Sunday, February 22, 2009


Been a real frustrating few days at the tables. It seems that when I play bad I just lose loads of money, no muff reward days for old Goth, unlike the fish who constantly play bad and seem to get rewarded all the time. When I play well, I either have smallish winning days, or I get muffed to fck.....This weekend I feel I have played quite well and just got a bit unlucky. I guess thats just the way it is. I so want to stick with 6 max as I really do enjoy it when it goes to plan, but at the moment, i'm not sure I am good enough to be more than just a break even player. I guess for the time being I need to ensure that I am getting some decent bonuses just to cover the learning stage, which at the moment seems to be taking longer than it does to teach a blonde to tie her shoe laces !!!

I have therefore decided to go back to NOIQ next month and try and grind out some bonuses and maybe even make a bit in some of the races. Although I am away on courses for work for 6 days out of the month, so will be missing a bit. The wife is away in spain for a week though, so might be able to do some serious grinding at the tables.

Ignore the two previous posts, as I am just gonna use them as blog entries to keep a track of me big winning hands and losing hands from a link at the side of the blog.

One good thing is that I am no longer losing it when I get stiffed on the river, days of flying mice and roaring expletives that make the dog shoot up the stairs in shear terror. The tilt is well under control, well for now anyway.

Gary Jules - Mad World

Goths Big Winning Hands 2009

15th March 2009

Two for the price of one, managed to stack this fella twice in about 10 hands. Sweeeeeeet......

Hand 5
Hand 6

13th March 2009

My biggest pot to date at 50NL. Got it in behind vs two oppos, but sometimes you just gotta gamble ;-)

Hand 4

8th Feb 2009

For once going with my instinct payed off, put villain on AJ and stuck to my guns.

Hand 3

4th Feb 2009

As this is in euros, I think this may be one of the biggest pots I have ever won. Was close though, when the chips went in on the turn, I was 50/50 vs one of the other two, always nice to see them hold.

Hand 2

1st Feb 2009

Standard Hand holding up.

Hand 1


Monday, February 16, 2009

Bored Bored Bored

Really struggling to find the enthusiasm to play poker at the moment and I am not sure why. When I do play i don't seem to be doing that bad, cash tables I am up. Struggling to get any momentum going in any mtts, but I always find my tournie results tend to come in streaks , also as I am only playing a few a month anyway, I can't really expect that much.

Had a couple of interesting hands in the space of 5 mins on a 50NL table on iPoker this evening.

This hand was against the table fish and he is the reason I am sitting at the table, typical loose nutcase playing 56/24. Unfortunately I couldn't get on his left, but I still want to get in as many pots with him as possible. Of course the result was not what I wanted and to be fair he actually played the hand quite well. Be interested to hear any comments on how I played the hand and whether or not you think I could of got away from it cheaper at any point.

Hand 1

The next hand happened about 5-6 hands later, I had got dealt AA and had 3 bet the villain pre and he had to fold, so it is highly likely that he may of thought I was tilting a bit when this hand came to fruition. As it happened, I think i played it perfectly, although the flat call pre was possibly the only error.

Hand 2

Only played about 2500 hands this month, which is pretty poor, got a few clear nights now, no more parties etc for a good two weeks, so hopefully should be able to grind at least another 5000 out by the end of the month, will not be the 10k I hoped for, but should do for now.

Very conscious I have not been updating me blog lately, dirk keeps giving me stick for it, so a bigger effort is needed. Gonna try and get a better hand section for the bigger winning hands and maybe a few of the bigger losing ones as well, just gotta work out how to do it within this damn blog dashboard, gotta be an easy way somewhere to store a page with a load of hand history links out there on another page/link, if any of you bloggers out there have any advice, feel free to leave a comment.

Todays track will always bring back memories of my first festival, it was reading in '95 I think. The first artist I ever saw was Heather Nova in one of the side tents. I clearly remember walking in and her first song she played was "sugar" and as the bass bellowed out, I could feel my diaphragm shaking booming, was an awesome feeling. Chose a different track today though, prob cos I couldn't find a decent version of sugar.

Heather Nova - Island

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Planning Phase

Been reading through my last post and thinking a lot. I think one of the biggest mistakes when trying to make changes to your life is to just jump in and try an do things to quickly. Its back to the scenario about changing the autopilot. Your can't really just flick a switch on hit and expect to head of in the right direction and stay on course.

So I plan to use February as a phased change. The changes will hopefully work on all aspects of my life and not just poker. Just subtle changes day by day, which by the end of the month will ensure that these are done automatically without thinking.

So thats the psycho bullshit out the way, now what about the poker !! Well Jan went ok, proper middle of the road stuff. Only played about 5k hands in total. But finished the month approx $330 up, most of which was again rakeback and bonuses. Probably not going to play that many hands this month either, aiming for about 10k this month. Going to watch a lot more cardrunners stuff and really try to put into practice what I see on there, which quite often I don't, not sure why as its glaringly obvious that it works. Def need to stop being so nitty and open up my game a bit.

Decided to stick on iPoker 6 Max 50NL for Feb as I have some bonuses to clear off on SunPoker. So will concentrate on playing there.

Laddies are moving over on to the Prima network and are doing some interesting stuff regards the cash tables there. Gonna be interesting to see how this pans out, depending on the traffic and the fish count, might give that a look in during March.

I really just want to settle down on one site that I am happy with, good fish, plenty tables, good bonuses and either decent rakeback/VIP. I think by the middle of the year I will of chosen my cash home and then really try and crank up the hours.

My ultimate aim for the year is that by december I am playing 30k+ hands per month at 100NL and running at least 1.5ptbb/100. Will be happy with that ready to build on it for 2010. Poker is very much about the long term and for now thats what intend to use February to plan for.

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