Saturday, June 23, 2012

Volume [ ] Nice Profit [x]

Well as you can see by the title of this blog entry, I have failed at any significant volume, however the good thing is I seem to be running fairly hot at the moment and I am about 28 buyins up over 30k hands or so for the month so I can't really grumble too much, I guess its better than the other way around. Running at approx 9bb/100 over the 30k sample def makes you smile a bit :-)

I have already reached Silver Status for the month, but due to the volume fail I don't think I am going to be able to reach Gold as I had hoped for. The main reason for the lack of volume has been the Euros as I have been watching every match that I can so far, which means at least two hours out of my evening schedules being lost to watch the games and in the case of the England games the whole evening is gone as they just HAVE to be watched in the Pub.

I am off work now until the 2nd July, so I do have a chance to get some volume in over the next week or so, especially as the wife is off to Rome for 4 days. I will however, probably be without my internet on Monday as I am having it upgraded to BT Infinity which I am looking forward to, just hoping they don't fook it up and there actually is a big improvement as I am hoping to be able to watch the footy on my PC while grinding without the pics buffering all of the time !!!

I have decided to go back to my old nitty bankroll style and I am returning to an 80 buyin move up, 70 buyin move down rule. Currently my roll is approx £1900, so all being well will be moving up to 25NL by the end of the month.

I have also been reading the 2+2 forum a lot more, not so much for the hand histories, which I def know I should read more of, but for the poker goals and challenges. I think I will def put my own up next year as at the  moment I will be going for Supernova in 2013 as the volume I can put in on zoom makes it a lot more realistic with the time I can actually put in at the tables. I am pretty sure I won't be making it this year unless I can get up to 50NL by the end of August, which I will probably have to have some serious run good to do. Ideally if I can get to 50NL by the beginning of December, then get to platinum, it should be be a good start of the year and a great incentive to get the supernova grind on the go. I even hope if I can have a few stabs at 100NL that might get me to 200k-300k supernova which would be nice.......

It does make me laugh when I see myself writing things about having stabs at 100NL as back in 2008 when Crypto was still going, I was playing a load of 100NL, but as times get hard, the poker bankroll gets used for more important things like new TVs and golf clubs !!!

Hope to be posting a lot more over the course of the year to get me into a habit for my PGC thread that I will start on 2+2 in late December. With at least a monthly graph posted on the previous months review, maybe even a weekly one, not sure yet.

Thats it for now, will update you all on the state of my health next week as I wanted to concentrate on the poker for this thread.