me dosh out (just in case it did not come back !!) and moved back to stars, where I have started a decent run of form on the $10 sngs to pull the month back on track. Currently about $310 up on the month, which will give me a good change of hitting my $4k target for the year. One good MTT result should do it....unfortunately, its my mtt's that are letting me down this month, apart from the one big money 2nd above. I have played about 40 this month and only made 2 FTs and 1 money finish.....not good, most exits I have been well in front when the chips have gone in, but its not to be. Still it has to change I guess.

Anyway thats it for now, short and sweet I know...but off to pub now, then down to the villa to see another glorious victory on the mighty O'Neill revival :-)

GL at the tables

PS Jat, if you still read these blogs...don't be a stranger matey, me games account is running low, need to win some backgammon ;-)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad Patches

The yearly goal seems far far away at the moment. Currently about $140 down this month after hitting the sngs hard over the weekend, played over 20 and only 1 one, with no 2nd places and a a fair few 3rds, just can't seem to get a break on them at the moment, either no cards, or walking into monsters when on the rob, always the same story.

Also on laddies, had two bubbles in the high stacks in 6 days, this is a real bummer, especially as one was the monday night 5000 chip hangover tourney, 5 1/2 hours to get bubbled and fuck all is no laughing matter.

Still I am going to plod on with the sngs, played about 30 this month so far, tempted to not play any multis till I am in profit on the sng, but trouble is I enjoy them to much...ho hum...what to do.

Big congrats to Tom (Banqo) by the way who managed a fantastic 2nd in the laddies $50 double chance (no rebuy either...tight fucker)

I am sure I will get through this bad patch, I just hope at the end of it, I will still be ahead of what I was in profit last year, or it shows I am not improving as a player......Which I believe I am, but still very aware of my weaknesses which need to be ironed out.

But for now, call me with anything, cos at the moment you will be able to outdraw me or push me off the pot cos I am a wimp.....But beware, my luck may change.


Friday, November 03, 2006

October Stats

The month did not go truly to plan, I had intended to give the sngs a real push this month, for some reason, I played less than ever. In fact I did not play as much poker as I had liked. I did spend a lot of time railbirding, cheering on the nutz boys and girls and getting a good piss take in wherever possible, its the law you know ;-)

Also losing a whole weekend due to getting shitfaced at the dream team live event at Canary Wharf, did not help the tally...but well worth it

The stats would have been a lot better, I was expecting to get over $500 up as I had a good start, but a bad last week, took over $100 off the profits.

But here are my stats for October

Total Profit = $357.11
MTTs Played = 65
MTT Final Tables made = 5 (7.69%)
MTT in the Money = 13 (20%) - NB Includes FT's
MTT Total $ won = $585.50
MTT Profit = $199.50
SNG Played = 21
SNG Profit = $49
SNG ITM = 38.10%
Cash Profit/loss = $92.91

Not many final tables in the MTT's but winning a decent entry tourney helped ease the pain and the cashflow. Had a limited amount of success on the cash tables this month, mainly playing .25 / .50 on Poker Poka.

This month, I do need to start upping the sng's, gonna try and play at least 100 of these this month, pref 2 tabling on Poker Poka.

A bit less chat and a bit more poker is hopefully going to be the order of the month. This then, all being well will help me hit the magic $4000 profit for the year.

GL at the tables