Monday, October 08, 2007

Back from hols

Been a while since I last updated, but to be honest, not much spectacular has gone on. I played the 150k on mansion 3 weeks running and got shafted twice with KK vs AK all in pre flop, the final one, I was sitting pretty on 13k and can't believe the donk called my rrr all in for his whole tourney life with AK and got rewarded by the flop of AAK - Sick !! The other time I donked myself making a move with 34sooted after calling a preflop raise and hitting a str8 draw and ironically walking into KK. C'est la vie.

Managed to finish September up on both USA(now Grand Slam) for bad beat and on my todd on Sun, only a small profit on Sun, but the bonuses and rakeback made up for it.

Was on holiday last week in sunny yorkshire, yes it was sunny - honest !!! No poker all week, although I did read a bit of SSII and a Hi Lo book as I am looking to play a bit more hi lo as it seems to be a good point builder on sun and decent rakeback due to the split pots.

Did not miss poker at all until I got back yesterday and started playing again. Small profits starting the month off on a good note, lets just hope it continues. Will endavour to update more regularly again, so cya all at the tables.