Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Losing but loving it....

Well, not acutally loving losing $$$$ lol but strangely enough, even as my downswing continues and I am quietly confident about my game and I am enjoying it. Even the sick sick beats that come STT after STT comes with a quiet "of course" rather than a What the F%&£ and bits of desk flying everywhere. The opposite of course comes when I dish out the sick beats, which if you shove and steal as much as I do, you are bound to deal out the muff, jumping out my chair when I river my one outer screaming, take that you premium hand calling mother f*^$er loooool

Still not sure wtf has changed, the downswing still seems to have stemmed from Black Friday, so it must just be less fish around. I Reckon I have proably dropped about $600 since the change, but I am happy with my game and to be fair its not so much the beats that are the problem, its just the walking into bigger hands all the time which is the real issue and seems to be happening more and more each time I play. I seem to be getting a lot more of my steals shoved over than normal as well and can do nothing but fold and whinge. *sighs.

On a positive note, I have had my first two coaching sessions and they seem to have gone well, I am very impressed with his overall knowledge of the game, in particular odds and percentages and puts across his reasoning for doing things very well, will not mention who it is at the moment, but he is a very well respected member of the poker community and pretty decent winner. I just hope that the changes I have started implementing following his advice so far start to come to fruition, othewise as its a % profit coaching deal, I can see me being dumped before the end of the 4 month contract, which is fair enough. By my reckoning, with the quality of his coaching, I have already had approx $1000 worth of tuition and due to losing the first two weeks running, not paid a bean. I think the main stumbling block is the 150 stts a week that I am having to play as part of the contract, as I work all day, this doesn't leave much time for study and session review and I am also having to carry on 9 tabling, which is not ideal when you are trying to implement changes into your game that you have not tried before. However the learning experience has been excellent and has really helped me change the way I think about the game. I think the sessions have also made me think about life in general and to try and stop pussy footing my way through it with no clear direction of where I am heading or want to be. Also trying to be the best at what you do in all walks of life, it your gonna do it, might as well do it well. My new motto now is "try to do something as good as you can, then step back and think how you can do it better"

We are off for a few days holiday down Cornwall to relax after tomorrow, but once I come back I really want to focus on improving everything I do and have a lot more drive and motivation. Obviously the health and fitness part of this will be one of the main areas of attention, but things at work also need to change, with a lot more productivity in the right areas required.

Some interesting times ahead I think, lets hope it all goes to plan.

I notice Rammstein are touring the UK again next year in Feb, so will be def be off to see them again, just the greatest live act ever !!!

Rammstein - Engel