Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Fave Site

For the time being, I have a new fave site, Poker Poka. I only dropped $100 odd in the site in the summer to play the Bad Beat WSOP tour and this was the site I was lucky enoughh to chimp my way to winning one of the events and $800, but to he fair have never gone back. In a desperate bid to get back into the black this month, I sat down and started to play some $10 sngs and I was stunned on just how poor the play was. They just seem to go all in with any old shit, as long as you don't get muffed, this should be a profitable place to play sngs on.

In the space of just 13 $10 sngs I have managed to get myself back in profit for the month, albeit only about $35, but as I was $200 down at one point it is a bit of relief. Out of the 13 entries, I have made the dosh 10 times, with 2 wins 5 2nds and 3 3rds. So I think I might give this a shot for a while. Hourly rate is currently at approx $14, but with such a small sample it is not wise to judge it on, but if stays like that, might dump the mtts and play them a lot more :-)

Leaguenutz had two specials on Sunday on stars, 1 NL and 1 FL, Managed to get 3rd in the NL to cover the entry costs and some good points, but Fixed Limit Holdem, what the fck is all that about. It was a real muff fest with people calling all draws and hitting everytime, I found myself not being able to let go of bottom pair as I did not know what the fck I was doing lol, Still some good muffing still managed to come 5th and some more points.

Leocop has started and I am now disappointed I did not try to qualify in any of the events as there looks like a lot of money up for grabs and with some decent players playing for a change, it may be possible to make some moves and get respect for them rather than the mupps on the $5 tourneys who call me with anything when I do my 1 bluff a week, I am a rock remember :-)

GL to all the leaguenutzers in the Leocop events, would be great to see one of them make a big finish.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pulling back slightly

Still down this month overall, but I have had a couple of decent results. Managed to dodge all the muffers in the leaguenutz weekly special on sunday night and take first place for some well needed nutz points. This week it was moved to Poker Stars, although the numbers were slightly lower than normal, I hope we can move around a few of the other sites, it is always good to have a change of scenary and get away from out "spiritual" home we call ladjokes.

On Sunday night the barrowpoker boys had invited the leaguenutz members to play in a $200 freeroll on a new site call Thirdbullet (checkout www.thirdbullet.com)

Third Bullet is like no site I have played as there are some animated characters and if you type in lol you actually get a laugh sound and depending on your chosen character you get a girly giggle or a deep manly laugh. Some of the female characters have some great breasts as well, so well worth a look in :-)

With only 17 entries it was good value and some great poker was played, I unfortunately managed to knock out me best mate pokerkaz when she hit her flush and I had a higher one, luckily she forgave me, so I did not get too much of a roasting. After a couple of hours play and a couple of top muffs. I ended up heads up with our glorious leader moffman. After flat calling with AJ sooted managed to trap graham to get all his chips in with A8 and took the first prize of $70, which for a 17 man freeroll was great value. The site does not have many players at the moment, but might try a couple of cheap sit and goes to evaluate it a bit more. Will let you know what I think in a month or so.

Nothing else of note to add after that really. Made the final table of the 23:15 omaha a couple of times this week, including a 3rd last night, so slowly getting back to level for the month, would of been better, but spent $3o on the the 10K added PMV which did not help a small player like myself and got no hands at all, so a bit of a waste really.

So GL at the tables and don't forget to muff the muffers

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bad Months

Sometimes, you know you are just gonna be in for a bad month. This is gonna be one of mine I reckon. I am currently $83 down on month so far. My $20 sngs have gone down the pan, after 51 tournies, my hourly rate is now less than my $10 ffs. I just can't seem to get a break. I have only won 3/51, which, to be frank, is a fucking joke. I just don't know whats happening. I think I am just going to have to give stars a break for a while. Will prob move on to Poker Poka and play their STT's for a while at $10 until I get my roll on there up to $1100 (currently at $880)

Still playing laddies tourneys for leaguenutz points, played about 20 this months so far, with 2 FT's and one money finish so breaking even approx so far on this front.

Also played a bit of cash on Titan to try and get my bonus, but after 1 1/2 hours for $1.65 profit and only 44 points (need 1000 for each $10 to be released) it could take while I reckon lool. So may have to either move up a bit or forget it.

Still getting bollockings for not updating my blog more, must make a bigger effort, been saying it for ages though.

Off to pub this afternoon to watch the Villa, so cmon you mighty Villains.................Will back to laddies for the 20:30 no doubt to try and dodge the muffings.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

August Stats and Stars SNG horror show

Around about the 25th of August, it looked like it was gonna be a really good month, was about $550 up at the time, then I hit a horrendous run on the Stars $20 sngs, going 7 on the trot without making the money, with only one 4th as well. It was a mix of bad play from me, poor cards and my big hands running into bigger hands, everytime I tried to steal I had AA/KK etc sat right behind me. This has knocked my stars hourly rate down to $5 p/h from $10. But still that is poker and I am sure I will bounce back, just has a 3rd while writing this, so hopefully the bad run has ended.

Anyway as promised, stats for August are as follows:-

Total Profit = $314.49
MTTs Played = 65
MTT Final Tables made = 11 (16.92%)
MTT in the Money = 14 (21.53%) N.B includes final tables
MTT Total $ won = £1083.94
MTT Profit = $315.84
SNG Played = 27
SNG Profit = $17 (lool)
SNG ITM = 37.04% (piss poor, I know !!)

The MTT prize money is out of proportion to the profit due to my biggest payday being the $50 2nd chance, which I did as a share with some of the nutz guys so had to give them an equal share. Only had 1 MTT win, which was in the 23:15 Omaha on laddies and 1 2nd. But I am pleased with making the final table almost 17% of the time, just need a few more top 3 finishes to boost the profit margin, might grab MADV to give me a few more tips on this, but more agression required on the FT rather than hope other people drop out to move me up the money.

As you can see, it was the sngs that let me down this month, I really do need to start playing more of these, but it only needs a poor run on the $20's, like I had last week to really put a dent in the profits. The 4k target for the year looks miles away at the moment, but lets hope it picks up again and the $ come rolling in.

Also came 3rd overall in the August Leaguenutz, which was the 2nd time I have finished in the top 3, had a bit of luck with this as rob1973 could not play for over a week, or I am sure he would have took 3rd or higher. Would have had 2nd if LANGERS had not found out that the 21:15 hi lo on laddies is his own private tourney and won it on a few occasions with many final tables, watch out for him in LEOCOP in this event, unless he gets muffed, he has gotta be a tip for the FT in this and hopefully win it, keep it up fella. Congats also to LEXUS2 for winning it for the 2nd month running, top performance.

Thats it for today, found me digi camera following the house move, so might put some pics up soon to brighten the blog up, but I hate to disappoint all those drooling female poker groupies I have, there will be no topless photos of me, you will just have to see Davy Lang for that fix (see langers blog link)