Wednesday, August 01, 2012

July 2012 Review

Well what can I say about July 2012, If Carlsberg made profitable months for low stakes grinders, this would be it.

Apart from the $5.4k tourney win, I managed to only squeeze in approx 30k hands of 10NL zoom, but as you can see from the graph, I ran/played pretty well. I actually ran at 11.54 bb/100 which is pretty cool and if I could run like that even at 10NL full time, I think I would dump my job tomorrow. Luckily I know I am a bit more realistic than that, so will take the good times while they come.

I managed to also hit the 5000VPP stellar bonus for an extra $50, so finished the month $5756.92 in profit, which is just short of my overall best profit on a year, let alone a month !! Hopefully I can carry on and take the upward graph and play some more 25NL zoom this month.

I actually made a little more than that, as I am having some problems getting the money out of 888 Poker as they said I had to clear the $24 bonus before I could cash out, so I ended up 4-6 tabling the 10NL on there for a while, hence the lack of volume on zoom. I table selected well and the hud was just one big mass of green, the fish were unbelievable and before long after a week, I was 5 buyins down !!!, yep down, I seriously can't play against mega fish, I can't put them on any range, I try and bluff them off hands when they are never folding their bottom pair and I always pay their monsters off when they hit them. In the end, I got totally fcked off with it all and went and played some 100NL 6 Max, held my own and won 1.5 buyins to finish off the bonus requirements, although to be fair I did 5 bet shove all in with 9Tsooooted from the SB vs a button raise and got him to tank for an age before he called with his JJ, I rivered the flooosh to take a nice $200 pot, its always cool when it goes your way :-))

Still waiting for the $4500 withdrawal to get into my account, they seem to have processed about $130 of it and the rest is pending, dunno why, cos I have made $1k withdrawals from there in the past and I have recently submitted docs to them, I guess they are just making sure that I have cleared all the bonuses etc. I did play the same tourney again last Friday but came nowhere. I still have over $1k in there and intend to use it as a totally separate tourney roll, you never know I might bink another decent score before the end of the year.

Either way, this year is now my most profitable year so far since I started playing and I still have some FPPs to cash in, only about 5.5k, but it all counts.

 As for my goals from last month, the volume obv failed, the tourney win made me it back off a bit, plus having to play on 888 to clear the bonuses had an impact. I managed to lose 5lb in weight, not the 10 I had hoped for, but I did have a couple of nights out that I had to attend, one of which was a mega piss up. I have also struggled with a cold for the last week or so, so I have not been able to train at all, so overall I can't complain. I did play some 25NL but not as much as I had hoped, I think running so well at 10NL, I erred on the side of caution and stayed there for most of the month.

The only goal I am gonna have for August is to retain silver status on stars as I have some holiday coming up and won't be playing at the end of August/beginning of September, so will be looking to build up the volume in October ready for some serious grind in November/December.

Of course the news that Full Tilt is gonna be back on line within 3 months is immense and its great that most of the players will get their money back, although the poor yanks will have to apply to the DOJ and jump through hoops to get theirs back !!! Its all good for poker and a big thank you to Poker Stars. It would be great if my old Gothman account on there could get the rakeback if thats the model they go for and there is bound to be some sort of cool reload bonus going in at the start which could make it attractive to move there to play some rush, assuming the game is as profitable as zoom has been for me so far, that would be cool, although the draw of being a supernova and the dream of being a supernova elite one day still plays on my mind as a goal for life.

I do have to mention Bradley Wiggins before I go though, what a man, what an inspiration, he has become my new hero in life, its time I should look up to people like him and his single minded determination to succeed and bring that sort of drive back into my life, just need to decide where best to direct it.

Been waffling for a while now, think the scrumpy my mom bought me back from Devon is kicking in., I did play live last week, was an up and down sort of night, but will cover that in more detail on my next blog as even I am getting bored of this one.

Toodle Pip and c'mon the Great Britain !!!!!!