Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bad Beat WSOP Survival

Today was the 3rd leg of the last section of the Bad Beat WSOP tour, which I was leading before tonight. It was on Full Tilt, which used to be one of my favourite sites, but no matter what I do, I can't win on it anymore, it just seems to hate me at the moment.

And guess what, I struggled. With only 48 entrants, I really needed to make the top 20 to try and keep in touch with the herd of good players chasing up my rear. I got no cards what so ever for the first hour, I eventually get dealt KK, which, as I was playing so tight, a small raise sent the whole table cowering behind their chairs. I literally was playing the short stack for whole tourney, I never got above the starting chips ! However, luck was with me, and I did manage to protect my blinds a couple of times and steal a couple of pots to make the top 20 (god knows how, I even quadrupled up when I had to go all in with Q5 on my small blind with only 500 chips left and the board duly dropped out 2 5's on the flop, this at least managed to keep me alive while another couple of players bit the dust and I eventually went out 15th for a well earnt 14 points in total. This may keep me in the lead, but meds played another terrific game to make the final table again, so it will be close. With 2 legs to go, I am still in with a shout, but I won't hold my breath.

If by some amazing feat of luck I do win the seat, I may not be able to go as I am moving house in the next few weeks, if I can't I will be gutted, I can only hope I can do a deal with Bad Beat to sell the prize to someone who can go for less than the face value, with hopefully a stake in the player buying it. We shall see, but I will give it my best shot.

I played a STT after this on FT, just to see if it had changed and again, I was all in preflop with TT against AQ, the turn came, I was still ahead, then the long pause and boom, the ace on the river. Bye Bye Gothman.

Decided to get rid of the rage on the Laddies $10 crapshoot, and guess what, all in with AQ against the chip leaders A7, 7 on the turn, boom boom.

Did I mention my lose switch was on ? Haven't won a penny on laddies for 10 days now !

Gonna play the 00:30 on laddies and try to play calm and proper, cos I can't sleep. I'll regret it in the morning when I have to get up for work, I always do, but as for now, its Kerrang on the telly, laptop on me gut.....And poker for hopefully another 3 hours.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The long pause !!

Well I just managed to last to 87th in the 20:30 on laddies, shortstacked on the BB with 1500 chips, dealt 88, blinds 300/150. Folds round to the button who has big stack. He raises to 900, I go all in he calls instantly and shows A 10 sooted. flop x QJ. Turn rag......Then the spooky bit, there was at least a 3 second pause, before the K drops on the river to give him the str8 and I am out.

Now, his raise was good, his call was good, after the flop, he was prob a fave, with so many outs, not really a bad beat...the question is.....why the PAUSE......

As I said, my switch lose switch on laddies is on, come and get me, I bet I don't score any more nutz points this month.

My lose switch is on - come get me !!!

Yep, the switch has been flicked, I can't win a big hand.

After all my bead beats in the last few days, it still continues. Yesterday I had registered my 3 LeagueNutz Tourneys, my first one the the 20:30 freezeout, I flat called a min raise with JJ. the flop came down 466. I did not put him on a 6, so I was first to act and put in a 3/4 pot sized bet, he flat called, this to me ruled out him having AA/KK/QQ. The turn brought a Ten, due to my losing streak, I thought to myself I bet he has TT. I only had 600 chips left, so I put them in, he called straight away and turned over TT........I did not bother entering the other two, what was the point.

I have also just been dealt AA in the BB in the 18:45 Turbo. Two limpers, I went all in, one called and turned over 66, the 6 duly came out on the flop and bye bye Gothman.

I guarantee I get outdrawn in the 20:30 tonight. Watch this space.......

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Has the tide changed ?

I have been having a very good run recently and a lot of this has been down to my good hands standing up. When I have been getting my chips in the with the best of it, they have held up, with very few outdraws. Even my races have been winning. My steals were not walking into monsters and everything in the garden has been rosie.

Over the last few days, it has been the total opposite, my AA's KK's and QQ's have been smashed almost every time I have played them I have lost nearly every race.

What has changed, I am still playing my same solid poker. Although to counteract the change, I have started playing more marginal hands out of position. Maybe this in its self is the problem

Confidence is a key thing in poker and at the moment, I have none, it is spooky that only a week ago, my confidence was at an all time high. It just goes to show you can never be complacent in this game.

I think I will use this weekend of footy to take a short break and go on the piss for two days.

Hopefully I can then sit down on Monday night with the confidence that I had only a short time ago.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bad Beat at Bad Beat

Tonight was the 2nd Leg of the final Bad Beat WSOP tour and it was at my spiritual home, ladbrokes.

I got absolutley no cards at all for the first hour and was on about 1450 chips, so I took the rebuy and the addon to get up to about 4.5k. Won a a few pots after that and was sitting steady on about 5.5k with just over a hundred left.

I was then dealt AA in mid positon, the blinds, were 100/200. UTG went all in for his 1500 or so chips, halemaster to my right, with slightly more chips than me flat called. I made the correct play I believe and went all in. Everyone else folded around and hale called my all in and the cards were flipped over. the utg had TT, halemaster had QQ. I was happy, until the turn slapped the Q down right in my fat face and I was out. I was gutted, This pot would of put me in the top 10 and in good position to go on and make the top 20 for some more important points, but I guess it was not to be.

Oh well, always next week.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Stars England Vs Sweden

Well it just had to be done, my country called for me and I was there, and what a wonder victory it was England 8 - Sweden 1........

No I am not day dreaming about tomorrow night (I wish) but tonight is was the Poker Stars 1K added $5 tourney to celebrate England Vs Sweden. The tourney was only open to UK and Swedish players, and amazingly enough, not another countrys players were in it, laddies should take note on how Poker Stars managed to do this, rather than the UK only farce events laddies run with 1 million scandis playing in them.

I don't normally play multis on stars, but unfortunately the server that housed the leaguenutz site was down, so I could not register my entries, so I thought I would give this a go, with 1K added for a $5 event and only 231 runners, it seemed like good value.

I am glad to say I did not let my country down and after some dodgy steals and a couple of muffs, managed to get to my first Poker Stars final table. The final table consisted of 8 UK players and 1 Swede......Get in !!! The swede went out 8th to make the top 7 players all british. Unfortunately with the blinds and 2000/4000 and 200 running antes it became a bit of a crapshoot and I went out 7th going all in with A5 on the button and getting called by 88 on the small blind and not improving.

There was a fair bit of scandi bashing going on and they did seem to be outnumbered, lets just hope the same result happens tomorrow....


Sunday, June 18, 2006

The weekends over

Well the weekends gone I am back to work tomorrow. God I wish I could play poker full time, but I guess like any job it would then become boring.

Had a steady weekend, played 6 Multis, 4 money finishes and one final table. The final table was the LeagueNutz weekly special, which was a great tourney and due to some serious spamming by pokerkaz got 80 runners this week. I managed to eek my way in to 6th place by the skin of my teeth. Hopefully the extra runners will mean more people playing in the league proper next month, which should make for some good competition.

Interestingly enough, I seem to be concentrating more on my MTT's at the moment rather than the sngs, on a weekend I would normally play 10+ a day, sometimes playing two tables at a time, but because of LeagueNutz, I seem to be trying to concetrate on getting into the top 20. I think this has been why I have been having better results lately. Hopefully this will coninue, I just need to learn to be a bit more agressive in my play when I have chips to bring that edge to my game, its horrible sitting back, knowing what you should do, but just not having the courage to do it. I am sure that this will come in time.

After the good results this week, I am back on target to be $4000 in profit by the end of the year. I did fall behind, but some good results this month (1.4k up) has put me on track.

Also, I am also almost at my bankroll level on Poker stars of $1100 where I have said, I will move up the $20 sit and goes, so if my ITM is at the same ratio, my roll should increase faster, should I fall below $1k I will drop down to $10 again till back up to $1.1k, not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it will do for now.

I am going to draft up a bankroll plan for myself for all of the sites I play regularly and stick to these without fail, I may publish them on here once complete to see if any who reads this has any comments.

I plan to take 20% out of all of my poker sites at the end of the year and put away in a seperate account, that I will only dip into in 2010. Although with all of the hack scares I may take some out and keep in a virtual area for poker use only.

I would love to hear anyone elses comments on what they do for the various limits, or comments on the way I do things, feel free to reply on here.

Well thats it for the weekend, back to work and daydreaming about Royal Flushes and slo playing flopped boats.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Best poker day of the year so far

Yesterday, I had my biggest net gain in a single day this year in fact, I think it is my best day ever.

My first big MTT win of the year, could not have come in a better tournament as far as I am concerned. Somehow I managed to muff my way to victory in the Bad Beat WSOP qualifer on Poker Poka. The tourney only had 42 runners but with 2k added from bad beat it was very good value. It was a $5 buyin, with 1 rebuy and 1 add on allowed.

I started off quite well, managing to pick up a couple of pots, then I joked about having to get rid of my chips so I could rebuy, well it didn't take long before I had too. I limped in with 9d8d and the flop came 9 high with two diamonds. I bet out and got rr by bigadzc, at this stage, I thought, well I have top pair, flush draw and a gutshot to boot, so went all in. big called and showed A9, I didn't improve and had to rebuy. I got to the add on period with just 1200 chips and took the add on.

I didn't get any hands for a while and then my run of luck started, I decided to go for a button steal all in with A8/7 can't remember and walked into bigadzc QQ on the BB, the ace on the turn gave me a welcome double up. I later dodged another bullet when I was all in with 10/9 soooooted on a SB steal walking into 88, a king on the river gave me a k high str8 and I knocked the unfortunate BB out of the tourney (sorry, can't remember who I muffed)

It was survival then, until all of a sudden it was down to the last 4 or so and I was happy as I was in the money. Then the defining hand came.

I am not that familiar with Poker Poka and I am not to keen on the layout, but when I attempted a button steal with Qc9c I had not noticed that knockknock had already min raised. He then flat called my RR. The dream flop of x 9 9 came down then. I had hit the lottery. I decided to check, so did he. I think the turn bought a K. I put a small bet out to look like I was fishing and he flat called. The river then bought the last 9 to give me quads, I just had to check and hoped he took a stab at it, I was right to do so as he lead out with a 20k bet. I obvisouly pushed all in, then he realised he was shot and folded, this was an 80k + pot and put me in the chip lead. I then just sat back and played my hands when they came and ironically ended heads up with bigadzc who I had muffed his QQ earlier to survive.

big had been slow all and quiet all game, he then started to talking and it turns out that he had just lost a heads battle up on laddies in the weekly wsop final and had lost a wsop seat. I was gutted for him until he mentioned he got 10.5k for 2nd, which is not a bad.

The defining hand came when I pushed with AK and he called with QJ sooted, no cards helped either of us and my AK took down the pot and the $800 first prize, which is my 3rd ever biggest total. I could not of been any happier to win a tourney of this quality. Although I do think a lot of the players were concentrating more on on the dream team event, which helped.

While this was going on I also managed to come 3rd in the 20:30 $5 f/o on laddies for $177 dollars so a very profitable day.

I also have to mention the magnificent performance of the LeagueNutz boys in the Dream Team, as a proud member of the LeagueNutz site, it was great to see 6 of my fellow Nutzers play so well, in particular fryern and Jat to come 1st and 4th, truly a great performance and a great Bad Beat WSOP/Dream Team for the LeagueNutz players. Hopefully this will bring more attention to the site and get the extra players that the site deserves and especially as it was Graham (moffmans) birthday yesteday, so it felt like a nice present from us to him for all his hard work and effort he puts into the site on a daily basis. We all owe him a big thank you.

Anyway, no poker today as its ENGLAND day and another massive hangover in the making.

A great day out in sunny Scotland

On Tuesday, I had a break from work and poker and went Scotland to play Golf. We flew up to Edinburgh on the 6.55 flight from Birmingham, unfortunately one numpty in our party decided to not bring any photo ID with him, so they would not let him on the plane, so our party of 10 became a party of 9 !!!

Once in Edinburgh we taxied to Craigelaw golf course which was a couple of miles away from Gullen, so I am told (Geography is not y strong point !) where we sat down for a full scottish breakfast, yum yum......

After loosening the belt a notch, set off for the first bearing in mind, I have not played a round of golf since september and only one visit up the driving range I was a bit nervous. Especially after the usual rows about handicaps and bandits, I was made to play off 15, which I thought was a bit unfair. My fears were soon put to rest when my drive went through the back of the green, well it was only 291 yards, easy game golf ;-)

We played 9 in the morning and then played 18 after lunch and had a great laugh during the game, with the normal betting frenzy that goes on. Considering I hadn't played ince november and only normally play 9-10 times a year anyway. I shot 44 on the 9 in morning for 17 points (took 3 to get out of one bunker...grrr) and the 18, I shot 91 for 30 points. So I can't really complain. My driving kept me in the game really, with the win behind, I drove at least 3 of the greens, one of them 350 yards+

I think we got off lightly with the wind, as it was right on the coast, if it was blowing like a proper links course, we could off been in all sorts of trouble.

This was my first trip ever to Scotland and I was very impressed. The scenary was beautiful and much to my amazement, the hospitality was second to none. I will definitely be spending more time up there.

We got back to the airport at 21:30 and I was in my local in back in Birmingham at 22:59 for last orders, which didn't really matter as the landlord organized the trip anyway and was with us so beer was not going to be a problem.

Truly a great day out.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Its here at last

Well poker is going to pay a backseat for the next five weeks, cos its here.....The World Cup....nothing else matters (except for a golfing day out in Edinburgh next Tuesday)

The timing is a bit off, as I seem to on a good roll at the moment. I have had my best start to the month this year with 4 final tables already inlcuding 3 in the laddies 20:30 $5 f/o, with the best result being 2nd, although I was robbed in this event, when the down to 3 players, I had a large chip lead, I was dealt QQ in the BB, the only threat out of the other 2 went all in, I called, he showed 22, a Q hit on the flop and I smiled. Then confusion hit as all the chips went to him after the river.......I checked the board again to see a 6 5 4 + 3 to give him a 6 high straight.....Gutted. Still a nice payday of $288 for $5 stake.

But enough of poker, in 1 hours time, I will be in the pub Winona in hand (check old blogs if you don't know what that is) The might ENGERLAND are going to bring the cup home and they are going to do it in style. This is really what life is about, being in a packed pub watching the greatest event on earth. I can't really say any more.



Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cash Games and my Fave Tourney

I have spent a lot of this last week, playing the micro limit cash games on laddies in order to play in the Saturday freeroll. The play I have seen at this level, seems to be truly awful with any two cards being played from any position calling any sized raise. The freeroll on Saturday started well and I built up to about 5k playing my normal game. I made a massive mistake then. There was an early raise from someone on the same stack as me, I sat there with KK, I decided to flat call, so did the BB. The Flop came down 9 6 2 rainbow, great I thought. However with about 1500 in the pot the BB bet 450, the early raiser immediatly went all in. I thought for a while and decided, one of the two had AA or had hit trips, so I layed down my KK. The BB called and they flipped over JJ and A9.......I was gutted, I would have took down a 12k+ pot which would have put me into the top 3. But I was still sitting ok, until about half an hour later, I was unable to get an early raiser to lay down his AQ, when I came all in over the top with AK, he called and hit one queen on the flop and another on the turn and I was out................I ain't going to bother next week as England are playing on the afternoon in the World Cup, so I will be too pissed to play.

Later in the night I played the 20:30 $5 f/o, which for the 4th time in 5 attempts, managed to make the final table, which helped finish the day in profit.

I also managed to come a creditable 46th in the Bet 365 $5K freroll which with 9633 runners, was not bad, the massive payout of $10.50 was probably not really worth the effort, but hey, its free money.

Looking forward to the Leaguenutz special this evening, although I am sure I will have to dodge a few allins from Jat and MADV as I have a bounty on my head tonight, but I am sure it will be fun and good poker played as ever.