Saturday, February 24, 2007

Answered my own question + New Forum

Well, it didn't take long to solve the Cash vs SNG question, 4 short sessions on laddies and a $120 loss over them, has made me think maybe it was just a good run of cards that put me $200 up and not my own play. It is amazing at one moment, you are hitting the nut hand everytime and someone is all in with you with the 2nd nut hand. A week later and its the other way round. My big hands are walking into bigger hands or I am getting nothing at all. I shall still persevere playing a little cash, but I think I am still going to concentrate on the sngs for now. Saying that, I have played 6 on stars this am and I have only got 1 3rd, but I think this is due to serious lack of concentration watching soccer am and the Man U/Fulham game while playing, as well as updating this blog and making the odd change on

On the subject of my website, I have decided to add a new forum to the site, hopefully to get some serious poker chat going instead of the abuse that goes on via the ladbrokes forum, which to be honest, I think I am gonna stop reading it as it is starting to get on my nerves. Follow the link to forums off the pokergoth home page and please feel free to join the forum and put your poker views across.

More good news for the site, I am hoping to shortly offer 30% rakeback to anyone who joins Mansion Poker via my links. I have been very impressed with Mansion so far, all the dealings I have had with them have been very positive, I just hope they start getting the numbers that they deserve. This is the total opposite to DTD poker, who have stated that they do the affiliate side manually !!!! ffs, I know for a fact that at least 4 poeple have joined via my links, yet they have a record of only 1, which is someone I have never heard of. They also constantly ignore my emails, I am more than a little disappointed with the site so far as I thought with the people involved the site would have been a lot more professional than they are. Lets see if they can redeem themselves in the future.

Will be down the pub later on to watch the rugby, hopefully we can turn the irish over and bring some pride back to our shores.

Also good luck to James tonight in DTD 12k G, £50, he is playing for our mini syndi, sot get in there and bring home the bacon.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SNGS Vs Cash + Quality Muffing

Most of my poker career so far has been carried out on the sng tables of various sites, starting on our spiritual home Ladbrokes, migrating on to Full Tilt and then onto my current sng home Stars, two years ago I was playing $20 on ladbrokes regularly and ticking over a small profit, this was until I had a dreaded 13 in a row not placing in the cash. In those days I used to take my winnings out on a frequent basis and spending it as and when, so I was actually playing above what my bankroll should be. Since then I have dropped down to the $10 level and with the help of the odd MTT win built my roll up to the level where I should now move back to the $20 level and not move down again. During this period of timeI did not touch the cash tables as I always felt my main style of play was a little too conservative to give long term profit like it does on the sngs. However, just lately, I have been playing more and more cash games and enjoying what I am seeing. I have been mainly playing the laddies .15 / .30 cash tables between the hours of 23:00 and 1.00 on the 10 seater tables and I have been pleasantly surprised on how successful I have been. My hourly rate at this level at the moment is almost double that of my sngs. So, I have a dilemma, what do I concentrate more on, cash or sngs with the odd MTT or drop the sngs for a while and play more cash and MTT's. Any advice would be appreciated as I am in a bit of a dilemma at the moment.

On another note we have set up a little syndi via the pokerkaz forum, where 10 of us play a $10 sng, winner takes all and agrees to play in $100 worth of tournies (min entry $25, so no 100 x $1 turbos lenny hehe) and then share out the winnings amongst the players. Last week Lexus2 won the syndi (was only a $50 one test the water) and made the final table on the Vegas $50 to give us a small profit on our first week. This week, I managed to leave my rock hat at home and jumped on the muff bandwagon, betting with shit and calling all ins with anything that added up to nine or was sooted. So when heads up with James and with a slight chip lead, when he re-raised me all in with his AJ and I looked down and saw 6 3 sooted, I just had to call. A bunch of low cards on the flop gave me the open ended str8, and everyone knew the laddies river would reward the muff. I duly took home the $100 1st prize. I could feel a tear in lennys eye as his proud padwar had turned jedi under his watchful tutorage..........Long live the muff.

I have not decided which tourney to play yet, but the $100 100K guaranteed on Mansion looks favourite at the moment, probably on Saturday night. I just hope I can do the boys proud and bring home some more beer vouchers.

You know where to download it if you haven't already ;-)


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bad Beat or Bad Sports ??

Had a bit of a shock this week. I had noticed recently that the Bad Beat website had taken its Blogs section off, which was a shame, cos I used to use it as a link to other peoples blogs to have a nose, but I thought nothing of it. Then at the start of the week ShaneMcg put a post on the forum asking why they had gone. In true ladbrokes style, nobody from the Bad Beat site could be bothered to respond. I therefore put a post on responding to Shane stating that now the Blogs link had gone, if he sent me a list of the blogs he regularly looked at, I would stick them all up on my new iccle site so he could have a central point to link to them all, which I thought was a nice gesture on my part. But low and behold, Bad Beat decided that I must be a massive threat to their $5 million corporation and almost immediately removed my post.....WTF....are they scared of. It seems to me that the so called site for poker players is no more than a large corporate whore and all that counts to them is the $$$ fuck the players, show them the $$$, all I was trying to do was help a fellow player with a few links.....I have lost a lot of respect for Bad Beat after that. I may understand why they took it off, but some common courtesy from them to me would be all it would have took in the form of an email or comment on the forum. Small things like that make all the difference, but that seems to be beyond them.

Poker been going good, was about $200 up until this am when I got muffed for $45 on stars cash when I pushed all in on an AKx flop with AK and got instacall from QT, the J on the turn gave him what I knew was coming.

Bit depressed today as a lot of the nutz crew are all meeting up in liverpool for a days drinking, gambling and then to the casino on the night. I am getting married in april, so not doing anything big till after this. I will post more on this in the next couple of weeks.

Prob go down the pub to watch the villa vs reading lunchtime, our new signings look like they really could turn the club around. Hopefully will not get too pissed, so I can play poker later.....


Friday, February 02, 2007 and January Stats

Well my website is up and running, please pay it a visit and let me know what you think, still got to adjust the colours and add a lot of links, but i'm a lazy git and fit it in while I am playing sit and goes, prob not a good idea as i've played 6 tonight and only got 1 2nd so far. On a little bad run on stars at the moment, i'm sure its down to lack of concentration, must work harder on this.

Still January turned out to be a good month and was over $650 up at one stage before finally settling on the stats below:-

Total Profit = $590.36
MTTs Played = 29
MTT Final Tables made = 6 (20.69%)
MTT in the Money = 10 (29%) - NB Includes FT's
MTT Total $ won = $418.38
MTT Profit = $256.48
SNG Played = 67
SNG Profit = $214.50
SNG ITM = 50.75%
Cash Profit/loss = $123.78

Happy with month overall, will settle for all this year being like that ;-)