Sunday, June 29, 2008

June Stats

A little early, I know, but I am sneaking off for a week in Spain at the in laws in the early hours of Monday morning and will be having a complete week away from the tables. Bit annoying in the fact, that whenver you are have a nightmare at the tables and need a break, you never can. I am running ok at the moment, so don't really want to stop playing, but I am sure the break will do me good. Not leaving poker completely, as I intend to do fck all for a week, sit by the pool and read Harrington on cash 1+2. Hopefully, this will fill me full of enthusiasm when I come back on a learning spree. Also gonna start a mini detox on my return. Can't do a complete detox, cos I love me cider too much, whats the point in living longer if you can't have ya fave tipple now and then.

Overall a good month. Up on the cash tables, up on the on few MTT's I played, 1/2 decent bonuses, making a total profit of approx $780. Also only need another 100 or so points for the iPod classic on Littlewoods, but will prob multi table a lot when I get back to go for the iPod touch, as I promised the wife she could have it.

Don't forget the start of July the new league starts and there is free money up for grabs, so check out for futher details. I am off for the first week, so you can get a head start if you think you are good enough.

Only a short post today, as I gotta leave for airport at 4.30am, ffs, normally only ever see that time when I am still playing poker !!!

So to relax you, well, when I mean relax, this track is really one for you splif heads out there as most of Nick Caves tracks are, its from a great album called Murder Ballads, which as you can guess by the title of the album, is all about death. So, switch on, spark up, close your eyes and listen to one of the weirdest lyrical masterpieces out there.......

Nick Cave - Staggerlee

2008 Profit = $5565.62
Todays Weight 14st 11 :-(

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Comeback Trail

Poker is such a strange and wonderful game, last week I was on an all time low, seriously thinking about taking a long break from the game. This week, its a case of how can I give up my job and do this full time....My hands have been holding, the fish have not been getting paid off and the bonuses are coming in thick and fast. Over the last week, I have gone from being down overall to being currently over $500 up, it truly is crazy.

The plan of playing the 6 seaters has been put back on hold for a bit as I am mainly playing on littlewoods to get the iPod at the moment. So just plodding along on the 10 seaters, its amazing how profitable can be when you actually concentrate on what you are doing, which I think is the big difference in my play over the last 7 days.

Decided that I am gonna need a new car next year as my trusty MG ZS, is starting not to be so trusty anymore, so I have now set a new aim, of getting enough into my poker savings account to buy a new car next March, nothing fancy, cos i'm skint, probably just a Corsa or Astra, or summat of that ilk.

Other news, I have to mention my wife Amanda, who this afternoon, has just completed a 14 mile trek round the Brecons in the pissing down rain in order to raise some money for the British Heart Foundation. So a big pat on the back to her and I am very proud of her for this achievement, as it is a tough little challenge.

So all is happy in Goths little world at the moment, I even don't have a hangover after getting completed twatted last night, which I am again stunned at.

Time for todays music lesson. As you know I am a big Joy Division fan and I think it is criminal when people try to remake some of their songs, however, there is the odd exception. Nine Inch Nails did a remake of the classic JD song Dead Souls and I have to admit, I even prefer it to the original. Put this song in a film as dark as The Crow and you create an amazing atmosphere.

Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hardly played any poker at all this week and when I did, I lost. No bad beats, just more plain simple cock play. The worst was losing two buy ins, in a two hour period. I was just playing one table BUT, I spent the whole two hours sorting out Poker Tracker 3 while I was playing, experimenting with the HUD and importing my old hand histories etc. What the fck am I doing. I can't even remember any of the play on my table, so could not have had any reads or anything. So I got exactly what I deserved. Also started playing on littlewoods to try and get a free iPod in one of their promotiosn, so been mulitabling on there in the background, without watching whats going on at all. Not good.

My body is also telling me there is summat wrong, been a bit slack with my eating habits lately and its starting to show. I think I am gonna have to go on some sort of detox, however, got a house party tonight for one of my best buds 50'th (old fcker) so it is gonna have to start tomorrow.

Got a week away at start of July, I never thought I would need a break from everything as much as I do at the moment, I want to get away from everything and just do nothing for a while.

For todays track, as I am so depressed at the mo, I thought I would put up one of my fave tracks of all time to try and cheer me up. Also I think this is one of the best vids ever made. RHCP - Californication........

Sunday, June 08, 2008

World League of Poker Online

Right then peeps, so you think you are good at poker ??? Well now is the time to boost your ego and prove it. There is a new league been set up by laddies regular player Curly69. Check out for all the details you need. And the best thing is, initially to get the interest in the league it is FREEEEEEE AND there is free $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ up for grabs. So what have you got to lose. Once the league is up and running, there will be a small regular fee to boost the prize funds. Hopefully once the numbers build up the prize funds will get bigger and bigger and the community and rivalry will flourish. There are also real $$$ prizes for the yearly tournie. You can enter on a number of sites, some of which are yank friendly, so no excuses, so what are you waiting for check out cos if you play MTT's anyway, why not enter for $0 and win real $$ seems stupid not too. Hope to see you all there. PS, this is not an affiliate link of mine, just mentioning it cos its a great idea and should be fun.

So on to this months poker, not played that much so far, but I have been playing only 6 seaters and I am up overall on the month, so quite happy at mo after last months disaster. Definitely going to carry on with this till the end of this month, when I then go on Holiday for a week, can't wait. I have just bought Harringtons cash books 1+2, so looking forward to doing fck all round the pool reading those for a week, then coming back and muffing it up.

Played the Stars 17:00 deep stack again last night, I have made the cash the last two times coming 92nd and 42nd in 1000 runner fields. Last night it started great as I got dealt AA on the 2nd hand, with the blinds at 10/20, 30 minute levels and 5000 chips, I raised to 100 from ep, this guy goes all in for 5k, I obv call and poor sod has KK. So double up straight away and never really looked back. Plenty of room to make moves. So 10 hours later, yes 10 fcking hours. its down to the last 14 and I decide to make a move, when the serial raiser on my right raises again (he is raising 2-3 times per orbit) I repop him with my AQ and he instantly comes over the top, I still had 100k+ chips left with the blinds at 3k/6k so could of laid it down, but decided he was at it or had a mid pair so called and he flipped AcKc, no miracle Q for me and I went out 14th. I was quite disappointed to be fair, as I thought I had played really well, only making one mistake before that when I bluffed the river on a 9966T board with 22, hoping to push the initial raiser off his hand, but he was correct in thinking his QQ was good, does he not know I am a fcking rock lool. But happy with my MTT game. Will def be sneaking a few more of these in, especially with the league starting next month. Starting to enjoy the MTTs again, does make a change from grinding out the cash tables.

EDIT:- a big thanks to lexus for staying with me on msn till the early hours, he had even run out of beer by then, a truly noble gesture ;-)

On to todays track. One for the oldies, well peeps my age anyway. Every now and then you hear a track on the radio from the past which brings back good memorys, gets the blood going and the old foot tapping. This is one of those songs for me. We were all teenagers once.....

Sunday, June 01, 2008

May Stats (Warning Steep Slope Ahead)

Well, glad to get May over with. It started off bad and got worse. I definitely started chasing it too much. I managed to grab hold of meself half way through, then hit the bad beats. First half of month, was def my fault, after that, things just didn't go my way. But at the moment, I still feel strangely confident, a new month brings new hope. So I am gonna put this month behind me and move on. Luckily rakeback and bonuses helped, so only finished about $375 down overall.

Reached a milestone during the month as well. Got 100k hands played now in my poker tracker db. first 100k split, 15k at 100NL, 79K at 50NL and 7k at 25NL, yeided $724 profit at PTBB 0.91. not the greatest stats ever, but winnning over a decent margin. 80k of these were at Full ring. Interestingly enough, I filtered out my 6 seaters sats, and these were about 18k hands played (nearly all at 50NL) and was running at PTBB 2.96. So I think it is pointing me somewhere, although this is not a big enough sample yet to be fair.

This month has however made me think about poker more in the long term. I think setting a financial goal of $10k winnings over the year, is not the right thing to do. So I have dumped that goal totally now. All that matters now, is building up the roll and becoming a better player. I have been guilty of being uber nitty and chasing bonuses and rakeback long enough. So for June, I am going to try and play soley on 6 seaters. 2 tables max at a time, and try and focus. I intend to post more hands on the CR forum and ensure I watch a lot more of the vids that are available. Definitely gonna be more qulaity rather than quantity. Playing 6 seaters will give me more hands and rakeback anyway, so that will help.

I have also, just got knocked out he 17:00 (GMT) Stars $11 Deep Stack tourney. I played this a couple of weeks ago and came 92/976. I do like the tourney, 5000 starting chips and 30 min blinds, gives great space for play. Tonight, I think I played some of my best MTT play for a while and eventually went out in 46th place out of 1052 entrants, when losing a race with TT vs AK all in pre. But I was happy with my game, made some great laydowns and one great bluff with 57 sooted, getting somone to lay KK down on a Q high flop, after I had 3 bet him I told him it was AA and he was dead happy with his "pro laydown"

Really looking forward to Junes play, even after such a disasterous month, sometimes typing all this blox out, even if no one out there ever reads it, just helps ease the mind a bit..

Managed to get a $25 piece of that muff amatay, in his quest for $10k on FT sngays. Looking forward to getting $50 back ;-)

As its late, its gotta be time for some proper "wakeup" music. From what I remember this always used to be the kicking out song at the club I used to go to in brum (edwards) it was difficult to leave the dance floor after this song had been on without being covered in blood, pref someone elses, but quite often your own....Rock on
Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit (Dedicated to Dirk and Lenny to prove there is life after Neil Diamond)

2008 Profit/Loss = + $4787.31

Poker Bankroll = $5533

Todays Weight = 14st 10 (Still !)