Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Late Live Results

Haven't updated for a while, which is a shame, cos I know you are all dying to know how I got on, I did actual post what happened on the pokerkaz forum and I am too lazy to write it again so i'm just gonna cut and paste and edit it a bit.

We started drinking straight after work, which in hindsight was not a good idea. The beer really started to kick in after the break and the end of the rebuy period, which I managed to no have to rebuy. However, I had a small row with the mgmt as I was convinced I had 4300 chips before the add on and when I returned I still had 4300 acusing them of stealing 1k of chips. Waking up the followiung morning, i remember clearly thinking the add was after the break so I hadn't done one, which is a bit embarassing. Then, not having cards for while, it all folds around to me on small blind I raise massive with QT sooted, only to find that utg was all in, my raise stands so had to go all in myself, the BB then goes all in and I think I am walking. We all flip over, UTG has A6, BB has JJ, Q on flop, thankyou very much, gg u2

I then played my normal game picking up the odd pot now and then and got down to last 20, getting short stacked, middle pos get dealt 96os, early raiser, so i'm def folding. I go to push my cards in, but little miss winona plays the sneaky hand switch trick and i accidently push me fcking chips in instead of me cards, I only notice this when the dealer says all in !!!!!!!!!!!!AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The BB also calls. 9 on flop, they check it down and Goth takes the pot looool

I then get completely card dead then for next half hour, eventually pushed with AJsoooted and was all in vs KJ and in true laddies style, the king drops on the flop and I go out 13th, with top 10 only paid. Tipster was vul, he played great solid poker and could of folded into the final table, but made one move at the wrong time and went out 15th, needless to say he was gutted, but he has the bug, we are def going to do this once a quarter now, so will let you know when we next go.

So it has been back to the online poker for the last 10 days and for the first 7, I had one of my worst runs on stars ever with a run of beats that would normally require at least a couple of new laptops and a trip to the vets. But I have perservered and I have managed to get back to $200 up for the month so far, when I had actually gone into negative figures at one stage, which was very soul destroying.

Only about another 60 $10 sngs on stars to get the $150 bonus and Amanda is away on her hen weekend in Dublin, which means its beer and poker all weekend woohoo !!

So see you all at the tables.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Off to play some live poker

Tonight I am off to play some live poker at the Broadway Casino in Birmingham, they have a £20 rebuy tourney that starts at approx 9pm. This late start creates a slight problem in that, I finish work at 5pm, I can't be arsed to go all the way home to come back again, so there is the dilemma. What do you do for 4 hours before the tournie starts, take a gentle walk, pop to the library, phone relatives and friends.....No fcking chance.....its the pub, its beer and its gonna be plenty of it. Even at a conservative pace, its gonna be 5 winonas before we land in the casino, then it will be registration and back to the bar. I have no self discipline, my thinking behind this is if I have a shit tournie, at least i'll be pissed and had a good time. The thought of being sobre and losing £120 in muffy rebuys to some twat calling all ins with 63 off suit and flopping quads to crack your aces does not bear thinking about. So beer it will be.

Hopefully this will be good practice for when I go off to Vegas next month to get married, tipster69 (AKA the_tench on some sites) my best man is coming with me, he likes the odd tot too so it could be a long session, lets just hope if I make the final table I don't throw up on it.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Monday, March 12, 2007

There Here !!!

The poker gods that is, and as strummer quiet often says, when they land, they land with a big slap around the chops and a squeeze of the the old bollocks.....

Started off the month ok, got to about $180 up, then it all started going wrong, trips into higher trips, trips into made straights, you know the story. My stars sng rate has dropped to below $2.50, if it wasn't for the bonus, a measly $150, i'd leave the site for a while and move on for a bit. I know these runs happen and I am just going to have to play though it, but it really does get to you after a bit.

Just will have to keep plugging on, at least the small amount of cash I am playing is covering the sng losses at the moment, but at this rate I think I will do well to be in profit at the end of this month.

Hope you are all having better luck than me.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Feb Stats

Bit of an up and down sort of month. Just grinding out the stars sngs to get the bonus still. Just could not hit the firsts often enough to pull in a good month, seemed to keep getting muffed into 3rd place, but still a profitable month so can't complain. No big wins as I only played 13 MTTS. Would like to have won more over the month, but it could of been a lot worse.

Total Profit = $278.27
MTTs Played = 13
MTT Final Tables made = 2 (15.38%)
MTT in the Money = 5 (38.46%) - NB Includes FT's
MTT Total $ won = $ 94.61
MTT Profit = $19.21
SNG Played = 83
SNG Profit = $203.71
SNG ITM = 53.01%
Cash Profit/loss = $50.95
Syndi Profit/Loss -$20.60 ($19 still to come back)
Bonus Earned:- $25

Hope to do better this month, but still gonna push the sngs if I get the time.

GL at the tables