Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hell Week

Well I guess it is Halloween this week, but it has been pure hell at the tables, probably one of my worst weeks ever, mainly again to my poor play with a few sick beats as well to kick a man when his down. My graph for the month looks like i'm standing on the edge of the grand canyon looking down !! And to cap it all, I came home last night to find water dripping through the spare bedroom ceiling, so being the super DIY man that I am (sarcasm at its best there) I decide to venture in to the loft. Now being blessed with twinkle toes, I decide to tread carefully, so carefully in fact, I managed to put me big fat foot through the bedroom ceiling only once !!! I thought it only happened to muppets in comedy shows !! but I guess it does happen in real life too. Sigh, of course its pissing down tonight and I still haven't been visited by the builders from the insurance people, just hope the bucket holds.

Back the poker, its going to be a big downer this month, especially as I have no bonuses to get, just the rakeback. Had one decent result on MTT, but resulted in only $41 when I came 19/1148 in one of poker stars deep stack tourneys, which for 11 hours work, is not that much of a return.

Not looking forward to posting the months graph up at the weekend, i'm sure you will all have a good laugh, I can just only hope that I can turn the hill into a valley in the next couple of days.

As its halloween this week, I guess its time for a true spooky goth tune, they don't come much better, or longer than this.

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosis Dead

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Blues

What the fck is it about Sundays that makes me play like a complete cock !!!! Maybe i'm being punished for not going to church, but next sunday I am gonna play MTT's fck the cash tables. After last weeks disaster losing 5 buyins in the evening, I spend the week playing good solid poker, grinding back the losses. Then again this mornings sessions sees me up almost a buyin and back in profit for the month and all is good. The afternoon session, doesn't quite go to plan when like a twat, I can't lay down top pair Queen kicker when its obv that I am beat. I lose just over a buyin, so calm down, go watch Stoke beat spurs (fooking great, love watching the midland teams beat the cockerneys) Then I sit back down and leave me fooking brain upstairs and play like a reet muppet and lose another 5 buyins FFS.............What a complete (insert relevant expletive here)

Still playing one table while writing this, i'm not tilting this time, I actually feel quite calm about it, don't know why, I should be steaming, maybe my tilt control is getting back to how it used to be.

Other news, decided to go the laddies forum DTD bash in November, really looking forward to that, esp as I had to miss the Dream Team Final.

First week of trying to lose weight seemed to go ok. Have not put as much weight on as I thought, I have updated me chart (link on left) Weighing in just over 15st average for the week. Hopefully can see that start to drop.

As I have no tilt or hate in me, todays song can have it instead.....

Rammstein - Du Hast

Sunday, October 12, 2008



Came back from weeks hols, raring to go as I could not even get a mobile signal, so the lappie had no chance !!!

Was full of hope, lost a buyin and a bit on friday with some bad play by me. Played steady yesterday and ground the month back into profit by lunchtime today playing good poker. Then sat down for this evenings session and had one player get on my nerves and let him get to me. He took two buyins off me, and while he did that I lost the plot on the other table as well. Lost 5 buy ins the the space of 1 hours.........Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....Have had to come off to stop me pissing away the rest of me roll on NOIQ. Got less than $600 in there now, wish I had not taken some out, as it really does restrict me moving up to 100NL now and I hate moving money into accounts more than once ffs.....might have to move some back in now.....

Ho Hum

Mustn't grumble..........

Flunk - Blue Monday

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

World League of Poker TGF Team Challenge

Right then fish, so you think you can play poker, so you think you have friends (platonic, you need read no further, cos they both obv don't apply to you). Now is the time to prove both. World League of Poker Online have teamed up with TGF poker and created a new team challenge. Details can be found on the team event link on the main WLOPonline website. There are added prizes over the 16 week period, including buyins to TGF's biggest guaranteed tourney for the highest points scorer over the each of the four 4 week periods. So, if you think you can play MTTs give it ago, what have got to lose, except for getting muffed by yours truly and getting a mention on my cooooooooooool blog when my 6 3 sooooooooooooted takes down your AA, ship it !! My team of superstars is in already, ready to take your donkey cash off you, so put your money where your mouth is and get in there and prove me wrong. We are gonna pwn you all !!

For those of you not aware of what WLOP online is about, it is a free to enter league with real cash prizes, if play MTT freezeouts on any of their supported sites, all you have to do once you have registered with the site, is fill in a quick form before your MTT starts and away you go !! its that simple, I even finished 3rd in this months league for some free $$. So as you can see, it really is THAT simple lol. You are stoooopid not to enter.

Anyway, enough blatent brags, oh....hang on, theres more !! I managed to win a second MTT in september. Although this one was not as many runners (only 58ish) it was more of an achievement as it was against the top players on laddies forum, so to beat them in a well structured tourney, I felt, was of a higher standard than the $4 muff fest.

That was the highlight of what was a decent month, Was also up on the cash tables for about 4.5ptbb, but as I played a lot more MTTs last month, I only chalked up just over 4000 hands on the cash tables, this obv left me with not much rakeback or bonuses. But the MTT wins made up for the lack of this and finished the month approx $700 in total up, bringing the total profit for the year to just over $6.7k.

Plan to concentrate more on the cash tables again this month, been watching a series of vids on cardrunners, which have been excellent, so hope to carry this information on to the tables.

Aim for the month is to get enough points to move up to green on NOIQ poker (level 3) and also start playing a few sessions of 100NL to get a feel for what the play is like there. Done some data mining at that level, so will have to have a mooch through the stats to find the feeesh.

Got a weeks holiday from next saturday, spending a week in sunny Yorkshire at a place called Robins Hood Bay, was supposed to be a walking holiday with the the wife and mutt, but as amanda has had an op on her achilles, there won't be any walking. Hopefully, they got 3G up north as I here they have got phones up there these days, so I might be able to fit a bit of poker in on the old lappie given half a chance.

Played a couple of hundred hands today, played awful the first losing a buy in making a few shite calls, but managed to hit my flush after check raising some gruffnut with a nut flush draw and spanking his TPTK on the turn, to stack the foooker. So finished today about $20 up, always nice to start the month with a winning day.

Time for some music now, been stalling putting up a New Order track as they are my fave band an I can't decide which one to put up first. So in the end, just went for my fave and their first. The vids not theirs, but its the best version I could find on You Tube.

New Order - Ceremony.