Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, with 2009 just around the corner, I thought I had all my plans set up ready to go for next year, then NOIQ announce they are moving away from iPoker, which throws the whole of it up in the air !!

Still not sure what to do, but will probably tinker about on a few sites in Jan before deciding where to play for the rest of the year.

Still gonna concentrate on cash, even though my records show that I made a slight loss over the year at the cash tables. Overall though, finished the year $6150 in profit, which is up on 2007, so can't really grumble. But most of that was from bonuses and rakeback, along with a couple of $1k promo MTT wins, I guess $$ is $$ at the end of the day, but I need to be winning at the tables to even consider moving up to the next level.

I have set my goals for 2009, will post what they are once Jan is in full flow and I have a better idea which sites I am gonna play with.

Overall 2008 has been a great year for me. Got a lot of work done on the house, new car, pay rise at work and still alive after all of the mad drinking binges.

Lets hope 2009 is even better, especially on the poker front, as I need to move to the next level if I am to fulfill my dream of playing poker full time for a living by May 2012, Happy new year to all of you that take the time to read my blog. I hopefully plan to put more into it next year and make it more interesting !!


New Order - True Faith

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its XMAS !!!!!!

The one great thing about xmas shopping, is my xmas shopping day with my bud Stu. The day out is now legendary in our workplace and is now in its 19th year. The day consists of a big fry up breakfast at about 09:30. Then the traditional first pint in the Yard of Ale pub on New St in Brum at about 10:00am. Now this pub is amazing, in the 20 years that I have been going in there the only thing that has changed is the brand of cider and the now lack of fog from fags pf the customers, whose average age must be over 100. The decor, the layout, the carpet have not changed since time began, truly a pub amongst pubs.

The day then continues with a bit of shopping, then on to the next pub. I think you then start to get the jist of things. By 1pm, the time spent in the shops is exactly in proportion to bladder control and the need to get to a toilet to empty the previous pubs beverage. The only place to go to the bog is of course, another pub. A pattern quickly emerges.

The day always ends up with us in one of brums many casinos. The last two years, I have played in whatever tourney was going when I landed. This year, there was no tourney, just one cash table so I thought oh well, not going to play any poker. So sat at the bar and as we were so drunk we could not drink any more cider we did what any sensible human being does. Yes, you've guessed it, start drinking double Jack Daniels and ice, you know it makes sense. It was at approx 10pm we realise that we had not yet eaten as our normal routine of eating at 6pm was changed as another m8 met up with us on his way to the annual Pogues xmas gig, so we had to entertain him for 4-5 pints. So we managed to get some food, then Stu decides to call it a day and leave at midnight. I decide I need more drink so stay, with my eyes firmly set on the cash table. I drift over and see what is going on. As you all know, I play cash online at the 25c/50c tables at the moment. So, when I get to the table I find that they are playing £2/£5 well beyond my limits, so I walk away, not home, like I should of, but str8 to the cashier and whip out £500 and sit my arse firmly in at the poker table with the live fish.

So, the one thing in my favour when I sit down is body language. I can't see my cards cos I am that pissed, so if they get a read on me, fook knows what signals I will be giving off. Now this is where you all think a large tale of woe and bad beats is gonna come out. But no. Basically, they were shit, unbelievably shit.

The game started off interestingly, when I picked up KT sooooooted and raised. The dealer picked up one of my chips and threw it back at me. I thought thats strange, but carried on regardless. Now, when it got to the 6th time he did it, I had to say something, ie "why the fck do keep giving me some of my chips back when I raise ??"........"Its pot limit, SIR" came the polite but stern reply. I could feel myself blush as I realised I had played over 1/2 hour not even knowing it was Pot Limit, what a twat....

This didn't alter the fact that they were poor and played any ace from any postion. I am not the greatest cash player in the world, but even in my drunken state, somehow I managed to take about £300 off them. I think I might even try and go back sobre one day and see how I get on then, although I think when playing sobre, I might be thinking a bit too much about the money.

The following few days were a bit of a blur, as Tuesday saw me have the hangover from hell vowing never to ever drink again, but vows are made to be broken of course.

Online, I have hardly played at all, just had too many things to do for xmas. The only real thing of note was managed to come 58th in the Stars World Blogger tourney, which got me a few step 3 ticket for my troubles, not much to shout about I know, but it was free, so can't grumble.

So its all go for xmas now, can't wait, looking forward to a day in the pub on boxing day, starting off watching ManU at 12:30, hanging on in there to watch the mighty Villa give the Arsenal one up the arse !!!

So a big merry xmas to all of you out there, hope santa emptys his sac all over your lounge....

I hate xmas songs and carols an all that shite, so gonna put up one of of my fave slow songs from one of my fave artists.

Neil Young - Old Man

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Learning Curves

Playing at the moment while typing this, 6 buyins down. 4.5 of them I am happy with my decisions.

So, question. Should I still be playing. People say you should have a stop gap when you are losing. My stand on it, is if you start making bad decisions, only then should you stop. although, I can honestly say 1.5 buyins I lost were cos of tilt.

I am a very calm person, I control all of my anger and hide it inside. But does this just create a capped volcano awaiting to pop ?? Time will tell.

Sessions like tonight really do make you query why you do it. I think I am doing something fundamentally wrong at the level I am playing at. Someone with my experience should be able to beat this level quite comfortably. I have heard that some people when they move up find it easier, tempted to try this, but could be an expensive lesson.

Already wrote this month off, close to scrapping the years stats as when I look at them, they make me start thinking of what could of been. 5.5k up after 6 months of year and now only 6.2k up............

Just want to start a afresh next year, but why wait. Might just clear my stats and start now !!

Well maybe the weekend..............

If being a good player is Venus, this is how far I am away from it at this very moment (Courtesy of jat7065)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

November Pain

Bit late with the stats this month and no pretty graph either as I have played cash across a few sites that don't support PT3.

Finished the month in profit for about $340, taking the yearly profit back up to approx $6600.

Hardly played the last two weeks of the month, not sure why really, just could not seem to fit it in, so only played about 15k hands, well short of the 20k target. So def gonna make sure that I hit the 20k hands in December.

Managed to reach Green VIP Level on NOIQ for December and will almost certainly move up to Blue ready for the start of January. The plan is to grind Jan/Feb and hopefully be at the brown VIP level ready for March. Then will see if it really is possible to get up to the Black level. Theres a big jump between Brown and Black, 20k points up to 50K points. Will prob need to be be playing min 40k hands I reckon. Might even add some SnGs to help as well.

December has started off badly, dropping almost 6 buyins in the first few days. The annoying thing is that I don't feel that I have done nothing wrong, just not been paid off when hit and not hitting much else, no bad beats, just slowly leaked away a shed load of cash. I guess this is something that the best cash players just don't do.

Once thing November has taught me is how far I am away from being a decent cash player. As I said in a previous post, it looks like over the year I am going to be slighly down overall on the tables and only in profit due to rakeback and bonuses, some people might say a profit is a profit, but I do want to get to the stage where I am at least a consistant 2ptbb/100 winner when grinding out the hours.

Still feel fairly positive. Have worked out my bankroll plan and goals for next year, will drop those up here in the next few days.

As for todays song, I guess with the title of this entry, there could only be one track to choose.

Guns n Roses - November Rain

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Weekend Away

Last Saturday saw a break from the drudgery and grind of the online world and a venture into the bright lights of live poker and what a weekend it was.

I quite often visit the laddies forum, which is a home for all the reprobates that started most of their poker life on Ladbrokes. Laddies used to have their own forum, which was very active, but sadly for whatever reason they shut it down. Fortunately, thelodger, one of the forums more active members decided to setup a new forum in homage to the old. So was born. The commnity spirit on this forum is second to none, it really is like one big happy disfunctional family. Lots of love, lots of rows, a real typical family atmosphere and once your are part of it, it is difficult to not keep popping back to see what is going on.

So, back to the weekend. The forum, decided to organise a live tourney for all to play in. The venue chosen was Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) poker club in Nottingham, a truly magnificent venue for live poker. There were 72 entrants, all members of the forum, with lots of online buddies all raring to have a quiet drink with each other.

I decided, rather wisely, as it happens, to arrive on the Saturday. Others, inlcluding a wild bunch from the Emerald Isle all turned up on the Friday and starting drinking on the lunchtime. As you can imagine a wild time was had by all, including a starter bout in preparation for the Ricky Hatton fight the following night.....They were not a pretty sight on the saturday.

I managed to get a few beers in when booking into the hotel and met a few of my online buddies before heading off to DTD. The club was very impressive and laddies had done a great job sponsoring the event. A few more beers were had, then the tourney started. As I sat down on my table, my immediate thought was, "oh fck, I might as well go home now" My table consisted of - thelodger, spread, RiverMaid, PaulScot1, banksoir, calita-reese (MrsLizard) richlizard and Ken007. At least I could get to the stts early and get some beer down me......

With 5000 starting chips and 30 minute blinds, there was plenty of room for play. I would like to tell you about all of the wonderful plays I made and how I managed to hide all my fears and dominate the table. you can guess, it just didn't happen. In fact, I was completely card dead all of the tourney, considering we started with 5000 chips, I can't remember getting above 7.5k, but somehow managed to hang on until the last two tables eventually going out 18th, with hammy rivering an 8 with J8, vs my A9 push, he had to call, no choice as I was short stacked.

The only real hand of note, was one I won by a technicality. The hand also proves how good the spirit is amongst the community. I think we were down to the last 3 tables and I, like all tourney was short stacked. I had about 2.4k and the blinds were 300/600, I had to make a move. I saw what I thought was emmerson post his Big Blind and I looked down and saw QJ, so I pushed. It was at this point, I realised, emmerson wasn't on the big blind, but had raised UTG, what a twat I was, I was done for. It all folded round to patyp who was on the big blind, who re-raised. I was def fcked now. Emmerson thought for a while and mucked, then the killer punch. patyp had not noticed I had pushed and mucked his cards thinking he had won the hand. The dealer pointed out that I was all in and the chips for mine. Was not my fault, but was expecting summat to all kick off, but no, patyp just accepted the decision with no qualms whatsoever, the only cursing that went on was him kicking himself he had not noticed. I have to take my hat off to him, I think a lot of other people might have reacted differently, so well played patyp, your a credit to the game.

It was shortly after that I met my final demize and went searching for more Winona and some sit and goes, which I found both and continued endulging till 5am when I was deserted by all and had to catch a cab on my own back to the hotel, annoyingly finding at 5:15am, the bar was shut, ffs, whats wrong with this country.

I met so many wonderful people, it would not be fair to single anybody out, but I suggest if you have not paid a visit to the forum, follow the link on the left of the blog (not an affiliated link) and join in what is the wonder of The Laddies forum.

Can't wait till next year.

Crank ya sound up to the max !!!

Slipknot - Duality

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back to Square One

I'm conscious that I have not posted for a while, so thought I better put summat up.

After the disaster of last month, as you saw in my last post I got off to a poor start, however, I managed to turn the month around and pull the 4.5 buy ins down to almost 4 buyins up. The annoying thing is, I was not really doing anything that different, just my hands were holding up, its amazing what a difference makes when your 80% fave hands hold out for a change.

Everything was going well, even had a nice little MTT win, see below. Then yesterday the dreaded sunday curse hit again and I dropped 4.5 buyins again, to take the cash back in the read for the month, what the fck is it about sundays and me that just don't seem to get on, I think I am gonna have to stop wearing me pentacles and devil worship tops on the sabbath and wear a nice cosy pullover and some cords, see if that makes a diference.

Anyway, enough whinging. The good news however, is that I have had a small winning session tonight, to put me back in the black on the cash tables and with the MTT win and rakeback, look to be posting a positive month. Managed to obtain Green status on NOIQ and I am on target to hit my goal of 20k hands this month.

Had to stop playing tonight, cos I got a girly headache, but still wide awake as I have had too much coffee, hence I am posting this.

Can't think str8 at the moment cos of headache, so can't even decide what song to end with, so heres a random bookmark from my youtube

Gothic Beauty

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Worst Month Ever

Thank God October has gone, it ended up being my worst month ever, the hill did not turn into a valley, it just got deeper and deeper. Its strange, I knew months like this last one are always going to happen due to the nature of the game, but I am not sure I was truly mentally prepared for it, I look back over my hands and all the leaks are glaringly obvious, some of the calls I have made in the cold light of day are awful, it is so obvious, I can't believe I did them. I think the main reason for the way I played was a combination of fear and chasing. The bad start made me scared to do all the things I know are right, 3 betting, double barreling in the right spots etc, however, I seemed to replace this with a lot of cold calling and calling bets light in the "hope" that I have my opponent beat, which in most of the cases, I was wrong. I stacked off too many times with TPGK, when I shouldn't really have been in the hand after the turn. I finished the month just under $600 down on the cash tables and $466 down overall, by far my worst month ever. So to rectify this, at 23:55, I left all my tables, reset my filters and spreadsheets, and after midnight I started again with new hope and a fresh outlook on the game. However, after 1/2 hour, I was already two buyins down after the following hands.

Could of got away from this one

Typical Big Blind Stitch Up

The first hand the opponent was taking some strange lines post flop and the Big Blind was 3 betting and squeezing almost every orbit, so I chose to flat call, hoping the big blind would re-pop it back up. The plan completely back fired and looking back his shove should of been an easy fold. The 2nd hand, I had him on an overpair or flush draw, so I was not getting away from that.

I have 18k hands now at 50NL 6max on NOIQ and I am 7 buyins down, running at about -1.8ptbb/100 which is obv not the 3ptbb I wanted to move up. My bankroll has now dropped to 4.8k and I didn't manage to obtain the fpps to move up to level 3 (green) but I will achieve that this month and hopefully even get to level 4 (blue)

Even with nothing going right at the tables, I feel strangely positive. I am going to increase the amount of hands I play, I have set a target of a minimum of 20k hands this month and my goal is to get back level ptbb. I have also decided that I am not going to move up a level until I have 100 buyins for that level (super nitty I know) or I happen to have 50+ buyins and run at 5ptbb/100 over 20k hands, which the way I am playing at the moment, is gonna take some hot run.

So this month, its all about doing something different, a bit like being in a new city for the first time..........

The Jam - Strange Town.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hell Week

Well I guess it is Halloween this week, but it has been pure hell at the tables, probably one of my worst weeks ever, mainly again to my poor play with a few sick beats as well to kick a man when his down. My graph for the month looks like i'm standing on the edge of the grand canyon looking down !! And to cap it all, I came home last night to find water dripping through the spare bedroom ceiling, so being the super DIY man that I am (sarcasm at its best there) I decide to venture in to the loft. Now being blessed with twinkle toes, I decide to tread carefully, so carefully in fact, I managed to put me big fat foot through the bedroom ceiling only once !!! I thought it only happened to muppets in comedy shows !! but I guess it does happen in real life too. Sigh, of course its pissing down tonight and I still haven't been visited by the builders from the insurance people, just hope the bucket holds.

Back the poker, its going to be a big downer this month, especially as I have no bonuses to get, just the rakeback. Had one decent result on MTT, but resulted in only $41 when I came 19/1148 in one of poker stars deep stack tourneys, which for 11 hours work, is not that much of a return.

Not looking forward to posting the months graph up at the weekend, i'm sure you will all have a good laugh, I can just only hope that I can turn the hill into a valley in the next couple of days.

As its halloween this week, I guess its time for a true spooky goth tune, they don't come much better, or longer than this.

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosis Dead

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Blues

What the fck is it about Sundays that makes me play like a complete cock !!!! Maybe i'm being punished for not going to church, but next sunday I am gonna play MTT's fck the cash tables. After last weeks disaster losing 5 buyins in the evening, I spend the week playing good solid poker, grinding back the losses. Then again this mornings sessions sees me up almost a buyin and back in profit for the month and all is good. The afternoon session, doesn't quite go to plan when like a twat, I can't lay down top pair Queen kicker when its obv that I am beat. I lose just over a buyin, so calm down, go watch Stoke beat spurs (fooking great, love watching the midland teams beat the cockerneys) Then I sit back down and leave me fooking brain upstairs and play like a reet muppet and lose another 5 buyins FFS.............What a complete (insert relevant expletive here)

Still playing one table while writing this, i'm not tilting this time, I actually feel quite calm about it, don't know why, I should be steaming, maybe my tilt control is getting back to how it used to be.

Other news, decided to go the laddies forum DTD bash in November, really looking forward to that, esp as I had to miss the Dream Team Final.

First week of trying to lose weight seemed to go ok. Have not put as much weight on as I thought, I have updated me chart (link on left) Weighing in just over 15st average for the week. Hopefully can see that start to drop.

As I have no tilt or hate in me, todays song can have it instead.....

Rammstein - Du Hast

Sunday, October 12, 2008



Came back from weeks hols, raring to go as I could not even get a mobile signal, so the lappie had no chance !!!

Was full of hope, lost a buyin and a bit on friday with some bad play by me. Played steady yesterday and ground the month back into profit by lunchtime today playing good poker. Then sat down for this evenings session and had one player get on my nerves and let him get to me. He took two buyins off me, and while he did that I lost the plot on the other table as well. Lost 5 buy ins the the space of 1 hours.........Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....Have had to come off to stop me pissing away the rest of me roll on NOIQ. Got less than $600 in there now, wish I had not taken some out, as it really does restrict me moving up to 100NL now and I hate moving money into accounts more than once ffs.....might have to move some back in now.....

Ho Hum

Mustn't grumble..........

Flunk - Blue Monday

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

World League of Poker TGF Team Challenge

Right then fish, so you think you can play poker, so you think you have friends (platonic, you need read no further, cos they both obv don't apply to you). Now is the time to prove both. World League of Poker Online have teamed up with TGF poker and created a new team challenge. Details can be found on the team event link on the main WLOPonline website. There are added prizes over the 16 week period, including buyins to TGF's biggest guaranteed tourney for the highest points scorer over the each of the four 4 week periods. So, if you think you can play MTTs give it ago, what have got to lose, except for getting muffed by yours truly and getting a mention on my cooooooooooool blog when my 6 3 sooooooooooooted takes down your AA, ship it !! My team of superstars is in already, ready to take your donkey cash off you, so put your money where your mouth is and get in there and prove me wrong. We are gonna pwn you all !!

For those of you not aware of what WLOP online is about, it is a free to enter league with real cash prizes, if play MTT freezeouts on any of their supported sites, all you have to do once you have registered with the site, is fill in a quick form before your MTT starts and away you go !! its that simple, I even finished 3rd in this months league for some free $$. So as you can see, it really is THAT simple lol. You are stoooopid not to enter.

Anyway, enough blatent brags, oh....hang on, theres more !! I managed to win a second MTT in september. Although this one was not as many runners (only 58ish) it was more of an achievement as it was against the top players on laddies forum, so to beat them in a well structured tourney, I felt, was of a higher standard than the $4 muff fest.

That was the highlight of what was a decent month, Was also up on the cash tables for about 4.5ptbb, but as I played a lot more MTTs last month, I only chalked up just over 4000 hands on the cash tables, this obv left me with not much rakeback or bonuses. But the MTT wins made up for the lack of this and finished the month approx $700 in total up, bringing the total profit for the year to just over $6.7k.

Plan to concentrate more on the cash tables again this month, been watching a series of vids on cardrunners, which have been excellent, so hope to carry this information on to the tables.

Aim for the month is to get enough points to move up to green on NOIQ poker (level 3) and also start playing a few sessions of 100NL to get a feel for what the play is like there. Done some data mining at that level, so will have to have a mooch through the stats to find the feeesh.

Got a weeks holiday from next saturday, spending a week in sunny Yorkshire at a place called Robins Hood Bay, was supposed to be a walking holiday with the the wife and mutt, but as amanda has had an op on her achilles, there won't be any walking. Hopefully, they got 3G up north as I here they have got phones up there these days, so I might be able to fit a bit of poker in on the old lappie given half a chance.

Played a couple of hundred hands today, played awful the first losing a buy in making a few shite calls, but managed to hit my flush after check raising some gruffnut with a nut flush draw and spanking his TPTK on the turn, to stack the foooker. So finished today about $20 up, always nice to start the month with a winning day.

Time for some music now, been stalling putting up a New Order track as they are my fave band an I can't decide which one to put up first. So in the end, just went for my fave and their first. The vids not theirs, but its the best version I could find on You Tube.

New Order - Ceremony.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Not posted for a while, mainly as I not had much to say, just plodding along. Been playing on the 6 seaters on NOIQ at 50NL, along with some low buyin MTT's on laddies. All in all, been going quite well. Strangely enough, playing more cash these days has improved my MTT game quite a lot, I think it has bought in that extra aggression and positional awareness that I was missing before. Made the money, in 8 of the 14 I have played this month and made the Final Table in 4 of those. I started off the week with a bad cold, but still managed to drag myself into work. I had a 1/2 day on weds to take Amanda to have her leg sorted after her op last week. Still felt rough, but was looking forward to a night in watching England, then found out it was on Setanta ffs, I was not gonna pay the subscription to watch the game, so the only option was the pub. This turned out, not to be the best option, although I had a great time watching a decent England performance for once, I did not drink that much, but I paid the price. I woke up Thursday morning and the cold had turned into the dreaded Man Flu !! totally full of snot and bones aching like fck. There was no way I could go into work, so had to report in sick and went back to bed. Eventually got up about midday and sat at PC wrapped in a blanket trying to make a bit of dough on the cash tables. didn't play much. But had a couple of nice hands to bring in some nice pots.

Hand 1
Hand 2
Hand 3

The day ended out being my most profitable day so far on the cash tables. Howver being ill also then made me realise, I could not go to my beloved quiz night, so also had to report in sick on that too. Upset me buddy a bit, who just texted back "puff" says it all really. So this is where the fate part of my post comes in. Obviously I never normally play on a Thursday night as I am out, however, tonight I decided to play the laddies $4 high stack and after 5 hours, I managed to win me first NL tourney of the year for a nice $308, not the biggest win ever, but quite satisfying.

Friday mad the money in a couple of MTTs, but nothing special. Also ran into AA twice on the cash tables to get stacked twice, but this is always gonna happen.

Still well up on the month. Still feel like shit. Hopefully will get better soon and can start exercising again, as its getting me down a bit, all this lack of fitness.

So to cheer me up, here is one of my fave songs from when I was a kid. I was a massive Madness fan and this is off their first album.

Madness - Bed and Breakfast Man

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August Stats and Dream Team III

August was a very average month, a profitable month, but again, mainly due to rakeback and bonuses. At least I have knocked all the gadget chasing on the head and have now settled down to try and become a better play, concentrating on the 6 seaters. Finished the month about $550 up overall including MTT's and bonus/rakeback. Also broke through the $6k profit barrier for the year, which at one stage I thought I would never get to. This is slightly annoying as I was $5.1k up after 4 months, and only made $900 in the next 4 months, mainly due to playing like a robot and literally playing the cards only. Now that I have no goals for the year, I can concentrate solely on playing better and learning. Even though I am now rolled for $1/2 I have been watching some of the card runners vids, in particular a Brian Townsend one, which suggests that you move up when you have 30k hands at 3ptbb profit. I have yet to do this. So I will stick to my guns and stay at 25c/50c until I have reached something similar to those figures. I therefore don't expect to make as much profit over the next couple of months as I won't be bonus whoring, but hopefully will get some decent rakeback on the iPoker 6 seaters, rather than nitty 10 seaters on crypto.

Now to the bad news, I have been looking forward to going to the Dream Team Final, for so long now, saved up tons of dosh, booked the hotel room and also bought me train tickets. Then sods law, the wife gets the date to have an op on her foot, which she had yesterday (went ok) So I had to make the horrid decision not to go. I really felt bad for letting my team down, however, they were all so supportive of my decision and made me feel so much better, as I was really down about not going. My team are really a great bunch of people and are proud to have them as my friends. I am sure they will all do themselves proud at the final. Its a shame that the buyins were so big, as I do believe, if all of our team were able to afford to have played every game (I only played about 10) we would have been right up there with the leaders. But I am sure they will do well anyway. So Gooooooooooooooooooooo the Crushed Nutz......Will be thinking of you all weekend, well accept for when I am pissed watching the England game on Saturday night ;-)

Thats it for now, todays song is dedicated to the Dream Team that I am part of as they are all a bunch of "Stars"

Dubstar - Stars

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quiet Times

Been quite an interesting week. Hardly played any cash poker at all this week. Mainly due to being out on the piss. Was out Weds for England game, Thursday for quiz, Friday played live and Saturday was out with Amanda and my m8 Graham and his wife to be, hes 58 and just proposed !! Dirty old git, and shes 19 years younger than him !!

Anyway, the live poker was a bit of a disaster, was completely card dead all tournament, not having a pocket pair above 77 all night. I managed to hang in there for a fair time though, eventually going out pushing with 22 and be called by the utg limper with A4, of course the tension mounted as he didn't hit his ace till the river of course. Live poker is soooo rigged................

Def want to play more live poker, the standard of play there is truly awful, their are a few good players, but overall, most of um haven't a clue and my biggest mistake is giving them to much respect, If I would of actually hit a hand, you can just value bet them to town, cos if they hit any part of the board, they ain't going anywhere.

So after leaving the casino at two in the morning, still sobre as we did not drink before we got there, I decided I was fcked if I was going to pay £20 for a taxi home, so walked. 3 hours later and 11 miles walked, I had arrived home at 04:55, a very pleasent walk and the most exercise I have done all week !!

On the online scene, not a bad month, up on the cash tables and had a nice result in the laddies 22:45 $4 high stack, coming 2nd losing heads up with 10c2c on a 3 club board, when he had limped with Ac3c. Don't think anyone is gonna fold a flush heads up for a tournie win. Still, 2nd not bad and a nice $130 boost to my laddies roll and some more $$$ to move me up the league table on

The only thing that was bad about the tourney, was the fact that I had forgot how long the tourney lasts, it didn't finish till about 4.20 am and I had to be up for work at 07:15.

Glad its a bank holiday tomorrow, need the extra day off to rest my weary bones, hopefully the wife will let me get away with doing fck all, especially as its my buffday. Yet another year past, god life is going soooooo quick, feels like only yesterday I was looking forward to leaving school. Now I am just looking forward to retirement !!!

So looking back at the "old days" reminds me of the first single I ever spent my hard earned pocket money. So here it is.

Sham 69 - Hersham Boys.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

iPod oops

Made a big boo boo last week, already got the one iPod touch from littewoods, was going along nicely on Betsafe, got the 1500 points, sent in the email, only to find out I had misread it and needed 15,000 points, ffs, what a knob I am. So thats the end of that. Decided not to go the for the other promotions, so moved on to the 6 seaters, playing a bit of 10p.20p on littewoods, but not having much luck, with the fish hitting everything against me, so will prob go back to iPoker soon, just gonna for a couple of days there to see how the rakeback works out playing the 6 seaters there.
The health kick has been put on hold, as its party party for the next few weeks. Had a works do last friday, got the all dayer down the pub watching the footy today, its my birthday next week. Then the dream team live final at the beginning of sept. So, fck the diet for the next month. Will try to just keep the training going, so the metabolism keeps up a bit. The positive thinking part is going well, as I am not letting my little losing streak I am on at the moment worry me. Will just keep plodding on. The next step is to stop being so results orientated. Just gotta keep trying to do the right things.

Played a couple of multis again this week, not much luck, but the world league of poker is going well. If you not yet joined, then your mad, free money, great community. So get your arse over to its never to late to join.

Just playing a couple of 6 seaters on littlewoods while writing this, getting ready for the big piss up later, getting muffed to fck of course. But no worries. Todays song will help. Sometimes, nothing gets to you, you just want to stand in the middle of the lounge, eyes closed and spin around with not a care in the world, this is the track I like to do it to.

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder on the dance floor

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boring Week

Well, not a lot happened this week, not played too much poker, still not got the 2nd iPod about 70mpp short, but should get these tonight. Played a couple of MTTs but not really got anywhere. Only exciting thing to happen was when I got a Royal Flush but didn't get paid, was hoping my oppo was slow playing his boat, but it was not to be. Heres the hand

My m8 Hach (Blue1969) had a great result on laddies last night, coming 2nd in the $50 Rebuy for a cool $3900, hes been playing very well lately and was only a matter of time before he had a big score, hopefully this is the start of the big time for him, def deserves a few big ones, so well play Harry.

Still not decided if i'm gonna go for this usb vid cam bonus on Interpoker, desperate to get back to 6 seaters, started data mining iPoker and laddies to get a bit of info ready for when I do. Might even try a few on Crypto and give platonic a bit of a spanking, I know he loves it ;-)

Been to the cinema twice, saw the mummy 3 on thursday which was ok. Then the Dark Knight yesterday, which considering I am not a batman fan, I was very impressed, def go and see it if you have not already.

So thats it for this week, hopefully next week will be a bit more eventful.

Todays song is by a little known band, first came across them in the 90's I think when my m8 lent me a CD, just good old indie pop.

Lush - Hypocrite

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Just not Cricket (+July Stats)

Well actually, for a change it was cricket. Yesterday I went to see England in a test match for the first time at Edgbaston. Checking the BBC weather site before I left, showed that it was going to be showers all day, but being hard, I decided to still wear me shorts. But as good old Mr BBC is the man in the know, I did not take any sun cream etc. Of course, the sun shone all day and I now have a face like a beetroot, sore as fck, except of course where my sunglasses were, which is still white. Look like kung fu panda at the moment, which when I got back into the pub after the game, amused my drunken buddies no end !!

Still had a great day out, not too much beer in the ground as by 1pm, they had ran out of cider ffs...I was fuming, had to drink lager for the rest of the day, which to me, is only brewed as an emergency backup for the "real" mans drink that is my complex apple brew that is "the bow"

As normal, my presence jinxed the cricket, England started off great in the batting then needlessy cracked. Then got of to a decent start in the bowling to get us into a good position to win the match, but a great batting display by Graeme Smith, stopped what could of been a perfect day out. Still, just being there was good enough for me. The highlight of the whole day had to be seeing all the blokes in fancy dress. Even if you are not a cricket fan, I highly recommend going to a test match just for this alone. The best, to me, had to be about 10 blokes all dressed up as Amy Winehouse, all with the big black wigs, getting the whole of the one stand to sing Valerie, which I believe is one of her songs, was leaving us all in stiches. Nor far from us was the Village People, 7 blokes dresses up as the indian, policeman, motorbike cop, construction worker, the full works. Hats off to them, they looked great. The funniest thing was driving back in the taxi seeing 10 blokes walking down the road all dressed as Fredie Mercury, complete with skin tight lycra shorts and vest and big 70's black porn star moustaches, a truly frightening site indeed.

Thats enough of the fun stuff, now back to reality with Julys stats, quite a big losing month. Was about $400 down at the tables, so ended up about $90 down overall. Can't grumble, though, most of it was my own bad play. Had a good start to the month on Friday however, finishing almost two buyins up. The play this Friday on Crypto, was truly unbelievable, people calling river re raises all in for all there stacks with Ace High !! was truly muppetry of the highest proportions.

Just need another 500 points for the 2nd iPod now, hopefully have this done by weds night, then can change my priorities. However RakeTheRake are doing a promotion on interpoker for a video gadget that looks quite smart, very tempting that one, only 1000mpp over two months as well, could even do that in the background with 1-2 tables, not decided yet.

So looking ahead to a good month, a birthday month for me, so hoping for some nice pressies, even coming up to 41, I still get excited at the thought of opening a nice big pressie on me buffday, I guess some of us never grow up.

Feeling very positive about all things, so todays song is just a fun happy song with a great video.

RHCP - Dani California

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Boring Grind

Well not much to report this week. Very boring, no big pots only got stacked once when I raised to $3.50 to get rid of a couple of limpers with KK. got one customer, flop came K high but board was all diamonds. He donk led into me for $5, I put him on Ad x or lower set so decided not to fck about and pushed, he insta called and showed my fave hand, the mighty 36 soooooooted for a flopped flush, the board didn't pair and the $100 pot shipped his way. Ho Hum.

Getting very very bored multitabling full ring and it is showing in my stats and play, even playing 5-6 tables I am mooching around the net doing other stuff not watching the tables. Really can't wait until I have got this last iPod, so I can then move off this and do summat else. Even tried doing some MTT's again, but can't take them seriosuly anymore, just keep calling in positon and trying to push people off pots that I shouldn't even be in, although it was sweet when I rr all in in one Tourney with 95 soooooted and muffed someones KK. He was not a happy bunny, especially when I told him he shouldn't be playing that off soooted shite anyway. I think if it was live, he would of give me the old nut......

So, got about 1050 mpp to get before I can stop doing the full ring tables. Hoping to get this done in the next 10 days. Then time to knuckle down and concentrate on improving as a player for the next month or so. Forget about bonuses and all that, although knowin my luck, some other great promotion will come along and fck it up for me. Saying that, tempted to have a stab at the steps on stars to get into the WCOOP events, wouldn't mind getting in to the hi lo event. Seem to have a habit of making the money in big omaha events, so cashing in that could help the old bankroll.

Diet was going great till Friday, had lost 4lb during the week until then, however, I had to pop into my local to drop off some change I had promised to give the landlord. So 10 winonas later and I wobbling up the road, just looking for the food mecca, big curry when I got home online till 5 in the morning and all the good work during the week gone. Need a bit more discipline I think......

Prob gotta go into work this afternoon to fix a problem they have got, being on call is great until you have to go in on a sunny sunday afternoon !! Even more reason to get the fck out of the rat race........

Anyway enough whinging, time to get the blood running round the body and do a bit of stomping, there is not a better song than this one to get the old foot banging on the floor. Needs to be on real loud, so turn it up, annoy the neighbours and bang away.

Rammstein - Links 234

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July Update

Well the astute amongst you would of noticed that I have not talked about how the poker has gone this month. There is a reason for it. I am running bad, when I am not running bad, I am playing like a twat, so I deliberately didn't mention it as not to try and create any negativity. But fck it. When I returned from me holiday, I dropped 6 buyins in the first 3 days to take me to over $300 down. I then grinded in back to be in a profit over the month with the bonuses and rakeback, but lost another 4 buyins over the last two days with some tough luck. But, I am not going to let it get to me, in most cases I am doing the right thing. Here are some of the biggest losing pots, I can't show the big winning pots, cos there ain't any !!!

One piece of good news is that I have qualifed to receive the free iPod touch from the rake the rake littlewoods promotion. So I have now moved on to the rakerebate betsafe promotion for the same thing. so I should have two. I should complete this by early August, I can then stop multitabling the full ring tables on Crypto and seriously start looking at playing 6 max again, which I have drifted away from. Looking forward to the change.

On the MTT front, I have played a few more this month because of and have enjoyed it, made the final table of the laddies 19:30 $4 high stack, was sitting ok with 8th left, found KK in the big blind. UTG who had me slightly covered pushed all in with AQ and I called, he spiked the A on the turn and Goth was on his way. If that would of held up, I would of been second in chips and would of probably run away with it then.

The Circle is going well however and lost a couple of pounds this week and still feeling very positive. Gonna dye me hair black this afternoon for the first time, so gonna be weird looking in the mirror.

I have also thought about doing a bit of dancing to help the weight loss, inspired by todays video, turn up the sound and get your dancing boots on.

Pendulum - Slam

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thinking Time

Been a while since my last post. Had a weeks break in Spain, which gave a lot of time for thought. Its amazing what goes through your mind, when you have enough time to day dream in the sun, without a care in the world and the only worry is whether the battery in your iPod will last the week cos you forgot your usb cable.....

So, after all of these thoughts, what conclusions did I come to. Well here they are.

1. I am a fat bastard.
2. I am not as good a poker player as I want to be.
3. I hate working on the 9-5 rat race (actually 24x7 as I do a lot of on call)

So, what the fck am I gonna do about it.....Well its obvious something has to change and it has to change pretty soon. In fact all 3 items are related in the fact, that if I fix number 1, number 2 will improve and if number 2 improves to where I want it to be by 2012, number 3 can then be eliminated, which in turn gives more time to spend on number 2 and number 1. In essence it is a self healing circle.

So, how to deal with number 1. Well, if you are unfortunate to know me fairly well, you would of been bombarded recently with pics of me in my youth, including the now famous "speedo" pic, which can be seen by all on my facebook profile, its there for all to see if you girls want some good "rabbit" material to get you going ;-)

So, the detox starts tomorrow. Along with a new fitness regime and positive thinking plan. Once the fat starts going and the body becomes toned, the confidence level will increase. This then in turn will help the poker, as I a am a firm believer that poker is very much a confidence game. Hopefully this will then see the flow of $$$ come in at a faster rate.

The ultimate plan is to then have 6 months living expenses in the bank by summer 2012 and then seriously look at giving poker a go full time, as the thought of doing a "normal" job for the next 20 years till I retire scares the shit out of me. Life is just to fcking short and I feel that I have wasted a fair bit of the 40 years I have spent on this planet so far. I reckon I need to be pulling in $4000 a month to match my current income, but if I can pay off some of my mortgage by then, I maybe able to live off less than that.

So tomorrow is the first stage of putting those daydreams into a reality and as we all know, if you give up on your dreams, you die.

Todays choice of song, to me, is fairly apt to this post. My interpretation of the vid is all about how times change. Look back for inspiration, but always keep your eye on what is ahead, as YOU DO HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT !!!!!!!!!!

Lost Prophets - Last Summer

Sunday, June 29, 2008

June Stats

A little early, I know, but I am sneaking off for a week in Spain at the in laws in the early hours of Monday morning and will be having a complete week away from the tables. Bit annoying in the fact, that whenver you are have a nightmare at the tables and need a break, you never can. I am running ok at the moment, so don't really want to stop playing, but I am sure the break will do me good. Not leaving poker completely, as I intend to do fck all for a week, sit by the pool and read Harrington on cash 1+2. Hopefully, this will fill me full of enthusiasm when I come back on a learning spree. Also gonna start a mini detox on my return. Can't do a complete detox, cos I love me cider too much, whats the point in living longer if you can't have ya fave tipple now and then.

Overall a good month. Up on the cash tables, up on the on few MTT's I played, 1/2 decent bonuses, making a total profit of approx $780. Also only need another 100 or so points for the iPod classic on Littlewoods, but will prob multi table a lot when I get back to go for the iPod touch, as I promised the wife she could have it.

Don't forget the start of July the new league starts and there is free money up for grabs, so check out for futher details. I am off for the first week, so you can get a head start if you think you are good enough.

Only a short post today, as I gotta leave for airport at 4.30am, ffs, normally only ever see that time when I am still playing poker !!!

So to relax you, well, when I mean relax, this track is really one for you splif heads out there as most of Nick Caves tracks are, its from a great album called Murder Ballads, which as you can guess by the title of the album, is all about death. So, switch on, spark up, close your eyes and listen to one of the weirdest lyrical masterpieces out there.......

Nick Cave - Staggerlee

2008 Profit = $5565.62
Todays Weight 14st 11 :-(

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Comeback Trail

Poker is such a strange and wonderful game, last week I was on an all time low, seriously thinking about taking a long break from the game. This week, its a case of how can I give up my job and do this full time....My hands have been holding, the fish have not been getting paid off and the bonuses are coming in thick and fast. Over the last week, I have gone from being down overall to being currently over $500 up, it truly is crazy.

The plan of playing the 6 seaters has been put back on hold for a bit as I am mainly playing on littlewoods to get the iPod at the moment. So just plodding along on the 10 seaters, its amazing how profitable can be when you actually concentrate on what you are doing, which I think is the big difference in my play over the last 7 days.

Decided that I am gonna need a new car next year as my trusty MG ZS, is starting not to be so trusty anymore, so I have now set a new aim, of getting enough into my poker savings account to buy a new car next March, nothing fancy, cos i'm skint, probably just a Corsa or Astra, or summat of that ilk.

Other news, I have to mention my wife Amanda, who this afternoon, has just completed a 14 mile trek round the Brecons in the pissing down rain in order to raise some money for the British Heart Foundation. So a big pat on the back to her and I am very proud of her for this achievement, as it is a tough little challenge.

So all is happy in Goths little world at the moment, I even don't have a hangover after getting completed twatted last night, which I am again stunned at.

Time for todays music lesson. As you know I am a big Joy Division fan and I think it is criminal when people try to remake some of their songs, however, there is the odd exception. Nine Inch Nails did a remake of the classic JD song Dead Souls and I have to admit, I even prefer it to the original. Put this song in a film as dark as The Crow and you create an amazing atmosphere.

Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hardly played any poker at all this week and when I did, I lost. No bad beats, just more plain simple cock play. The worst was losing two buy ins, in a two hour period. I was just playing one table BUT, I spent the whole two hours sorting out Poker Tracker 3 while I was playing, experimenting with the HUD and importing my old hand histories etc. What the fck am I doing. I can't even remember any of the play on my table, so could not have had any reads or anything. So I got exactly what I deserved. Also started playing on littlewoods to try and get a free iPod in one of their promotiosn, so been mulitabling on there in the background, without watching whats going on at all. Not good.

My body is also telling me there is summat wrong, been a bit slack with my eating habits lately and its starting to show. I think I am gonna have to go on some sort of detox, however, got a house party tonight for one of my best buds 50'th (old fcker) so it is gonna have to start tomorrow.

Got a week away at start of July, I never thought I would need a break from everything as much as I do at the moment, I want to get away from everything and just do nothing for a while.

For todays track, as I am so depressed at the mo, I thought I would put up one of my fave tracks of all time to try and cheer me up. Also I think this is one of the best vids ever made. RHCP - Californication........

Sunday, June 08, 2008

World League of Poker Online

Right then peeps, so you think you are good at poker ??? Well now is the time to boost your ego and prove it. There is a new league been set up by laddies regular player Curly69. Check out for all the details you need. And the best thing is, initially to get the interest in the league it is FREEEEEEE AND there is free $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ up for grabs. So what have you got to lose. Once the league is up and running, there will be a small regular fee to boost the prize funds. Hopefully once the numbers build up the prize funds will get bigger and bigger and the community and rivalry will flourish. There are also real $$$ prizes for the yearly tournie. You can enter on a number of sites, some of which are yank friendly, so no excuses, so what are you waiting for check out cos if you play MTT's anyway, why not enter for $0 and win real $$ seems stupid not too. Hope to see you all there. PS, this is not an affiliate link of mine, just mentioning it cos its a great idea and should be fun.

So on to this months poker, not played that much so far, but I have been playing only 6 seaters and I am up overall on the month, so quite happy at mo after last months disaster. Definitely going to carry on with this till the end of this month, when I then go on Holiday for a week, can't wait. I have just bought Harringtons cash books 1+2, so looking forward to doing fck all round the pool reading those for a week, then coming back and muffing it up.

Played the Stars 17:00 deep stack again last night, I have made the cash the last two times coming 92nd and 42nd in 1000 runner fields. Last night it started great as I got dealt AA on the 2nd hand, with the blinds at 10/20, 30 minute levels and 5000 chips, I raised to 100 from ep, this guy goes all in for 5k, I obv call and poor sod has KK. So double up straight away and never really looked back. Plenty of room to make moves. So 10 hours later, yes 10 fcking hours. its down to the last 14 and I decide to make a move, when the serial raiser on my right raises again (he is raising 2-3 times per orbit) I repop him with my AQ and he instantly comes over the top, I still had 100k+ chips left with the blinds at 3k/6k so could of laid it down, but decided he was at it or had a mid pair so called and he flipped AcKc, no miracle Q for me and I went out 14th. I was quite disappointed to be fair, as I thought I had played really well, only making one mistake before that when I bluffed the river on a 9966T board with 22, hoping to push the initial raiser off his hand, but he was correct in thinking his QQ was good, does he not know I am a fcking rock lool. But happy with my MTT game. Will def be sneaking a few more of these in, especially with the league starting next month. Starting to enjoy the MTTs again, does make a change from grinding out the cash tables.

EDIT:- a big thanks to lexus for staying with me on msn till the early hours, he had even run out of beer by then, a truly noble gesture ;-)

On to todays track. One for the oldies, well peeps my age anyway. Every now and then you hear a track on the radio from the past which brings back good memorys, gets the blood going and the old foot tapping. This is one of those songs for me. We were all teenagers once.....

Sunday, June 01, 2008

May Stats (Warning Steep Slope Ahead)

Well, glad to get May over with. It started off bad and got worse. I definitely started chasing it too much. I managed to grab hold of meself half way through, then hit the bad beats. First half of month, was def my fault, after that, things just didn't go my way. But at the moment, I still feel strangely confident, a new month brings new hope. So I am gonna put this month behind me and move on. Luckily rakeback and bonuses helped, so only finished about $375 down overall.

Reached a milestone during the month as well. Got 100k hands played now in my poker tracker db. first 100k split, 15k at 100NL, 79K at 50NL and 7k at 25NL, yeided $724 profit at PTBB 0.91. not the greatest stats ever, but winnning over a decent margin. 80k of these were at Full ring. Interestingly enough, I filtered out my 6 seaters sats, and these were about 18k hands played (nearly all at 50NL) and was running at PTBB 2.96. So I think it is pointing me somewhere, although this is not a big enough sample yet to be fair.

This month has however made me think about poker more in the long term. I think setting a financial goal of $10k winnings over the year, is not the right thing to do. So I have dumped that goal totally now. All that matters now, is building up the roll and becoming a better player. I have been guilty of being uber nitty and chasing bonuses and rakeback long enough. So for June, I am going to try and play soley on 6 seaters. 2 tables max at a time, and try and focus. I intend to post more hands on the CR forum and ensure I watch a lot more of the vids that are available. Definitely gonna be more qulaity rather than quantity. Playing 6 seaters will give me more hands and rakeback anyway, so that will help.

I have also, just got knocked out he 17:00 (GMT) Stars $11 Deep Stack tourney. I played this a couple of weeks ago and came 92/976. I do like the tourney, 5000 starting chips and 30 min blinds, gives great space for play. Tonight, I think I played some of my best MTT play for a while and eventually went out in 46th place out of 1052 entrants, when losing a race with TT vs AK all in pre. But I was happy with my game, made some great laydowns and one great bluff with 57 sooted, getting somone to lay KK down on a Q high flop, after I had 3 bet him I told him it was AA and he was dead happy with his "pro laydown"

Really looking forward to Junes play, even after such a disasterous month, sometimes typing all this blox out, even if no one out there ever reads it, just helps ease the mind a bit..

Managed to get a $25 piece of that muff amatay, in his quest for $10k on FT sngays. Looking forward to getting $50 back ;-)

As its late, its gotta be time for some proper "wakeup" music. From what I remember this always used to be the kicking out song at the club I used to go to in brum (edwards) it was difficult to leave the dance floor after this song had been on without being covered in blood, pref someone elses, but quite often your own....Rock on
Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit (Dedicated to Dirk and Lenny to prove there is life after Neil Diamond)

2008 Profit/Loss = + $4787.31

Poker Bankroll = $5533

Todays Weight = 14st 10 (Still !)

Monday, May 26, 2008

The nightmare continues

I think I am going to have to stop mentioning my good days on this blog, as soon as I do, I get a quick slap around the face and the poker gods turn on me. Not had a winning day since and the losses that I clawed back have all be lost again with interest, currently nearly $800 down at the tables and about $450 down overall, definitely my worse month ever since I started playing poker. So bad in fact I posted my stats on the cardrunners forum, for comments. A few educated replies came back and it looks like basically I am playing to nitty, so when I have big hands, I just don't get paid off and when I hit the 2nd nuts, I am always paying people off, or getting outplayed post flop cos of my nittiness. So yesterday, I dropped to 50NL and opened my game up a bit. I must admit, I think I was playing a lot better, I went from playing a 9/5/2 style to a 12/10/4 style of play at full ring, quite a big difference. I still managed to post a losing day, but this was not really down to my bad play, but down to beats and coolers, which I can live with. These are the biggest losing hands over the last few days.

Hand 1 - Maybe weak limping utg with 77, but was intending to call a small raise to set mine, perfect flop, I put the villain definitely on a king, so decided to push, so I didn't have a tricky decision on the turn should a dange card come on it, he called anway and spiked.

Hand 2 - Bad beat or bad play ? You tell me, must admit, I didn't notice the board pair on river when I called (fcking fish I am)

Hand 3 - Bit of a cooler on this one, however still can't understand why I pushed on the river when it was fairly obvious I was beat, in fact 3/3. Very bad play on river, I liked my turn play as I was trying to force out any flush draws if they had a set, so be it and I still had outs. But def should of checked the river and folded to a shove, any thoughts ?

So, its back to the tables tonight, try and keep playing what I think is right and maybe review where I am heading at the end of the month, good job I had those couple of 1k wins at the start of the year, otherwise I think I might be giving up for a while.........

So on to the music vid. One thing you can't do is limit yourself to only listening to one genre of music. If you like a song, be man enough to admit it, just cos your a big greasy rocker, don't mean you can't sing along to Madonna. Not sure where I first heard this song, but it hit me when I did and is one of my favourite songs of all time. It is quite apt, as at the moment, when it comes to poker, I am in a "world of it"

Hurt - Johnny Cash

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More footy......

Well, what a night it could be ahead, gonna leave for pub in about 20 mins to watch the champions league final. Booked the next two days of work, which could give an indication of my intent to give Winona some serious stick. Hopefully it will be a great game, and even more hopefully the mighty reds will prevail. I have a pecking order when it comes to supporting footy. England over everything, then the Mighty Villa. Then it comes down to my secondary teams, if Villa can't win owt, i'll always plump for Man U, dunno why, but it annoys my mates, so thats a good enough reason in itself. Then it will probably be Liverpool, cos they were winning everything when I was a little lad, although I was at Villa Park in Dec 1976 when we spanked them 5-1, what a night that was ;-) Then I guess its Midland Teams, Northern Teams, all other teams in the country and finally and only if I have to the London teams ;-)

Poker picked up a lot lately, been 4 tabling iPoker 50NL full ring and have managed to pull another $200 back out of the losses and have had four winning says on the trot, not big winning days, but I still am making dumb hero calls. This hand was another small blind, big blind classic.

After he called my turn bet, there was only two hands I put him on, two pair or a flush draw. The river card bought possiblities for both of them to beat my my made straight, but I still call an all in river shove, I swear I am going to cut my mouse finger off one if these days.

But still plodding on.

Now for todays music lesson, for those of you have been reading my blog from the start, you will know I go married last year at Bellagio in Vegas. I also had a big pissup in England when I got back, where I had to have the dreaded "first dance" and it was not gonna be fcking Titanic, or whatever the song was.....After a long thought, I decided to beg my wife to let me choose and she eventually agreed. If you are anywhere near my age (40) you would probably have listened to the immortal legend that was John Peel between 10-12 during the week nights, it was on his show, I first stumbled across one of the most influential bands ever....Joy Divsion. Peely used to have a christmas top 50 every year, these were the top 50 best ever songs ever made, this song used to be in the top 2 for many years. So today I give you "Atmosphere" by Joy Divison. Oh, and don't ask me about the video, cos I haven't got a scooby doo.........


Saturday, May 17, 2008

The FA Cup

Today is normally one of my biggest piss up days of the year, the joy of Wembley watching two of the lands finest teams battle it out for cup glory. However, today is Portsmouth and Cardiff, what the fck is all that team isn't even fcking English !!!! (mind you, neither are Arsenal if had got there !!)

But still, fck it, the pub beckons, so I am typing this full of coffee, buzzing like an Ann Summers Rabbit on the vinegar strokes. Ready to give Winona a good whipping.

Poker not been too bad last two days, managed to claw $100 or so back.

Also decided to try and take the bloggin a bit more seriously, well, make it more fun. I looked back at some of my original posts from when I first started and it looked quite fun, now it just seems to be all about poker and whinging about me luck, so no more of that shit, gonna try and spruce it up a bit, maybe someday even reach the mighty heights of Amatays blog, which i think is one of the best around.

I have also heard on the grapevine, that you are all a bunch of pussies, when it comes to the old music front, so I have decided to take it on myself to "educate" you all on what it is all about.

So here is the first helping, from a little known band called Rammstein, I have seen them twice in the last couple of years, and outside of the Pistols and New Order, they are the best live band I have seen.

You will notice that in this vid, there is a fooking amazing lady as Snow White, when I saw them at the MEN, this girl who looked even better than the one in the vid, walked up the steps towards me in her silk Snow White outfit, as my tongue hit the floor and I started gargling, I then suddenly remembered my wife sat next to me, staring at me in amazment, I braced myself to for the slap I knew was coming, but no, not pain, not even an evil look. She just looked at me with a smile and said "I know, I must admit, I would too" It was then, a two hanky toilet trip was immediatley required............

Crank it up the max and enjoy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still playing like a muppet

I think this month has made me realise what a journeyman player I am. I don't seem to be learning from my mistakes. Overall I am a break even cash player at the moment, only making any money from rakeback and bonuses.

I think this hand says it all.

Looking back at it, it was obvious that I was beat. utg limper who it tight as a nats chuff and has a post flop overall agression factor of abuot 0.5. What the fck was I thinkin, my heart was hoping and telling me he had limped with Ahxh and had the nut flush, but my brain was screaming "Hes got a bigger boat !!! " get out of dodge. Unfortunately, the bit that controls my mouse clicking finger obviously is not connected to my brain. I guess the only thing I have learnt is that a year ago, I would of moaned about this as a bad beat, cooler type hand. I now recognize, this was just pure and simple fish play by myself. Please feel free to comment on the hand as you feel fit

Currently approx $590 down at the tables and $330 overall after bonuses etc. so a pretty poor month.

I keep spouting on about all the things I should be doing, studying more, training more, eating more healthy, the truth is, I am just not doing these things, its almost as if I think somehow its all gonna just click and fix itself. Well believe, me it ain't and unless I pull me finger out two things are gonna happen, 1. Lose the bankroll. 2. Leave the earth prematurely in a wooden box. Somethings got to change in my life and its got to change soon.

Ideas on a postcard.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Oh Dear

Well, what can I say, it was only a few posts ago I was saying how good life was and that all was well on the tables. Well the poker gods must read my blog and have come and give me a smack on the arse to teach me a lesson. I currently am about $450 down on the month so far. A harsh lesson indeed. It all seems to have started after I found the perfect table, with the perfect player on my immediate right, a complete looney, a dream of a player to have position on, it was just wait for the hands then take his money. These were the two hands in question.................

Maybe I could of got away from that one, however, this one almost made me vomit on me desk.....

This was against the same player, and as you can see by the chipstacks on the 2nd hand, he had already blown the first chunk he muffed off me. He then proceeded over the next 20 mins the liberally distribute my money to all the players on the table except me, before leaving with $0.

Puds commented about variance on my previous post, and I really do now think that we invent our own variance. The next couple of days, has lead me to question my game and I have changed a lot of the things I used to to do to tick over the profits. I have been playing more pots, I have been double barrelling out of pure agression, rather than stepping back and trying to think why my continuation bets have been called, this has lead to a large leak in my game. I tried to then counter act it by tightening up a little, this corresponded with walking into monster hands. So then, I started calling down lightly when I had hit any part of the board in an effort th outplay my opponents on later streets, when I did this, they always had the goods. Hence the reason I am in the shit that I am this month. I have a couple of bonuses and rakeback to come, but this is not going to even halve my losses this month. And again the point is, I want to be winning at the tables, not relying on bonuses and rakeback to make the profits come in.

I have not had any winning sessions at all this month, and its amazing how it affects the confidence to make the moves that you think are right, this in turn makes me miss a lot of value when I actually do hit a hand. I'm also not sure I was psychologically ready for the bigger amounts that you lose when playing at a higher level. The nit in me wants to move back down to 50NL (although the hands above were at that level as a tester of iPoker) 100NL is where I should be playing with my bankroll, but at times like these, 100NL maybe is not where I should be with my level of skill.

A frustrated Goth.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

April 2008

Well, as you can see by the graph, April was a real rocky ride, my jump up to 100NL Full Ring, made a real dent at the start of the month with a couple of massive bad beats for full stacks, but I kept plodding on, doing the things that I know were right, hoping the poker gods would turn back and they did. The month eventually ended in a nice profit with the bonuses/rakeback, but yet again, I still am disappointed with the wins actually at the table, too many loose calls when I think I am beat, but my ego hates to think it is being bluffed on the river and makes me call....This is an area of my game I really need to work on.

Overall finished the month $617 up with everything added in, not above the magic $1k, but considering I was $500 down at the tables at one stage during the month I am relieved to say the least.

The other thing that stood out, was the fact that I only played about 11k hands, I guess I was out on the piss more than I thought. Luckly, this month there is not a lot on in me social calendar, I am playing live at Broadway Casino in Brum this friday, then there is the champions league final to look forward to (cmon the reds !) so I have no excuses for not getting the hours in this month.

I have also made my decision on where to play. I have plumped for NOIQ poker, as the bonus scheme seems quite attractive, I am only gonna play 6 seaters on there and I have a new nickname, which I am gonna keep a secret, so you muffs don't know who I am, so watch out ;-)

I am also dropping down to 50NL on their for this, until I build up some info on players and get about 50k hands behind me, as I have not played any short handed for quite a while and need to get back in to the swing of things, without worrying about the $$$

I will still play some 100NL full ring on Sun to get the $200 bonus, its a shame about the numbers, as I do like the site, if only the yanks would see some sense......

Also hope to use May to really buckle down and get some training in, I have read quite a few articles/blogs relating to fitness and poker, its hard work sitting on ya arse for 6 hour multi table sessions, so need to up the fitness levels to get there, + I don't want to look like a fat cnt at this years Dream Team Final in September, like I did last year, had enough stick as it is ;-) Therefore I aim to be below 14st by the end of this space...cough cough.



2008 Profit/Loss = + $5163.98

Todays Weight = 14st 10 (Doh !)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where to play

Decisions, decisions, decisions........Where to play my poker.

As much as I like playing on sun poker, the bonuses are good and the rakeback is great, there just isn't enough players to go around, most of the tables of full of regs, grinding out bonuses, so there is a fight for the fish, and when the fish get lucky, we all tend to just feed off ourselves when they scarper off into the distances. I have been off work this week, and have not really been able to play much at all during the day at all, due to lack of tables, which is very frustrating, so frustrating that I even found myself clearing the garage out at one point...ffs what is all that manual work about !!!!! def not for me, the only time I normally need to wash me hands is after a good scratching session on me farmers...........

Anyway, I have been scouring the forums and emailing various people for info on where best to play, but I still can't seem to find the right answer. A move back to iPoker seems to be one of the best options, but memories of horrendous beats of laptop smashing proportions are still fresh in my mind. Also, if I do decide to move back to iPoker, a decision where to play is still not an easy one. Rumours of under the table deals for players are rife, most of which are illegal, trying to sift through these is doing me bonce in !! NOIQ seems to be favourite at the moment, but I am still awaiting replies to a few emails sent out.

Had a decent few days on the tables, didn't play saturday/sunday as was on the piss both days, and in bed for 21:30 shitfaced, oh the joys of "when the wifes away" but the results from friday + Monday have put me well back in the black for the month and moved me above $5k profit for the year, which is always nice to see on the spreadsheet.

Will play for a few hours tonight to try an eek out a bit more profit and rakeback, but I have caught a cold and am sniffling like twat at the moment, so will have to wait and see how it goes.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Beat Bonanza !!!

Well, you may think this is gonna be another bad beat fck off whinge post, well its not. The only thing I have to moan about is the fact that I won the hand and my opponent was short stacked.

As you can see by this hand, it was sooooooooo sweet.

Its the first time I have seen a bad beat jackpot hit, and even better I was one of the hands involved.

I was convinced my opp had KQ and thought they were trapping, but woohoo, even better. Was slightly annoyed that it was only $250, but I guess the bonuses go a lot quicker on Crypto as they can happen on any table including the omaha ones, and there is no contribution towards the rake.

Been winning on the tables a bit as well over the last few days, so with this bad beat jackpot I am back on winning ways for the month. Its fcked up me PT stats a bit, and I can't be arsed to go into it and edit the hand as it put the $250 as part of the winning pot, so me graph gonna look strange at the end of the month, but who cares as long as it is above 0$.

Also the good news is that I am now offically in profit more this year than I won in the whole of last year, so looking good at the mo to reach my $10k target. (Hope I don't regret that)

Weight also went down this week (fck knows how, was on the piss 4 nights out of the 7)

And to cap it all, we spanked the scum 5-1 to edge them nearer to relegation where they belong.

Loads more footy on this week, so gonna be another 3 nights down the pub this week. Then ManU vs chelsea on saturday lunchtime, which means 12 hours in the pub. AND then Villa on sky on sunday versus Everton, fck me I think I'm gonna need a new liver.

Off work all next week, so will be on a detox/training week.

Life is good at the moment, wonder what is gonna come along and fck it up.............


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting Battered

Short post, cos I am getting fcked from pillar to post at 100NL FR at the moment, can't hit a hand, as you saw on my last post, getting my monsters cracked. I am actually $400+ down this month at the tables and I am even down overall on the month after rakeback and bonuses, which really sucks. The only saving grace, is my nitty bankroll managment. Which hopefull will see me through. Gonna perserve with it though. Got a week off work at the end of the month to hopefully do some serious studying. But for now, this hand is typical of what has been happening to me, even when I trap perfectly, I get fcked....................

Maybe tonight will bring some better luck after 3 losing days on the trot.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

March 2008

Seems daft, I had my 2nd best month of profit ever, but I still feel annoyed. Adding up all MTT/Cash/Bonuses/Rakeback, I managed to finish the month $1580 in profit. Mainly due to the $1k Parbet win. The bit that pissed me off is that I only was up approx $100 on the cash tables. And the most bad spots I got into was my own bad play. Had a couple of coolers for large pots, but they are always going to happen. My game still needs a lot, and I mean a lot of work.

I am however playing 100NL quite regularly, only at full ring at the moment. I still can't decide between full ring and six max at the moment. I think until I get on top of my concentration levels I think I am going to have to stay at full ring and only play 6 max when I am really focused. Will prob still play it at 50NL until I can get about 50k hands in at the level, as I think I have only played about 6k at the moment.

I have finally tuned my bankroll plan to where I think I want it to be and will stick it up next post, it may help a few people who piss all their winnings away too quickly.

Diet went to cock last month and actually put a couple of pound on, managed to stay the same weight for the last 3 weeks even though, been going out to the pub more again lately, Mainly due to too much good footy on. This week, is champions league again, so might mean Winona gets bit of a licking this week, will have to get back on track again the week after that I guess........

Slightly down this month so far mainly due to these two hands. They happened within 5 minutes of each other. The first hand, the player is as nitty as fck and knew he had AA/KK/QQ and would call hence the push.

The second hand, the guy is obv a chimp, as the only hand that was calling him would have him beat. He proved his position in the food chain when after he scooped my chips, he typed in "owned" I didn't bother replying, but might have put a couple of his teeth in his chip pile had we been playing live.........

Still feeling as tired as fck, relying on coffee to get my by. Working on changing this still as well. But for now, i'll keep on slurping me expressos.



2008 Profit/Loss + $4546.88

Todays Weight 14st 9.25 (-14lb)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Energy and the Big 100

Or a distinct lack of it seems to be the order of the day at the moment and it seems to be affecting my play. I seem to be constantly tired all the time, def due to my lifestyle of little sleep and lots of caffeine.

Saying that, I have hardly played at all this week, I didn't play yesterday as I was on national Winona drinking duty, watching Sir David get his 100th cap, well done Sir, now onwards to 126 for the record.

Anyway enough patriotism for now, I think its time for a big lifestyle change and April seems to be a good time to do it. Mainly due to the fact that its quiz night tonight and also Villa are gonna spank Man U on saturday, so the pub beckons again. So the change can start "soon"

As per the title of this post, the main reason for the change is due to a constant lack of energy, this in turn makes everything I do seem like a great effort and I am a miserable grumpy old bastard till I get my first caffeine fix of the day, which is a pain in the arse, as I always need a dump when halfway through my first mug of coffee, highly irratating now that I don't use my lappie anymore so can't carry on playing poker while shitting for England on a Saturday morning.

The weight loss bet also seems to be going a bit pear shaped, as I have not lost anything this month, probably due to being a lazy twat and also gone back to eating bucket loads of crisps which are my main passion in life after my love of Winona.

So its more excercise, more veg, less beer. I am even thinking of doing some sort of mini detox cos my body feels like it is falling apart at the moment. I can't do a full detox, cos you can't drink on them, so what the fcks that all about, I want to feel better in life, not ruin it.

I am hoping that clearing some of the crap out of my body will help me concetrate more, cos I am having major problems doing. Even when I am 4-6 tabling, I still find myself fcking off and surfing the net, pissing about on all sorts of crap nothing to do with poker. This is having an obvious effect on my profits. I proved to myself in the parbet promos that if I actually do concentrate, I can read the game a lot better and make more profitable moves at the right time, rather than relying on a hunch and PT stats as a poker table pops up for a response while I am giving thehun a browse for the umpteenth time of the night.

The poker I have played the last week or so has been so so. I finally started play some 100NL and was in profit for a day or so, until I had my first KK vs AA. Luckily he only had half a stack, so only cost me $50. Strangely enough, before I joined cardrunners, I almost certainly would of folded the hand preflop due to the fact that I was pretty certain he had AA as I raised it up to $4 utg, and villain, re-popped it to 10$, his PT stats were 9/2/.5 so was nitty as fck, which to me meant AA/KK, when 4 bet it up to about $36 (to commit myself ffs) he pushed and I knew for def, but had to call.I guess, I should of 4 bet to about $18 and then if he pushed I prob could of folded, but almost all CR pros say to never fold KK pre unless you are way deepstacked and villain is too. With only half a buyin in front of him, I guess I was never gonna fold it. Still fcked my off that I was 99% sure of what he had and still had to go through with the hand.

Thats it for now, hopefully after the weekend I will have some more shit to write and be able to talk about how great Villa played in their 2-0 victory at old trafford. Hmmmmmmm


PS Amatay, theres only room for one Claret and Blue Army in the prem, so get them cockerney muppets of yours back where they belong, Div 2 (old money) ;-)