Sunday, March 11, 2012

General Updates

Not posted for a while mainly as I have been struggling for enthusiasm to do anything at the moment. My health, although slowly getting better is still not right. I am still struggling for breath when walking up stairs/hills and carrying any sort of weight, but I guess there is a improvement, so at least I should be grateful for that. My blood tests have all come back ok. The Echocardiagram showed that there are no issues with the ole ticker, which is a relief and my liver ultrasound scan came back all clear. I did have some some of the pleural effusion on my right lung drained which involved a needle being stuck in my back and guided through my rib cage to get there which was rather uncomfortable but not overly painful. I am still getting some fluid build up in my legs and thighs which is obv not right and must be related somehow to whats causing the fluid elsewhere. I have got some further lung function tests and an appointment with the consultant in the next two weeks but I can't see that this is going to track down the underlying cause. I guess its now just a waiting game to see if my body will recover on itself if they are unable to find out any issues.

As a result of the health issues I really have struggled to put any volume in at the tables, I again failed to even reach silver star in February on stars which is a real ball ache as it does affect the bonuses quite a lot. Whats even more annoying is that when I do play I am playing quite well. In the 147 games I played in Feb I had a 16.1% ROI and 43.5% ITM for a total profit of $164.28. Considering that is the amount of volume I should be playing in a week at least, I am missing out on some decent money even only playing $7.

I haven't put that much volum in this month either, but I think I will be doing enough to get to silver status and then I think I will cash in some fpps just to boost the roll and then start to fit in some $15s as per my bankroll plan.

So thats it today, not even got the enthusiasm to post a decent blog at the moment. At least my health has improved enough that we I can take the dogs out for a nice walk somewhere today as the sun is out for a change, it doesn't get much better than that I guess.

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