Monday, November 29, 2010

Not playing much

Hardly playing much at the moment, mainly due to the fact I have just picked up a couple of rescue dogs who seem to be taking up all of my time. We lost our precious staffie Fern earlier in the year and had not planned at looking for another pooch until early next year, however a friend of ours happen to mention a rescue centre in hereford that had a couple of staffies that have always been together, but due to lack of interest from anyone in taking them both on, they were about to be split up. We just felt heartbroken that this would happen so we arranged to go and see them on a Sunday afternoon about 3 weeks ago. After taking them for a short walk, we absolutely fell in love with them and ended up bringing them home with us. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to have a dog, or in this case two dogs !!!! So our little family is complete again with the new arrivals being Red an 8 year old pure bred staffie who is a proper little gentlemen and also Crywdro a 5 year old cross staffie who is as barmy as a bog brush. I have not smiled as much for months as I do when I am with them. I am even getting up at 6am every morning with the wife to take them for a walk, which is abs unheard of, I think I had forgotten that there were two 6 oclocks in the day !!!

Obviously looking after the mutts I have not had time to play much poker and also the bad news is that I think I might of missed the boat with my rakeback deal on my new site, still waiting to see what my % is going to be, but it looks like with all of the changes on the MG network that I won't be getting what I was hoping for, so will probably be moving sites again. I have played about 9k hands this month and I about 2 buyins up, I have managed to find quite a few fish at the 10NL 6 max tables, so I am still sticking to my challenge to build a roll from scratch, although if I need to move sites, I might start at 20NL as the money coming in at this level is not much at all. But at least it looks like I will be having a profitable month at the tables without rakeback for the first time in a while.

I plan to play some MTTs in December in the vein hope that I can bink a decent score to get my yearly profits back up to something a bit more acceptable cos at the moment its going to be my worst year profit wise that I have ever had and I have played over 300k cash hands !!!!

Looking forward to xmas, going to have a quiet one with the family and the dogs, lots of food and beer, with plenty of planning and goal setting for the new year.

Been listening to this band for the last week, even bought their latest album, def worth a listen.

Editors - Papillon