Tuesday, April 25, 2006

At last I broke my cherry

It had to happen eventually, and Sunday was the day it came.....oooh err......I know you have all done it before me....and at the tender age of 38 I took my time getting there. But late on Sunday night while watching the heads up in the laddies PMV weekly final and the thieving that was going on while one of the players got disconnected. I finally did it. I got my first Laddies Chat Ban. After I launched a torrent of abuse at the said player, I then got kicked off the site, with the message "diconnected by administrator" When logged back on, I felt like Norman No Mates when none of my online buddies would talk to me....It was awful, I dunno how kunku and thejudge can play so often with their chat bans (I believe they have both had a few) But after an email to laddies, it was reinstated the following morning, with a very polite email, stating that they could understand why I said the things I did ie "you are a fucking cheat !!!" but they were powerless to do anything. I do hope they bring in something asap to stop this situation as there was a lot of money at stake and it just isn't right.

Earlier on the Sunday evening, the Leaguenutz special went ahead, with bounty points on offer on 6 out of the 12 players in it. So once lenny_dawn had disposed of Jat, he was calling anyone with a bounty on them and he hit everything. I kept my head down, and before we knew it, we were down to the last 4 out of the starting 12, one of the amazing things is that pokerkaz was in 4th position and she was not playing, hence qualifying for the special for a live tourney entry at Clacton which the creator of LeagueNutz, Graham "themoffman" will be funding. Eventually it was heads up between me and lenny and as it was only a $1 dollar tourney, I was all in with any picture card, and amazingly outmuffed the king muffer lenny to take the victory and the 1st prize of a wopping $6, but more important, get to play in the special for the live tourney in a couple of weeks.

On a more dour note, the dream team has now moved to a Monday night, which guttingly rules out our captain thelodger, as this is his live night (whist leauge, I think) Our most successful player Crutchley has offered to take over the rains, which is a great start, but depending on the others, this may be the demise of the Northern Muffs, but the next few days will decide the fate of what would of been the victorious team.........

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Deep Stacks and Septic Tanks

Well my marathon session came and went, along with my cash. What started off looking bright, with a 1st and 3rd in my first 3 sngs, then started to go downhill. Out of the next 6, I only managed another 2nd place, to give a slight loss of the 9 sngs, which is very disapointing, as this is where I normally make my money. The multis didn't go much better, The three I played, I finished 55/196 going out with AKs against KK. 26/112 and annoyingly again, 15/150 with JJ vs AQ.

I decided then, to give the Poker Stars $10 Deep Stack tourney, I have always wanted to give this a go, but never thought I would have the time, yesterday was my chance.
There were initially 890 runners, and after the first hour, there were 669 left and I had 4870 chips left and was lying in pos 442, plenty of time I thought. The next hour I managed to claw my way up to 7.5 K in chips when dealt the magic AA, blinds were 50/100, so I raised from UTG to 300 and got two callers when it came round to the BB (catchinZZZZZ) he goes all in for his 5.8k approx, I immediatley go all in and the others fold. He then turns over 10 8 os. I feared the worse straight away and was not suprised, when he rivered a 9 to give him his ten high str8. I gave him some shit, then the killer respsonse "Sorry, Its my daughters birthday and I have to take her to Chuckin Cheese" That sent me on a mad rant, to be fair, the whole table gave him a bit. I was not happy. I managed to claw my way back up to 4.5 k, including calling an all in against ZZZZZ with QT and rivering a flush !!
He was still there an hour later, and when I questioned why he was still here, he said his wife had now taken her !! The table gave him some stick, he then gave some excuse about being divorced and not seeing them very often at this point everyone layed into him, and he said, he doesn't want to talk to us anymore and duly turned his chat off....lol

I finished the 2nd hour on 4428 chips in pos 379 with 446 left. I scraped through the 3rd hour with 3253 chips and 296 left.

At this stage, the antes had started and I need to double up, catchinZZZZZ limped in utg and I looked down and saw a pair of eights, I decided this was it, and threw them all in. Everyone folded, ZZZZZ paused for a long while then called, showing K7 os. What a fucking knob....amazingly no king hit the board, or any 7's. However, an AQJT did to give hime an ace high str8 and I was out in 283rd place, I declined to comment, the table did that for me. I just went to the kitchen in search of alcolhol sulking and thinking we need to nuke florida.

I entered the 00:30 laddies multi and got muffed in that as well. Totally pissed off with holdem, I entered the 01:15 am 7 card stud and finished the day off on a slight high note.

I think I will give it another month, before my next marathon, or maybe stick to 7 card.

Goth, over and out.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I wish I had fallen asleep

As suspected, I came back pissed from quiz and entered the 00:30 laddies tourney, however this time, I decided to do whatever it takes to stay awake and finish the tourney, this worked and after and 1 1/4 hours with only 50 players left, I was chip leader !!!

Things went ok for a while and was still in 2nd gaining a few more chips when down to thirty, then the hands dried up, the steals went wrong and I ended up going out 13th, when a comfortable final table should have been reached, I think there is a fine line between caution and agression when approaching final tables, I think I have a lot to learn in this area and need to watch the other players more.

This morning was the same, ending up going out 15th in the 10:30 $5 dollar, but at least this had the minor consolation of a few leaguenutz points as it was one of my nominated tourneys.

I have only made 2 3rd places in the sit and goes on stars today out of 4 played so far, so not really a good day.

One bit of good news is that the Dream Team games have been moved to Wednesday, so it will not affect my Thursday pissups at my local, but at 20 quid a game for 20 games, it is going to eat into my yearly profit, unless I do well of course. I was about $3000 in profit last year, so £440 will make a dent, unless I get a final table finish in, which hopefully I will do, as I have made two so far in the Bad Beat WSOP tour against much better players than me.

Amanda is out all day and night tomorrow on a girly day, so I will be up early and hopefully get about 20 hours of poker in. The last time I played for 20 hours a couple of weeks ago, I ended the day about 3 dollars up !!! Not the best use of 20 hours. Still hopefully tomorrow will bring some better results

Thursday, April 20, 2006

BB Laddies Tour

Well the Tourney came and I went.....I only had 3 hands of note 22 (utg) which I folded. AQ, which I made the mistake of limping in on the button, hoping nenobear was going to raise so I could RR, but he didn't, I then proceded to chase the str8 draw when the flop came 9 10 J, and losing half my stack. The final hand was my AJsooooted when down to only 1150 chips and the blinds were 300 150, I decided to lump the lot in when in early position, neil07 reraised to narrow the field, I thought I was a gonna there and then, headsup neil turned over 44 to give me a glimmer of hope, but no laddies river for me and I went out in 70th.

I look back and think of my AQ and now know I should of but a big raise in and tried to take the pot down there and then. Hopefully I will learn for the next time.

The only other hand of note I had was when I was dealt KQ on the button, the hand was folded around to me, the BB was sat out, I raised 3 x BB (I would of raised anyway, even if the BB was not sat out) but unfortunately nenobear saw this as a bit of thievery and went all in from the SB, having me well covered, I had to fold. I am convinced I had the best hand, but KQ is not a hand I want to put my whole tourney at risk for. I may post this hand on the forum to see what other people would have done, I would have asked neno what he had, but as Strummer says, don't ask me because I will lie......

Quiz night tonight, so no poker today. I am also going to have to break the news to my quiz partner that I will have to miss some of the quizzes in the near future due to the Dream Team games being on a Thursday night....grrrrr. Still If get knocked out in the first 2 hours, will still be able to make it for a few beers and test my braincell. I will have to miss a couple of the dream team games, as it will be very unfair on the quiz team I have been in for about 7 years now, so a fine balance will have to be found, although I suspect lodger (my captain) would be chuffed if I dropped out as ipreferhorse is our reserve, who, in my mind, is a lot better player than I am. But I am improving slowly.

Anyway, time to go lets see if I can keep out of the 00:30 $5 f/o on laddies when I come home pissed tonight, or at least stay awake till the first break.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not the best day so far

As the title says, not a lot of success so far. I decided to play a couple of multis this am on laddies and getting no where, getting muffed out of both tourneys.

I then decided, as we are playing the dream team on betfair, to actually stick some money in it and give it a go. I had registered with them about a year ago, but told them to go shove it after I had an email from them saying they were going to suspend my betting account if I did not use it. I only opened the account for the poker site, so was not too pleased about this. However, it was obviously only a threat as my login still worked. After depositing £200 to cover the dream team games, I took a big breath and jumped right into a £2 + .25 multi. There were approx 197 runners, of which about 50 were left when the first break. The play was akin to a freerole with no prize at the end. I eventually went out in 25th I think, 5 out of the money. I am however a bit worried about the dreamteam event being on this site, as I have never seen so much muffing going on, the outdraws made laddies look like, well, it was like laddies. I think there will be a lot of screams going on as people call with shit to try and knock out the captains, should be great fun...hehe

Also, as it rained today, Amanda decided to stay in, this meant spending time together....grrr on a poker day !!! This turned into a 2 hour treck round tescos and £141.00 lighter....

As for the poker played so far.

3 x MTT = No Dosh.
3 x SNG on stars, 7th, 5th and 3rd.

So I need to do well in the Bad Beat WSOP Tour tonight.

I tried to send an email to Sandy at Bad Beat to sort out an error in my overall points tally, but meds replied, so I suspect I'll have to send another one when he gets it wrong...hehe, no offence if you are reading this meds, but sort it out son !!

Will report back on the WSOP tour later.....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Up The Villa

Well the big Derby came and went with a bang, with what hopefully will keep the Villa in the Premiership. I am not sure whether I want the blues to stay up or not. I used to cheer all the midlands teams on, but when the blues came up, we got a lot of stick off them, so, at the moment I don't really care if they stay up or not, but the baggies can stay up, they are nice and don't take too many points off us.

I was in the pub on Sunday from 11:30 till about 17:45, where the pace of drinking , due to the adrenaline (got through 5 winonas during the match alone)was intense, leaving the mile walk home a bit risky. Especially as I tried to get back to play the leaguenutz special, but couldn't find it in my drunken state..managed to track wildrick down, who seemed to think it was the night before, beer and poker definately do not mix.

Monday my beautiful wife to be, Amanda, had her birthday, so I thought poker was off the cards totally, but inbetween her opening her presents and getting ready for going out I managed to get 2 sngs in on stars in, winning one and 3rd in the other (sometimes the amount of time women take to get ready has its advantages) This made me feel a lot better ready for the terror of being dragged around shopping centres, knowing full well I will be standing outside the clothes shops with the other husbands/boyfriends, who all look like they are doing this in the vain hope that they can get away with some proper "mates" stuff on another day.

Poker has therefore taken a bit of shove to the background for yesterday and most of today, but as I am off work all of this week, tomorrow, I intend to try and give the sit and gos a heavy bash and look forward to the Bad Beat WSOP qualifiers on the evening, although I would prefer it to be not on ladbrokes, the last time is was on there, the bad beats were just incredible, there is something definately not right on laddies. Although, as I am writing this, I am playing in the 18:15 $10 f/o. Will post results later.

Time to concentrate on the tourney, its been 33 minutes and I haven't played a hand yet.


PS Winona = Winona Ryder = Cider....for the tee total of you out there....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The 00.30 am Laddies $5.00 Tourney

I am going to have to ban myself from entering this tourney, especially after a night on the piss...As I mentioned yesterday, I entered this on Thursday night after my quiz night and fell asleep missing about 20 hands, ended up in 56th.

Friday night, after going to watch Manu stuff Sunderland..cough cough.....The alcohol and the small chinese, ie half the chefs stock (damn takeaway opens till 12 on Fridays...doh) kicked in big style when I decided yet again, this is the tourney for me. After winning a few hands in the first 10 minutes building up to about 2.5k in chips, I thought I would rest my eyes. After what I thought was 10 seconds, I looked up wondering why I could not see myself at the table....investigation showed it was now 3am and I was out....spookily enough I went out 58th only two worse than the night before. I have now made a vow not to enter this tourney, until I am pissed again no doubt.

Did not play much poker yesterday as I had to do some family stuff, annoying I know, but it does have to be done now and then.

I managed to play two $10 sngs on stars winning both, and a small profit on crazy poker, where I have dipped my toe in the water yet again playing cash games, only .10 /.20 but I have got stung before, especially one night on check and raise playing $10/20$ fixed limit against the house pro !! do we ever learn.

Played a couple of multis on the evening and annoyingly went out 39th, in the 20L30 $5.00 after try to steall all in with Q9 from the small blind and the scandi decided his A3 was the hand he was going to risk his whole stack on and called.....grrrr

Haven't played today yet, as I am psyching myself up for THE derby, will be int he pub for 11:30 to cheer the mighty Villa on. After Portsmouth winning yesterday, we have to get at least a draw today so we won't get dragged into it. If I see lodger today I am going to give him some stick for his piss poor boro side bringing more stress into my life..

Anyway if we lose and you see me on the tables, watch out cos I may be pissed on a mad tilt fest...hehe.

Good luck at the tables.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

All Fridays are good in my book, as they are the last day before the weekend when the work ends and the fun starts.

I managed to keep away from the chinese last, however, due to the fact that I didn't have to get up in the morning, I played a couple of tournies on laddies, unfortunately I fell asleep in the first one and lost a few hundred chips on my blinds, but it probably helped me last longer than normal. I eventually went to bed about 3am after going out 56th in the 1am $3 rebuy.

The aim of the day was to stay in bed till at least 11am, but my Staffi (small mad dog called Fern) had other ideas, at about 8am, I was woken when my breathing was rudely stopped by Fern sitting her big fat arse right on my face. This is dog talk for "get the fuck out of bed you lazy twat" and give me my breakfast or i'll shit on the lounge floor. Not one to have to poop scoop with a hangover I duly obliged and fed the mutt.

On returning from the kitchen, the laptop suddenly said "you want to play poker don't you !!" Yes, I said, then sat down to play a couple of low level multis.

I decided to enter my 3 leaguenutz tourneys as I wasn't sure if I would be able to play tonight as I might go on the piss down the local and watch Manu stuff sunderland.

First effort was the 08:30am $3 dollar, was going quite well until I got my fingers well and truly caught in the till and went out 34th, making me a bit grumpy.

The 10:30 $5 dollar proved to be more successful. Played my normal patient game and was looking to head easily into the cash, when I picked up TT utg, raised 3 x the BB then Jat7065 (great guy) went all in,he had just had a bad beat and It thought he may of been steaming a bit, I had his chips covered, but it would damage my stack if a 2nd guy who was short stacked also call. I was convinced I was ahead or at least a coin flip so I called, jat turned over KK and the other AK (I think) I immediatly typed nice hand to jat, and then proceded to river a Ten and knock him out..it was nice to be on the giving end of some muff, rather than the usual receiving end.

This put me in a nice position going into the final table and after a few hands was chip leader. The final table eventually wittled down to 5 and we were all even stacked, lack of hands and a couple of failed steals then lead to my demise and managed to go out 5th. Was a bit annoyed with this, but I am always happy to make final tables.

The other tourney which was an omaha one, not much to say. I think I was knocked out first. Must read a book on what a good omaha hand is....

Anyway, time to go put some clothes on and brush me teeth to go out........

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Night is Quiz Night

Today is the one day a week I generally do not play poker. As anyone who has met me knows, I do like the odd tipple, normally Strongbow, or in a more sophisticated environment, scrumpy !!! especially the stuff at +7%.....it is a good colon clearer.

I live in a Village just off J2 of the the M42. Where if you fart, yer mates you haven't seen for a week know all about it and can describe its aroma in amazing graphic detail like a frenchman can taste wine and stale Gitanes....

Tonight is "exercise" the braincell night at my local, where the local village idiots pit their wits against the downloaded questions from some 80 year old man who turns up with a couple of speakers and a 1940's radio mike.

Amazingly enough we do win, this is akin to the laddies river, as considering the alcohol consumed, we are the 2 7 off to the so called "Oxford Grads" AA, but we do enjoy laughing at them when, on the odd occasion, we do pull of a good muffing and take down the £10 first prize and the more prestiged, "Swan Quiz Winner 200x" Pens, which last a good 5 mins before running out of ink and ending up on the award winning open fire/spittoon....

Post Quiz night is a different matter....there is an art in leaving the pub at about 23:29, this is a serious test of will power, because as you leave the door and enter the street, the blinding light of heaven that eminates from the chinese takeaway 100 yards away draws you in like a scandi and a gutshot str8 draw for all his bankroll. You know you have 45 seconds before the closed sign goes up and you don't want to make it....but then you also do.....I always leave it in the hands of fate....unfortunately, fate has expanded my jeans by a good 4 inches over the last two years.

I will attempt to continue this post when I come back from the pub after 7 pints of cider and decide that playing the 00:30 5$ f/o on laddies is the only thing that matters.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday 12th April

After another usual boring day at work, occasionly checking out the people on laddies forum moaning about bad beats....I only wish I was at home playing poker, I could take the bad beats, anything but being at work....

Didn't enter any leaguenutz events tonight as I decided to concentrate on the Bad Beat WSOP qualifier. Not that I think I have a cat in hells chance of qualifying, but I do find I learn a lot playing against the better players. I did make the final table in the first leg on Crazy poker, I was actually 2nd in chips going into it, but about 10 hands in I found KK with a raise and a small RR from Nordic, who was the chip leader, before even thinking, I had pushed my whole stack in, then, what seemed like a very long pause, Nordic called and turned over AA, no muff, I was out in 10th. I was gutted.....Although to be fair, I did not need to play well to get to the final table, I just seemed to hit everytime I entered the pot, I wish all MTT's were like that.

Tonights tourney was on Littlewoods, a place where the colours are so horrible, you need to wear sunglasses. My missus looked at me in my oakleys and thought, "fooking twat takes this game too seriously"

However, after playing very patiently and getting a few hands at the right time, I managed to make the top 20 for some points. I then did not get a hand at all for ages. Crawfski was on my table with a big stack and seemed to be on the hunt of every englishman on the table with the vigour of a man who wears a kilt, no undies and a just vest on top when it is 6ft deep in snow. I managed to find AA on the BB when left with only 540 chips, amazingly crawfs raise utg with 78 sooooted, failed to muff and I had chips again. I picked up QQ in the next couple of hands and double up again. Then down to 11 players, curly69 and myself were fighting for the bubble, when strummer, bless his cottons, found JJ, with two all ins and called and took them both out. After that I got no hands at all, but managed to hold out a couple of places to go out 7th, a result I was very pleased with.

Watching the final table heads up battle between JadeLiz(strummer) and poost, I could only guess that strummer now requires a new laptop, after finding A4 all in against poosts A3, and the 3 hitting the river....I would not like to be a pet in strummer mansion.

Still a great game, gonna try some cash on crazy poker now...big stuff at .10 / .20

But hey, I am sure sealey started somewhere.............

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My First Post

Been in IT for 18 years, so I am bound to fuck this up, but hey after 18 years, I still refuse to RTFM !!!

But still, over the coming years, maybe when I am dead and buried, some pfy will read my musings and think...hey this guy sounded cool....or fuck me what a complete twat....I guess you can't please everyone all of the time, and life is too short to give a fuck.

PS, I like to swear, so don't bother reading my fucking blog if you are easily offended.