Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dummy, Pram.....Out

Right, thats it.

Had a great holiday, came back soooo relaxed was untrue. Played some pokes, played well and got back into the grind, has a few outdraws yesterday, but nay bother, I'm relaxed.....

Tonight, 5 buyins down, on such setup hands its untrue, set over set. full house, vs higher full house. In BB with Q3 sooooted, flop A65 all my suit giving me the flush, but the utg fish has limped with KT sooooooooooted to flooop the nut flush....FML

Ladbrokes can go kiss my arse I would of withdrawn all my money if I foooking could, everytime I try to withdraw or even transfer, it says I'm not logged in and gives me a login box, so I login, try again, noooo but i'm not logged in !!!! I'd phone them up, but I would end up smashing me fooking phone if I talked to any prick on the end of it !!!!

Time for another site..........................Can't believe my fave site to play on is the only site that I can't win on 6 max...........

Sigh !!!!!

So the irony of todays song, is that next week I am back at work and it will not be........

Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Late night update

Not updated for a while, its seems my apathy for poker at the moment has crossed over into other areas of my life, just can't seem to get going with anything at the moment, plodding along halfheartedly. Def need a break from it all, luckily, got a holiday coming up soon and will be getting away from the rat race for 10 days or so, time to reflect on where I want to be with it all.

On the poker front, last month didn't turn out too bad in the end, I never did quite recover from the experiment at the start of the month, but pulled it back enough that after rakeback etc was almost $90 up on the month. Could of been a lot worse.

This month, I have stuck to me guns and only played a small amount of poker, only about 1.7k hands so far and I am a couple of buyins up. I am sure I will get back into the groove in the near future, hopefully put 20k+ hands in November and get ready for the push for 2010, where I def wanna get back to playing 50NL at least, with the aim of being able to play fully 100NL by the end of 2012

Not really much else to say, will be looking to remap me life out during the break, set new goals and lifestyle changes, using the time for positive thoughts, rather than the current negativity that I seem to be shrouded in at the moment. Also gonna look at changing my writing style, mix the blog up abit, seems to have gone a bit stale lately. Would love to get into a situation where I have the enthusiasm to be able to update it 2-3 times a week, I find looking back over the older posts sometimes quite surprising in what my thoughts were at the time, its quite amazing on how over the years your views and goals in life change and you forget what you used to strive for.

I guess I am just going through me mid life crisis. I have earned it and boy am I gonna have it !!!

Tata for now........

Fallen Angel