Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In the Bunker...just like me golf...

Saturday saw me travel to only the 3rd live event I have been to, it was the Dream Team Final at the poker bunker, although I was not playing, I was there to support my adopted team "the leaguenutz muffers" as my original team "the northern muffs" folded after week one. I was so looking forward to meeting everyone I have been chatting to online over the last year, I was literally like a kid on XMAS eve.

The travel down to the big smoke was an event in itself, after managing to codge a lift with MADV and pokerkaz, two of my good online friends, as a token of goodwill, I bought Vad (MADV) a full breakfast at our chosen pick up point which was the services off J2 off the M42 (2 miles from me gaff) This proved to be a massive mistake !!!! I am not sure if it was a slightly off egg, or it is a normal bodily function for someone from Halifax, but MADV started farting like something you would not believe, and trust me, roses it was not.....

Apart from the mist in the car, the journey went well until we managed to take a wrong turn off the A40, no problem we thought, we will do a U turn and get straight back on.....over an hour later we were lost with no sign of the A40, no signs to anywhere...It had gone into thin air. We pulled over a couple of times to ask a friendly cockney or two as to directions, or even where we were, but as I was driving, it was the flatulent northerner who poked his head out asking for directions and this was enough to send even the toughest cockney gangster running for the bushes saying "sorry san, I caaan't help you".......We eventually had to admit defeat and bite the bullet, MADV jumped out, flagged down a cabbie, jumped in cab and we had to pay £33 to follow him to our hotel just around the corner from the bunker. We were there and in time, that was all that mattered.

It was then time for a few beers in the hotel bar, meeting up with the gang which consisted of Rob1973 (flew over from his home in copenhagen to watch, great effort matey), LEXUS2, LANGERS, BANQO (just off a plane from Canada ffs) and also the nutzers top scoring dream teamer fryern (didn't even see your mom drop you off m8) We were then off the bunker where we joined up with our leaguenutz boss moffman.

The first person we bumped into outside was stanford, who had just found out there was no sky in the building and was planning an exit to watch the villa vs fulham game which was on at 17:15, he duly vanished after giving the free bar a bit of stick.

Walking into the building, I was wondering if anyone would remember me from my two previous meet ups with laddies players at spixworth in Norwich, I was not to be disappointed as I bumped into strummer straight away, who immediatly set about taking the piss out of me, stating I now look more like a fat surfer than a Goth....sometimes anonomity would be a better option.....but it was all in good spirits.

The tourney got off almost on time and I must admit was a very well run event, the nutz muffers railbirds found a very convenient spot leaning on the bar with a direct view of monkeyjulies table, I think a couple of our group had some serious ideas above there station, ie outplaying a far superior poker player, or did they have something else on there mind ;-)

Davy Lang was unfortunate on the old bar front in the early afternoon as he managed to find a two minute period where the bar was not free when he bought a round, when he found out the beer was subsequently free, being from north, he was not too pleased.

There was a little dog with a ball that kept most of the drunks amused (lexus2 more than most. hehe) I had visions of someone getting a bad beat and watching the poor little fella flying across the room, but luckily he was safe. The muffers team, did not have the best of time with it, with moff getting caught by benny early on and banqo/fryern not getting much help from the dealer. Vad had a very tough table for most of the tourney, but managed a very creditable 25th, one of the higlights being when he managed to get hamsterboy to get all his chips in the middle with 62 when vad had AA, timing is so cruel sometimes.

The lack of STT's and cash tables, meant to get a poker fix, I had to enter a singapore satellite, just to get my hands on some cards, which I was not really interested in playing. The one good think that came out of it was that I had the pleasure of being seated to another online friend of mine angel1975 who was celebrating her birthday, she was even more of a pleasure to talk to in the flesh than she is online, how ariston could muff angel with 77 vs her JJ to knock her out the tourney, I do not know, I hope he feels ashamed of himself, I also had the pleasure of meeting rugrat, who I have admired from afar on laddies, but he seems like a real nice guy too. In the Sat itelself, I managed to get short stacked and walked my 55 into QQ, with angel calling with 23 sooted for value as well and the board gave a Q and 22, so I was stuffed from all corners.

My next venture was a £20 sng, this turned out to be be an adventure in itself, with ShaneMcg Reraising all in with 62 sooted and getting called by KK, Shanes sober screams of "how the hell can you call with KK off suit" had the table in stitches, unfortunately he failed to muff and he left the table almost as quick as he had sat down.

The tourney seemed to go on forever, and was quite a tight affair, I believe I owe a big apology to p0kerwid0w, for muffing her AK with KQ, then when shortstacked on the BB announcing I am all in blind, which did not stop her raising me all in anyway with JJ, I flipped my cards only to find KK (blush)

I then had a good run of cards, which left me heads up with person X (sorry, can't remember who it was) I had a fair chip lead but after a couple of gambles to finish it off, we were almost level. It was then I realised that we were the only two playing and that they were shutting the bunker around us, so we did a deal and took £80 each, which I was more than happy with.

It was then back to the hotel, straight to the bar for a round of drinks, then up to robs/davys room armed with a pack of cards and one of MADVS many laddies chipsets, for a £10 rebuy tourney. I think I managed to ruin my rock image during this tourney after re-raising Vad all, then hearing the dreaded words of vad "I know I am way behind Goth, but as it is a rebuy I am gonna gamble and call" chuckles rawed out as I then went bright red and had to show my 6 9....My rep is in

But the luck of the cards prevailed and at the end of the night, I was left eads up wiith lexus2, while the rest of the room were either snoring or filling the room with obnoxious gases, or in davys case both at the same time !!! . I got Dealt AA and a 3rd A flopped, a check and a sigh from me, saw lex move all in and the mini tourney was mine.....It was 5.30am and it was time for bed for a well earned sleep.

Tom (Banqo) and I were the only two to make breakfast, and following a couple of beers and watching the Manu vs liverpool game in the hotel bar, it was the long journey home. I managed to land home about 19:30, Vad I believe, eventually rolled in about midnight in halifax after surviving the torrid trip from the saarf to the North, thankfully in one piece.

A big thankyou to everyone I met over the weekend, especially pokerkaz and MADV, as we spent so much time together. I was shocked to find a few of the people I met even mentioned they read this blog (you can leave comments you, so I hope a few of the stories of the above bring back some good memories and I can't wait till the next event and to meet you all again.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bunker Time

Well the week has not been to bad, making a slight profit over the week, with the odd MTT money finish paying for the weeks entries. Amazingly enough, I have not played any STT's for over a week, just not been in the mood. I have only been playing my normal MTT's on laddies + a couple of value ones on UK Betting, courtesy of a nice little tip from lodger, Only made £17 there in the 3 tournies I managed to get in before they stopped the $3k guaranteed, 50 places paid only 50 runners approx !! But still, free money is always nice.

Been dabbling in cash a bit more this month, not a serious amount, managed to win a $35 pot (big for with KK when pushing all in on a flop of QJ9 and managing to find another player with QT and him not hitting, which was nice.

Been a bit lazy on my pot check on bad beat lately, not filled it in for about 10 days, so need to get that sorted.

But the big event this weekend is the Dream Team live final, although I am not playing, I am going to cheer my leaguenutz buddies on. Also being in London, will have to paticipate in the odd shandy, to fit in with the southern softies.....Or to put it another way, drink the cockney puffs under the table....

Can't wait to meet a lot of my online buddies, share a few bevvies and tales of bad beats and monster pots. Sure to play a few sng's and hopefully come back with at least the same amount of money that I am taking. I also hear there is going to be a longest drive competition.. I intend to win this, hopefully will be a nice big prize :-)

Good Luck at the tables and hope to see some of you there on Saturday.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The long and the short

Sunday night was a tale of tourneys a short one and a long one.

First off the short one, the leaguenutz special was on pokerstars this week, now bearing in mind my last post regarding conspiracy theories (incidently, I won the sng I was playing while typing it up, so not too sure)....I took out $200 from my stars account to put into poker room and absolute, there are lot of theories regarding cashouts and losing. 3 hands approx into the tourney, wildrick raises minimum from early pos, langers rr min, I look down and have KK, I decide not to fck about (ie don't even think what they could have) and go all in, rick folds langers flips over AA and I am out......incidently had rick stayed in the hand, he would of hit 2 pair with his 98 and took us both out, so it was an all round stitch up.

As for the long, laddies have at last listened to the demand of its non bingo players (us rocks) and have put some decent high stack tourneys into the schedule, one of which being a $4 +.40c 4000 chip 15 min blind at 19:45, this is perfect for me as a leaguenutz tourney.

I played my normal game for most of the night, had a few good hands at the right time and eventually went into the final table in 5th place, with 290 runners, I was almost just happy to make the final table, sat back and played my good hands strongly to pick up chips and slowly watched everyone else knock each other out and moved up the money. Down to last 3 and I was by far the short stack, it was at this point I laughed at a railbird (allinkev) wishing me good luck, and said that I needed a miracle, then as if by magic, I had all the confidence in the world to just go for it and I started playing more agressively than ever, it was almost as if I had an angel looking after me ;-)

Got heads ups with Gamblor, with about 280k to his 800+ but after watching him when down to the last 5, always felt I had a chance, kept plugging away raising like a madman, trying to not let him breath....managed to claw back a good lead then a small raise with TT, he came over the top all in, called str8 away, he flipped over 55. A T on the flop brought the bacon home and made little Gothman a very happy bunny. The tourney lasted a whopping 5.75 hours, which for a $4 tourney is a long long time, but the $319 first prize, made it worth wating for.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Conspiracy theories

There is always talk of conspiracy theories within the online poker world, but sometimes things happen that make you wonder.

I have recently started playing on Poker Poka a lot for my sngs, only at $10. But I must say, Ihave had a great run. Lots of good cards and hitting my hands, also giving out a few bad beats.

Before this morning, the last two games there seemed to be a change, no cards and eventually getting muffed to go out, not in the money. Then this am, I play another 1, get dealt KK utg blinds 10/20. I raise to 100. Chip leader on 1.9k calls, short stack goes all in for 550 chips. I RR all in to elimate the flat caller but he calls immediately. Short tack flips over AK (fair enough) the flat caller turns over 36 sooted. The flop drops a 3, as soon as I saw this I knew I was done for. The river dealt the mandatory 3 to give him a the 3.5k port and after about 8 hands I was out in 9th position. WTF would he do that, his name was turbotilter, but maybe my starters run is over and the balance has to be redressed. Going to see what happens over the next 10 sngs on this site. But at the moment, I am treading cautiously.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

September Stats

Stats for September are as follows:-

Total Profit = $199.33
MTTs Played = 60
MTT Final Tables made = 8 (13.33%)
MTT in the Money = 11 (18.33%) - NB Inlcludes FT's
MTT Total $ won = $342.13
MTT Profit = -$14.97
SNG Played = 33
SNG Profit = $240
SNG ITM = 60.61%
Cash = -$16.70

The rest of the balance was made up syndi share money/in out and a few ladders games played, but no money.

Last month, I flew out of the blocks to get up about $500 very early, this month it was the total opposite, I went about $200 down and managed to pull most of it back during the last week, mainly due to a great run of $10 sng on Poker Poka, I just can't seem to go wrong on there at the moment (prob gonna regret saying that)

The leaguenutz monthly league was won by rob1973, very well played to him. But the achievement of the month has to go to Omaha god Jat7065, who in the LEOCOP event 3, p/l omaha event, played one of the finest games of agressive omaha I have ever seen to win the event outright taking home a cool $16.5k and the prize laddies gold bracelet. A huge big handclap for jat on this achievement, it could not have happened to a nicer bloke. Hats off to you m8. Also well done to MADV who managed to finish a very creditible 22nd in the same event ;-)

Profits for the year currently at approx $2970, so it is gonna be nip and tuck as to whether I can make my 4k target for the year. Hopefully get a couple of good MTT results and this should see it through.

Although saying that, I am probably gonna concentrate on the sngs a bit more this month and just play the mtts for leaguenutz entries. Most of the nutz players are currently on a big laddies downer at the moment, mainly due to very piss poor customer services, with at least 3-4 of them moving on and not playing laddies any more, have to say I agree with them, after all the moans over the last 2 years, they are still struggling to keep up with the opposition with regards customer service, lets hope they sit up and listen soon. Hopefully Graham can sort something out on one of the other sites so we can keep the leaguenutz monthly entrants high and satisfy everyone as to where they want to play and still compete in the nutz league.

GL and see you at the tables.