Saturday, September 24, 2011

Early September Review

Posting my Sept review early cos I am off on me holibobs, 11 glorius all inclusive days in Zante. The plan is to do fck all....and I mean FCK all. After the hectic tour of Canada last year, we decided that this year was gonna be all about relaxing. So it will be beer by the pool, lots of reading, lots of sunbathing and not a lot else. I've never been on an all inclusive before, so I am just hoping that I don't come back a stone heavier and in need of a new liver !!! Got a couple of poker books to take with me and some note pads. Decided its about time I got more into the maths of the game, so have a couple of books on that and ICM. Also determined to finally read JD Salingers "Catcher in the Rye" always wanted to read it, mainly due to the fact that it Winona Ryders fave book and it will give us something to talk about post "rumps" when I eventually meet her and slip her off to the bedroom............

Anyway, back to the poker. September was my best month at the tables so far, finished just over $500 up at the tables, so it looks like the coaching is now really definitely starting to pay off. I think initially a lot of the agressive play that I was looking at putting into my game was a bit misdirected and I was "over" using it. Now I  seem to be be picking my spots and opponents better. Having your big hands hold up as well always helps too.

The one annoying thing was the lack of volume that I put in, considering i had the luxury of being platinum for the month I should of tried to put the extra hours in to get the benefit of the August 10% promotion, but just my luck, I had so much other stuff going on I actually played less games than any other month since I started playing stts, I ended up only playing 332 games, I know I am gonna lose 7 days, cos of the hoilidays, but I still should really be 500+ games at this point. Its a shame really, as I definitely think that the games were a lot softer this month, I was tagging fish at every table especially on the weekends and late evenings. I think this was the main reason for my profit. My stats and graph for the month are as follows:-

Games Played - 332
ROI% = 21.4
ITM% = 45.8%
Winnings = $500.10
$/hr = $10.17
So overall very happy with the results.

Still enjoying the coaching, Lasse has been trying to get me into other forms the game and I did a reverse sweat session where I watch him play some of the 18 man turbos, which he thinks are insanely soft at the moment. Some of the players in them while I was watching were truly awful, so I def think I will give these ago and see how I get on. I did actually play 3 of them this week, but never made the final table in any of um, after getting snap called by 10 7s and JT for 8BB vs my Q3s and 88 shoves. So as you can see the players are truly bad, so just need to get a few hands to hold up and maybe I can bink a few of them :-))

Thats it for now, got some packing to do and tidy the house before my Mother comes round to stay and look after the dogs while we are away. Ain't Moms just great !!!!

Greenday - Wake me up when September ends.

Saturday, September 03, 2011


August, although my 2nd most profitable month of the year was really a bit of a damp squib, I finished he month just under $300 up on the STTs and after a bit of MTT cashes and Stellar Bonus the month finished off $400 in profit, however I was actually about $270 up after the first week alone on the STTs, then just hit a bit of a break even stretch.

Also, I did play an MTT on laddies and managed to bink a 3rd place. It was only a €5 86 runner jobby, but I was quite a big chip leader when down to the last 3 and like a muppet, I blew most of my chips away trying to be uber aggressive and bossing the ther two out of pots, one of the guys was a reet calling station, so I was just giving my chips away, but nevermind. Considering it was only my 3-4th MTT of the year, I guess making the FT should of been comfort enough.

The coaching is still going well and I am really enjoying it, learning a lot, but still need to learn a lot more of the concepts being explained to me in a bit more detail, I think its my age, but although I understand what I am being told, the day after I am starting to struggle to remember the exact details of the concepts. My memory these days seems to be getting worse and worse. I am starting to convince myself that a lot of this is down to my fitness levels, the training is going ok at the moment and I have managed to lose nearly a stone, but I think I need to start upping it a bit more. Also gonna change a lot of my diet to see if I clear out some of the fuzzy thinking I seem to have a lot (might be the scrumpy lol) I know for a fact the days when I can hold my concentration my results are drastically better.

So will keep plodding along, have got a holiday at the end of the month, so should be able to recharge the batteries and come back in October even more focused and get the bankroll moving back up again so I can play the $15s fully from November, hopefully then this will give me the foundation that I need to start the new year on the 15s and some 30s which will give me a realistic chance of getting to supernova.

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