Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game Over

Well, despite all the support I have had from my poker buddies, the Supernova dream for this year is over. I started off the month with the intention of really giving it some hammer and put in two long grinding sessions, both of which I got battered dropping nearly 10 buyins. My confidence went out the window and along with it the willingness to put the hours in that was gonna be required.

To be honest, its a bit of a relief. I can now come home from work and do what the fck I like rather than quickly get some dinner down me neck then get on the PC.

I have played a bit since the first few days, but not that much, mainly chasing the 50 Billion Hand Promo, I dropped down to 9 tables and prob broke about even over the month not including the first few days. As for the promo, I never got a sniff, but that jammy fooker Dirk managed to hit one of the milestone hands and got paid off $1k, pleased for him of course, but why the fook could it not be me loooool.

So the plan for the next two months is to fix what the previous 6 months have broken, mainly my game which has gone to complete pot. It will also give me a chance to sort my health out, which also has taken a nosedive. so plenty of study on the tables, back to 4 tabling at the very most. Also mix in some 6 max sessions, mainly because after dropping from 13-15 tables back to 4 I know I am gonna bored as fook.

I have still managed to get to Gold Status this month and will probably try to keep this going in October and November while I decide what I really want to do for next year. If I can fix my game back to a winning one by December, I might up the volume so I can start off 2001 as Platinum. I will only bother doing this if I decide to try and go for Supernova next year. I think I can achieve it easily over the whole year, starting it later like this year gave the added pressure of having to play when I really didn't want to.

As stated above, I can also try and concentrate on my health. I am currently 15 Stone 7. I want to get below 14st by the beginning of December, then hopefully keep to that weight over xmas during the party period ready for a fresh start next year with my ultimate weight goal to be around the 11st 0 mark. A tall order I know, but if I can acheive the first goal, I am sure it will give me the confidence to carry on and when your confident it carries over to all areas of your life, which hopefully, will bring a new era of positivity (is that even a word lol !!)

As I don't need as big a poker roll anymore, I decided to take out £1000 to pay for some bits and bobs that I needed. I intend to put some of it back over the remainder of the year, but prob only a few hundred punds. So should be starting off the new year with a bankroll of about $4000. Although if I do decide to go for supernova next year, I might be willing to invest about $1000 of that in some decent coaching over the first few months so I don't spew $$ like I have been doing at the tables lately.

So its a big apology to all the 50NL full ring regs on stars, who no doubt have me on there buddy lists ;-) I won't be at the tables no where near as much till next year.

So I guess my life will be a bit quieter for a bit......

Dubstar - Not so Manic Now.