Monday, October 15, 2012

'Aving a mare....+ Uber Tilt Monkey

Well the new PC was back up and running in no time after delivery all software installed and working fine. Thats as far as the good news goes !!!

I decided instead of going straight to 25NL Zoom, I would stay on 10NL while I was getting all of my HUD etc set back up and working, during this time I managed to donk off about 10 buyins, no bad beats, just KK into AA 2nd nuts into the nuts etc, all standard stuff, so I wasn't worried. Once I was happy with HEM and my Hud was working fine (did play for an hour not noticing the seating on the hud was out and I was 3 betting uber nits light as hell !!! lol) I was straight on to the 25NL tables, I had my whole plan worked out while I was on hols in Spain and this was it, I was there. After the first couple of days I was over 5 buyins up, things were going well and I was a happy little Goth.

The last few weeks however have been a total nightmare, again I am not running 20 buyins below EV, I am just walking into the nuts EVERY time and it does really seem like EVERY time !!! I am currently on a 20 buyin downswing and its driving me crazy. I know this is standard stuff and I shouldn't panic, but its amazing how you can have 8 winning months in a row and then get abs battered, surely it should level itself out over the year and not just come in massive swongs like it does....PAH !!!!

After one particular mouse smashing session I decided I had had enough, but instead of quitting like a good little boy, I went straight to the 200NL 6 Max Zoom table and sat with the max $200. I won a few pots that gave me some confidence, then managed to shove all in on the river for my remaining $102 with A5 on a A2479 board after betting flop and turn only to be called by 22 for a flopped set. I reloaded and then 3 bet light, missed the board and bet both the flop and the turn with complete air only to get shoved on on the turn. So reload up to $200. I was fuming, I was quite happy to blow my whole roll on stars at this point to "teach myself a lesson" It was then I got out of Jail, I 3 bet with QQ and got shoved on for a full 100bb stack, normally I would tank and think about folding, but the mood I was in I snap called and he flipped over 99 and my hand held. I won a few other pots and got my stack up to $530 and sat out a very relieved man. I checked HEM and I had played 167 hands and was about $29 up !!! The only good point was I averaged 0.72 vpp per hand !!!!

The following day after a lot of deep thought I limited my stars account to 50NL so I wouldn't do that again, I can see how it is so easy to go on mega tilt and I got off very light indeed.

Things haven't picked up that much over the last few days, I did try a few thousand hands at 6max and quickly won a few buyins in the morning session, but lost them in the evening session to be back where I started.

I have finished Verneers "Building a poker Bankroll" book and I think for the next few weeks I am going to concentrate more on the studying side, just doing enough to get to Gold Status. I have to admit, I have really slacked on the studying side, and when I say slacked off, I mean I have actually done none, no session reviews, no leak finding, nadir. I wrongly thought I could do all my learning at the tables and have paid the ultimate price. Its time therefore for a big change on the old learning curve. Also after my mad tilt sessions, I think its time to start reading Jareds Mental Game of Poker properly instead of just doing a few pages on the bog like I do !!!

Lets hope I can lower the stress, lower the variance, increase the knowledge and ultimately increase the $$$$ coming in !!