Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bored and had enough !!

The title says it all, for now that is. Since I have had a few health issues, I have really been struggling to sit down and play. Its so annoying as I know at the end of last year I was on a high, knew where I was going and knew the more I played, the more I was going to earn. Now sadly it has all gone, the enjoyment is not there and there I now have other priorities in my life that I need to concentrate on.

I am off on holiday for at the end of the weeks with the wife and dogs and have withdrew all of my roll from Stars and the limited roll I had on a couple of other sites. It will be a much needed break away from it all. Maybe while I am away I can have a long think about what I want to do with poker, playing the hours that I do for the money that I am now earning doesn't seem reasonable any more. I either need to go one way or the other. I guess when I come back from my hols at the end of April I will know more and post an update on here, but for now, I can't even be arsed to post a vid.

Good luck to all and hope to see you soon.