Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wannabe Millionaire - February Review

We all want to be rich don't we ? well I know for one thing, I won' be getting there fast playing 5 NL !!! however, if I live for a very very very very long time, I possibly maybe.

The goals I set for the month were, well to say the least, missed, but I did have a winning month. Stats as follows:-

Hands - 24418
Profit - +$61.13
VPPS Earnt - 523

Giraffe (spot the large drunken session, clue = cliff base jump)

The VPP ratio looks low only cos there was a promo in Jan which basically gave a VPP boost, but basically I did enough to just get to silver for the second month running.

I really am struggling to sit down at the table an grind sessions out. The most surprising thing is last year when I was losing constantly, I would happily sit there for hours pushing buttons and donating the mooonies. However this year when I am winning at +5bb/100 over 50k hands so far this year, I just can't be arsed to play.

As for studying, that may as well be a swear word in a convent at the moment as I would rather spend my time playing Windows Internet Backgammon at the moment than sit down and do a hand review session !!

So, what is the point of carrying on. Well, the short answer is, I don't actually know right now. What I do know is I still intend to carry on playing keeping a minimum of silver star status. I do still have a plan for moving up and my roll at the moment online is $387. At $400 I intend to change from 4 x 5NL zoom, to 3 x 5NL + 1 x 10NL Zoom. 

The strict bankroll plan I have for stars this year will ensure that I will at least break even at the tables and take home all of the bonuses etc, so to avoid the disaster last year of only just being ahead after rakeback.

I still have £1550 in my offline bankroll, but will probably use this for the odd live tourney and cash session, the only problem with that is the fact I only attend the casino on drunken nights out, which if the cards fall right can be very profitable as I found out at xmas, however, as I seem to turn into a raving bluff monkey wanting to show everyone at the table every bluff I make, it will eventually catch up with me. Hopefully I can get there sobre one day and a few of the regulars will remember me (oh yes, they will remember me lol) I can get paid off pretty lightly when I have the goods.

On a personal front, I have had the all clear from my last cardiology clinic and no longer have to go back. I still have an slight anomaly on my E.C.G but researching this  could actually just be a result of the seriously heavy training I did when I was swimming and body building in my youth as it is a common symptom in current/ex athletes. Or it could also be the result that I am currently a lazy fat pisshead.

The good news however is that I can start to do some proper training now. I have managed to lost over 20lbs without doing much training at all, so hopefully I can now increase that loss to get down to something that does not effect my health negatively like I believe it does now. I did a few weeks ago actually get below 14st for the first time this century, but a few too many footy games and takeaways have put another 1/2 stone back on since then. Hopefully this is a very short set back and will soon be back below that magic figure, with the ultimate goal of being 12 1/2 stone by the end of the year and ready to for 2015 when I intend to get back down to 11st and fit as fck.

Thats it for this month, been a bit of a long update as Grandpa Dirk was whinging about the length of the last post.

Oh and as it was long, I am not going to go back and check spelling, repeated words and paragraphs that don't make sense as I have missed key words out, hopefully you are all clever enough to get the drift, well.......

Toodle pip.