Friday, November 02, 2012

Hoping for a better Month

Well last month ended up as a disaster, reckon I was about $600ish down at the tables overall. Managed to pull a big back on the stars Boom Bonus where I managed to hit 4/5 of the hands I got dealt for a $100 bonus, also got the 10k Stellar Bonus for a further $50 which limited the damage a bit, but still was net about $500 down on the month.

On the bright side, I did actually hit Gold Star for the first time this year and got about 3.7k vpps. I have got enough fpps for about $200 worth of bonuses. Not sure when I am going to cash these in. If I manage to maintain Gold Star status, I might roll them over, but if it looks like I am gonna drop to Silver I will probably cash in $150 worth and leave the rest till the new year. This is assuming that I don't go on another downswing like I did in October and I need to cash them in to keep a roll going !!

The other factor to take into account will be the Full Tilt factor, its possible Zoom will take a big hit on 6th November when Tilt opens again. If the traffic there is strong from the start and the Huds are working I might take advantage of the Deal Me In bonus of $200 that I have been offerered and play the remaining of the year there.

I will ultimately decide where I want to play in between Xmas and new year. Would love to go for stars supernova in 2013, but unless I know I can be at least +1bb/100 at 25NL over a large sample, it might just not be worth the effort, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Will be playing the 888Poker 20k Challenge tonight, lets hope I can bink some xmas cider vouchers.