Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting Bored

Don't know why, but I am really struggling to find any enthusiasm to play over the last couple of weeks, every time I sit down to try and grind a session out, I get bored after a 100 hands or so, I don't think I have played a session of more than 350 hands since the first week. Its strange cos I have been running ok over the last 3k hands, pulling some of the bad start back. I think I may be about even for the month taking into account the rakeback.

I had already decided to take a bit of a rest in October as we are off to sunny yorkshire for a relaxing week, if the 3G holds up on the lappy, was just gonna play a few sngs and MTTs for a change, but I'm not sure I'm even gonna bother doing that.

So all my aim for this month is to reach the Laddies gold level, which I prob only need to play about 700 more points to get there, then decide what to do. Will def be back for a big push in November, as I don't want this year to end with less than $3k profit, as that is def a big step backwards.

Will prob play some cash later on tonight when the fish come back from the pub, lets just hope they ain't got their lucky boots on and suck out on me.

Hope the fun comes back into poker soon, or I will end up going to the Gym every night like I used to before I found poker !!

Gonna take a couple hundred quid out of me bankroll as well to pay for a Rammstein gig at the NEC in Feb, awesome band live. By using a piece of me bankroll it will at least makes it seem that it is worth while sat in front of a PC for hours on end.

So here are the boys live......

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

August Round up

August sought of fizzled out a bit, I ended up playing a bit robotically and it showed in my results, going back to my old calling station routine. Was a decent month, but should of been my best this year, but it was not to be, but was still $660 up overall, which was originally my target per month at the start of the year, but that idea has gone up the swanny.

I am off work this week, so decided that this month was the perfect opportunity to grind out 40k hands plus and get the laddies VIP and some nice rakeback etc. I also chose the 1st sept to try out loads of new things in my game. What happened was the singlemost worse day of my poker life, I finished the day 13.5 buyins down. Yep you read it right, 13.5 DOWN !!! That was in approx 3.3k hands. The crazy thing is, it don't matter, I learnt a lot, yep expensive, but I did learn. It didn't help in the fact that every fooking muppet and he dog hit everything against me, I also lost about 5 buyins overall with some shocking calls for 25bb+ "just to see if my read was right" lol, well thats my excuse and I am sitting to it.

Had a lot of strange thoughts during this massacre, ranging from "ok, I am gonna get a coach and destroy this game" to "thats it, i'm taking all me money out of every fcking poker site and giving up" The latter one normally came when the fish hit there miracle two outer to stack me after I have played the hand perfectly.

Think I will however drop back to 4 tables from 6 for a while, mainly due to the fact that if I get a beat, I def find myself chasing on other tables to get it back, that prob contributed to a couple of buyins, I suppose it was tilt, but it didn't really feel like the adrenaline fuelled tilt that I have had in the past.

So I guess for now, I am still gonna grind it out, target for the month is to just break even now loooooool.

Good Luck at the tables.

Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight