Monday, April 13, 2009

Feeling Positive

Woke up this morning feeling strangely positive about everything, dunno if its the chemicals from all the easter eggs, but I def feel different, almost as if all of a sudden, everything is gonna go my way. So, I guess I'll just have to wait for summat to come and smack me in the face and but me back down a peg or two.

Poker been going very well, had a great weekend, being up almost 6 buyins after converting to $$. Moving up the laddies rake race a lot easier than I thought I would, although I am going away this weekend, so will miss 3 nights of what would normally be my biggest points earner, which is a bit of a wounder. Might give it a real go in May if they keep the payout structure similar, I hear they are extending it to the top 3500, which is a shame, as it will surely mean the $$ being spread out more, but I'm gonna aim to come in the top 1000 at least and see where that gets me. Looks like I have found a way to get double rake payout as well, which will mean at least 60% rakeback which is cool. Not everyone can qualify for this as it depends on how you joined ladbrokes, but email me for details if you want, there is no harm in trying.

The $$ are also rolling in on NOIQ as well, not through rakeback, but through actual winnings at the tables. Since I have adopted a better table selection strategy on there, my winnings have gone through the roof, prob winning 800euro over the last 8 weeks on there since making the change, I didn't realise what a difference it makes, there is so much money to be made on that site if you find the right fish (and they don't suck out obv)

I also gotta give a mention to Ian, who was the subject of my post a couple of weeks ago. He got to the weekly final of the Littlewoods WSOP qualifier and was chip leader with 5 left, with the winner getting a $17k wsop main event package, he played some awesome poker, but it was not to be, eventually going out 3rd. I was absolutely gutted for him and I bet he feels the same. I think its only a matter of time before he brings down something real big, I think he has got a great future ahead of him in tournies, might have to get him to teach me a thing or to.

Off out this afternoon to visit my Mom, but hopefully will get a few hours in later in tonight and keep the good run going. So Ta Ta for now.....

Crank up the sound, its time to get spooooooky

Lush - Undertow (Spooky remix)