Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Boring Grind

Well not much to report this week. Very boring, no big pots only got stacked once when I raised to $3.50 to get rid of a couple of limpers with KK. got one customer, flop came K high but board was all diamonds. He donk led into me for $5, I put him on Ad x or lower set so decided not to fck about and pushed, he insta called and showed my fave hand, the mighty 36 soooooooted for a flopped flush, the board didn't pair and the $100 pot shipped his way. Ho Hum.

Getting very very bored multitabling full ring and it is showing in my stats and play, even playing 5-6 tables I am mooching around the net doing other stuff not watching the tables. Really can't wait until I have got this last iPod, so I can then move off this and do summat else. Even tried doing some MTT's again, but can't take them seriosuly anymore, just keep calling in positon and trying to push people off pots that I shouldn't even be in, although it was sweet when I rr all in in one Tourney with 95 soooooted and muffed someones KK. He was not a happy bunny, especially when I told him he shouldn't be playing that off soooted shite anyway. I think if it was live, he would of give me the old nut......

So, got about 1050 mpp to get before I can stop doing the full ring tables. Hoping to get this done in the next 10 days. Then time to knuckle down and concentrate on improving as a player for the next month or so. Forget about bonuses and all that, although knowin my luck, some other great promotion will come along and fck it up for me. Saying that, tempted to have a stab at the steps on stars to get into the WCOOP events, wouldn't mind getting in to the hi lo event. Seem to have a habit of making the money in big omaha events, so cashing in that could help the old bankroll.

Diet was going great till Friday, had lost 4lb during the week until then, however, I had to pop into my local to drop off some change I had promised to give the landlord. So 10 winonas later and I wobbling up the road, just looking for the food mecca, big curry when I got home online till 5 in the morning and all the good work during the week gone. Need a bit more discipline I think......

Prob gotta go into work this afternoon to fix a problem they have got, being on call is great until you have to go in on a sunny sunday afternoon !! Even more reason to get the fck out of the rat race........

Anyway enough whinging, time to get the blood running round the body and do a bit of stomping, there is not a better song than this one to get the old foot banging on the floor. Needs to be on real loud, so turn it up, annoy the neighbours and bang away.

Rammstein - Links 234

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July Update

Well the astute amongst you would of noticed that I have not talked about how the poker has gone this month. There is a reason for it. I am running bad, when I am not running bad, I am playing like a twat, so I deliberately didn't mention it as not to try and create any negativity. But fck it. When I returned from me holiday, I dropped 6 buyins in the first 3 days to take me to over $300 down. I then grinded in back to be in a profit over the month with the bonuses and rakeback, but lost another 4 buyins over the last two days with some tough luck. But, I am not going to let it get to me, in most cases I am doing the right thing. Here are some of the biggest losing pots, I can't show the big winning pots, cos there ain't any !!!

One piece of good news is that I have qualifed to receive the free iPod touch from the rake the rake littlewoods promotion. So I have now moved on to the rakerebate betsafe promotion for the same thing. so I should have two. I should complete this by early August, I can then stop multitabling the full ring tables on Crypto and seriously start looking at playing 6 max again, which I have drifted away from. Looking forward to the change.

On the MTT front, I have played a few more this month because of and have enjoyed it, made the final table of the laddies 19:30 $4 high stack, was sitting ok with 8th left, found KK in the big blind. UTG who had me slightly covered pushed all in with AQ and I called, he spiked the A on the turn and Goth was on his way. If that would of held up, I would of been second in chips and would of probably run away with it then.

The Circle is going well however and lost a couple of pounds this week and still feeling very positive. Gonna dye me hair black this afternoon for the first time, so gonna be weird looking in the mirror.

I have also thought about doing a bit of dancing to help the weight loss, inspired by todays video, turn up the sound and get your dancing boots on.

Pendulum - Slam

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thinking Time

Been a while since my last post. Had a weeks break in Spain, which gave a lot of time for thought. Its amazing what goes through your mind, when you have enough time to day dream in the sun, without a care in the world and the only worry is whether the battery in your iPod will last the week cos you forgot your usb cable.....

So, after all of these thoughts, what conclusions did I come to. Well here they are.

1. I am a fat bastard.
2. I am not as good a poker player as I want to be.
3. I hate working on the 9-5 rat race (actually 24x7 as I do a lot of on call)

So, what the fck am I gonna do about it.....Well its obvious something has to change and it has to change pretty soon. In fact all 3 items are related in the fact, that if I fix number 1, number 2 will improve and if number 2 improves to where I want it to be by 2012, number 3 can then be eliminated, which in turn gives more time to spend on number 2 and number 1. In essence it is a self healing circle.

So, how to deal with number 1. Well, if you are unfortunate to know me fairly well, you would of been bombarded recently with pics of me in my youth, including the now famous "speedo" pic, which can be seen by all on my facebook profile, its there for all to see if you girls want some good "rabbit" material to get you going ;-)

So, the detox starts tomorrow. Along with a new fitness regime and positive thinking plan. Once the fat starts going and the body becomes toned, the confidence level will increase. This then in turn will help the poker, as I a am a firm believer that poker is very much a confidence game. Hopefully this will then see the flow of $$$ come in at a faster rate.

The ultimate plan is to then have 6 months living expenses in the bank by summer 2012 and then seriously look at giving poker a go full time, as the thought of doing a "normal" job for the next 20 years till I retire scares the shit out of me. Life is just to fcking short and I feel that I have wasted a fair bit of the 40 years I have spent on this planet so far. I reckon I need to be pulling in $4000 a month to match my current income, but if I can pay off some of my mortgage by then, I maybe able to live off less than that.

So tomorrow is the first stage of putting those daydreams into a reality and as we all know, if you give up on your dreams, you die.

Todays choice of song, to me, is fairly apt to this post. My interpretation of the vid is all about how times change. Look back for inspiration, but always keep your eye on what is ahead, as YOU DO HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT !!!!!!!!!!

Lost Prophets - Last Summer