Monday, January 29, 2007

Cash Crash

I played in the 500pp freeroll on laddies fully expecting to make it through to the monthly 50k final as the last time I played in it, the play was so so poor, I just must get through. However I did not count on finding QQ in my bb, with about 4 limpers, I put a very large raise in hoping to take the pot down there and then, they all folded except for 1, who rr me all in. I decided he had a mid pair and was gambling or hoping I was just defending my blind. I called immediately and was happy when he turned over JJ, but the J on the turn prempted a bit of laptop slapping and a couple of keys flying across the lounge........grrrrrrrrrr.

So it was back to the cash tables, with only a 2 day period to get another 500 pp, this was going to be tricky playing .15c / .30c 1 table at a time. But I perservered and I am currently up to about 300, hoping to get the rest tonight. The honeymoon period is def over after not having a losing cash session all month, 3 out of the 4 sessions I played yesterday were losing ones and having to reload twice, this could turn out to be an expensive freeoll. Highlight was having my AA cracked by 55 on a JJ5 flop, I guess it was my own fault as I saw the flop, bet big and could not lay down my AA when RR, I even put him on 55 and not a Jack and still called, what a numpty. Eventually finished the day about $55 down, my biggest losing day this month.

Hopefully tonights session will get me to the 500 points needed without too much damage to my meagre cash roll.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Plodding Along

2007 has started very well on the old poker front. Assteady profit on the MTTs, sngs, and even cash...yes, Gothman the rock, is winning on cash....AND on Ladbrokes, wtf is going on. While other poker colleagues seem to be taking an absolute hammering by the famous laddies river, I seem to be dodging all, I guess if someones winning, others are losing. As long as I am the winning one...who cares :-)

Currently just over $600 up for the month, with the best result being a 2nd in the one of the laddies $3 high stack tournies. This turned out to be the most frustrating heads up battles I have ever had. We were about equal stacks heads up, when the player (can't remember his name) decided that even with playable blinds was gonna be "all in or fold" He added to this, a lot of word play, ie "ooh, I have 5 2, I can't lose" then went all in. How do you play against this, every raise I did with hands like QJ KT etc, he would just go all in. The only way I could beat him was to trap. I then found KK in the SB, and duly flat called and waited. He being the muppet he was, went all in. My KK stood up and I was now 850K chips to his 50K, with blinds at 6K/12k. Easy...job done. But no. 5 mins later after he went all in every hand, I had finished 2nd..........He obv could not play heads up poker so decided to gamble and it payed off, maybe his tactic was not so bad after all, but i can't say I was amused.

So no MTT wins, but 6 Final tables and 4 other cash finishes in only 23 tournies, I can't really complain.

The 300 $10 sngs to get my $150 deposit bonus on Poker Stars has slowed down. Not had a win for while, plenty of 2nds and 3rd, but the wins have dried up. Now only about $200 up on them in approx 50+ games, not really looking forward to grinding out another 250 just to get the bonus, but I probably will do it over the 6 months instead of the 3 that I had planned.

On another note, I have decided to set up my own website, it is still very much in its infancy, but I plan to try and develop it over the next few months, it is very basic as I know fck all about html at the moment, but if it takes off I might develop the site more.

If you want to have a quick peak at the initial stages it can be found at :-

Feel free to email any comments or requests either on here or email the address on the site itself, only had a play for a couple of hours so far, so please don't be to harsh.

I have applied for a couple of websites affiliates, hopefully these will get approved, then I will be banging on all your doors to get you too sign up via my links or ELSE ;-)


Sunday, January 14, 2007

A decent start

Well the new year as ever brings new hope, new goals, dreams of a better life and more success. So far, all is well. The $10 sngs on stars are going well with an ITM of 52.8% at the moment, along with an hourly rate of $6.77. Only played 36 so far as I seem to still be getting distracted by "other" stuff.

MTTs have not been too bad, played about 18, with 3 final tables, the best finish being a 3rd in the laddies $4 19:45 high stack, with 3 other cash finishes giving me a small profit on them so far.

Also been dabbling on the low level cash tables to get the player points to get in the monthly 50k freeroll on laddies. Had 8 sessions so far and left the table in profit in all of them, never having to reload once........but I am sure this will come to an end.

Currently about $360 up for the month, so hopefully if I can keep going as consistantly as I am it could be a very good start to the year. Was only $106 up in Jan last year, so I am going to try and track my progress against this for my target.

I have changed my playing style slightly and loosened up a bit, which seems to be paying off at the moment, but I doubt I will ever be able to lose my basic "rock" style of play, but a few more moves here and there seem to be working.

Good Luck to all and may the river be kind to all this year.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out with a whimper + Yearly Stats

Well, I failed to hit the goal, too much chasing it ended in some poor decisions being made and 3 times during month I was over $100 down, at one stage was over $180. In fact if it wasn't for a few good hands on cash tables I could have had a really bad month. As it was, I ended the month $11 down, only the 2nd time in the year I had a negative month. Overall I can't complain, I made more profit this year than last. Considering I only had one big mtt win (had 3 in 2006) it shows I must have been a lot more consistant, especially in MTTs.

Anyway, here are my stats for 2006

Overall Profit = $3602.52
MTT Played = 605
MTT Total Winnings = $6100.52
MTT Total Profit = $2091.07
MTT Final Tables = 69 (11.45%)
SNG Profit = $1310.40
Cash Profit = $186.32

Better than a kick in teeth, but not the 4k I had set my target for, i'm more pleased with making Final Tables 11.45% of the time. I haven't broke down the placings yet, but I think I do have problems getting there with a big stack, so I guess I have a lot of 6th-10th places rather than top 5 finishes, I will break them down later this week and whack um up on here.

Not sure what I am going to concentrate on this year, enjoyed playing the cash tables in december, but only cos I was winning on them, I know how easy it is too lose big pots against poor players and then go on tilt.

Have set my target for this year at $4.5k profit. Gonna hit the $10 sngs really hard in Jan on stars as I have put $600 back in to get there 25% deposit promotion, need to play 300 $10 sngs to get $150 lol, but hopefully make some profit on the way. Started off well, played 3, won two and 1 3rd. Also played 4 MTTs on laddies so far, with 1 Final table and one other cash finish, so the month has got off to a good start. Long may it continue.

It also seems that leaguenutz is no more, as no one has heard anything since the site went down before xmas. We have lost our forum on there, but Wildrick and pokerkaz have set a new one up for us to chat and talk bollocks on. I have put a link on the side of my blog, please feel free to join the site and have some fun and maybe even learn a thing or too about poker....

So Happy New to you all and good luck at the tables, except when i'm on them witih you.