Thursday, October 28, 2010

Starting from Scratch

Well its back to the drawing board and back to basics. I have made my decision on what I want to do for the foreseeable future and I have decided to give Full Ring on Stars the elbow and go back to playing 6 max on another site with a decent rakeback deal.

I have also decided to go back to the beginning and concentrate on my play more than the volume, for this reason alone, I am going to go back to playing 10NL 6 Max and set myself a challenge of building a whole new bankroll from an initial £300 deposit into my new site. As I will be playing in Euros its not really that much of a drop, but I am going to be very disciplined in my approach to both my play and my bankroll management. I am going to stick to a strict 100 Buyin Rule for moving up to the next level with the added fact that I also have to have played a minimum of 50K hands at that level and be running at least 1BB/100 winrate. Regardless of the bankroll, if I can't beat the level I am playing at I can't move up....simples.

In preparation for this I have actually been playing some 20NL€ 6 max on ladbrokes for a while (had a bit of spare cash on there) I have only played about 1k hands and have been playing ok with some good results running at +10BB/100 but as its such a small sample Its not really a good view of the long term, but I suppose its better than being -10bb/100. My new site isn't Laddies, but its on the Microgaming Network, lets just hope with all of the changes that they are making that my rakeback deal will still be valid, If not I guess it will be all change again lol

The timing is quite good really as my shower blew up the other day with smoke steaming out of it, we are really lucky we were at home when it happened as if we were at work there was a good chance it could of caught fire and burn the whole house down !! We have been thinking about replacing and redecorating the bathroom for quite a while so it seems like the ideal time to sort the lot out. As I am dropping down in stakes and set myself a bankroll challenge I have also decided to take £1000 out of my poker bankroll to put towards paying for the bathroom, it will help keep the wife quiet for a bit if she can see some winnings from my spoils going towards she actually wanted for a change ;-))

This will leave about £1700 in my poker bankroll, so even though I am starting off with only £300 on my new challenge, I will keep the remaing money that is not left in Stars/Laddies in a seperate savings account. I always feel that it is best to keep my poker roll in a totally seperate account, that way its always there if you need it.

One good thing about making a change in what your are going to play is the fact that you get a new surge of enthusiasm and excitement, this is fuelled by setting detailed goals and bankroll plans, lets hope the bad beats hold off long enough to keep the hope going. The other good thing about not relying on volume to get bonuses and keep VIP levels is the fact I can play when I want to play and when I am focused. I think too much of my play on stars has been mass tabling while not in the mood just to get the volume in and my results have plummeted because of this.

Lets hope by my next post I can pull back some of the years losses on the cash tables and maybe even have a profitable month in November without counting the rakeback, which is something I have not done since about April I think !!!

Off to see these bad boys on Thursday night along with Avenge Sevenfold

Stone Sour - Through Glass

Monday, October 11, 2010

What to Do ?

Well, I am really in a dilemma as what to do with poker at the moment. I am not sure whether to stay with cash, give STTs a real go or mix cash with MTTs. The cash side as you know is not going very well at the moment, this month started off where last month left off and I had a bad first couple of sessions, I have pulled some back, but still not where I want to be. STTs seems like an option, but I played that 25 x $5 challenge recently (cough, which I won by the way) :-) and although I ran and played ok, I really had fogotten how boring the games were. Likewise with MTTs I have played a couple in the last few days and although I managed to make the final table in one of them, in the other I was going ok then after a couple of hours, I 4 bet all in with AA only to get chimped by the big chippie at the table with his pocket sixes, pretty standard stuff, but serious monkey tilting none the less.

I have done back to try some 6 max on microgaming and really tried to change my nitty style, so far going reasonable, my play stats are 100% better than they used to be, I guess as I am only playing it €20NL the money don't matter so I can concentrate on playing well and not worrying about any major losses. Although I have had a couple of hands where I have got busted on which made me remember why I left microgaming in the first place !!! Still, I will keep this going in the background I think and see what happens. If I do decide to stay on MG, I may even join one of the other sites just to take advantage of the deposit bonuses, I have only really played on laddies on MG for quite a while now, as my other old Prima accounts all jumped ship onto other platforms.

I have looking where to play MTTs, mainly looking for reasonble fields of up to 500 max, pref 5-10 buyins of any currency really, the selection on laddies is pretty poor at the moment, they are due a big reshuffle in the new year, so hopefully this will improve. A few people have mentioned about ongame being good value, so might give that a go, I think Betfair have just moved to there, so def might give them a look in.

One good piece of news on stars is that they seem to have dumped the clearence vpps to get the bonuses, so when you cash in a bonus, you no longer have to play a shed load of hands to get the $$, the bad news is that they did this a few days after I bought a 25k FPP $300 bonus lol, so I still got to clear that, so I am tied to stars for a bit longer. I only need about 600vpps now, so hopefully I can still cash that in without losing more than the $300 that I will get back. I will still have about 17k fpps after that clears, so might just buy some of the $50 bonuses, not sure yet, just would be nice to see my profit back up over the year, as its not looking too clever at the moment.

So there is a real decision to be made over the next few weeks, I am going to give myself up to the start of december to decide. Mainly because if I do stay on stars, I would want to start next year off as Platinum to give myself a good shot at getting some solid bonuses. For now, I am just going to try and play a bit of everything but try and spend most of my time studying the vids/forums. I think in and ideal world mass tabling full ring would be my thing, but with the leaks I have got at the moment, this is like burning money and I next year I don't want to be in the same situation where I am this, ie 100s of hours played for peanuts returns. If I am going to put the same amount of hours in next year that I have this year, I want $10k back as a minimum. We can but hope.

One of my fave bands, with one of my fave songs.....

New Order - Crystal