Saturday, July 04, 2009

Time to Learn

Current Bankroll = $6257

It was def a time to change my game, so I over the last week or so, I have done what I set out to do. Dropped down a level and changed the way I play. So far it has paid off, almost 5 buyins up over 2.3k hands and feeling much more confident about my game. Its actually amazing how if you crank up the aggression, you feel much more in control of the hand when you are in play and the decisions seem to be easier, also I was surprised in the difference in play at 20NL, the players are much much poorer than I thought and you can just value bet them to death, they just don't know how to fold, this obv means they hit there gutshots, but these tend to stick out like a sore thumb anyway and are quite easy to get away from. I also actually feel like I am putting in to practice all the stuff I have learned off cardrunners over the last year or so. So many times at 50NL, I think to myself I should do this because, and then don't do it. Dropping down a level has now allowed me to test these theories and moves and not worry about the $$. I feel like I have been released from my chains.

Will prob stay at 20NL for this month and maybe next month to boost the confidence then move back up and try and play the same. I was definitely stagnating at 50NL before and I feel I have made the right decision even though my bankroll is much bigger than needed for the levels I play at. You may of noticed I have also decided to publish my bankroll on every post now, I know people are nosey and hopefully I can start seeing that grow again.

Played a couple of MTTs on lucky ace again, cashed in both, so looking to play a few more of these over the next few months, Ian managed another 3rd in one of the challenges for a cool $1.3k, if that fish can do it, i'm sure I can sneak into a couple of $1k + paydays.

Anyway, thats enough for today, played about 500 hands this am and was up just over a buyin, but its as I am off work till weds now and the wife is in Spain visiting her parents, its time for the Pub. Gonna cheer the lions on, I know the series is lost, but with all the bad blood around the eye gouging last week, I reckon there could be a big punch up on the cards, which should be a laugh.

Catcha later and good luck at the tarbs.

So when the wife is away and the suns out theres only..............

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