Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Round Up

The best month by far this year, finishing approx $880 up, which has helped put my year back on track. It was fairly rock on the cash fron, but managed to finish approx 3 buyins up and played by far the most hands in a month I have done, I estimate I played approx 42k hands, not the greatest win rate by far I know, but at least it was a winning month over a significant amount of hands. Didn't reach Platinum on stars in the end due to a few nights out on the piss over the last week or so.

I have one day left at work tomorow, then I am off work for 25 days, yep, TWENTY FIVE FOOKING GLORIUS DAYS.........YEE HAAAA. Have got a great trip touring across Canada planned for the wifeys 40th and just can't wait, I have always wanted to go there so at last will be fulfilling one of my lifetime ambitions, which I feel I haven't done to many of lately, def time to get a wish list going and start crossing them before I start getting toooooo old.

Anyway, back to the poker. Last months profit mainly came from a decent tourney finished (see below) Dunno why, but last Friday, I just fancied playing a decent MTT, so went for the $30 Deep Stack on Lucky Ace Poker (on the 888/Pacific Network) I actually spent the first 4 hours of it playing it on the my 2nd monitor while 9 tabling cash on stars, did nothing special, just played solid. To be fair, the tourney sort of played itself as most of my big hands held and I got paid off to boot. No real special hands, no beats to shout out about, I didn't get lucky, just a plain ole boring mtt which just happened to go on for 7 hours. I eventually went out 6th when I was the short stack, I decided to call a min utg raise on my bb with QJ with the intention to shove any non dangerous flop. I think the flop came down 24 8 or summat like that, so I shoved, I was quite stunned when he snap called with his mighty AT for a 1/4 of his stack, a good call I know, but not a single thought went into it, but hey how, $637 for 6th has helped me no end and I have a little tourney roll on LAP to play with now.

Won't be able to play for about 16 days in April, so the plan will be to just keep Gold Status on Stars ready for the big push in May where I hope to play 100k hands in a month for the first time, although a back log of work may get in the way, but will give it a go.

Lets hope the rest of the months of the year can yield a similar amount of profit.

I guess we should have a Canadian Theme for todays song, thought about Monty Pythons I'm a lumberjack, but settled for this.

Alannis Morisette - Ironic.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ready to Rock

My Pc was starting to really piss me off, so I took the plunge and rebuilt it from scratch. Installed windows 7 and then put all me poker software back on. Took the drastic decision to start off a whole new database from scratch and not import any of my old hands. I guess its a nice clean start all round. All back up and running, decided to buy table Ninja as I am def gonna stay on stars for my little supernova challenge.

I have upped to 9 tables and will probably stick at this until May, possibly go to 12 in April depending on how it goes.

I have reached Gold status as expected quite easily and possibly may even get to Platinum by the end of the month depending on what I get up to next weekend.

Things have been going ok at the tables for a change and I am a few buyins up, although I have been running quite a bit above ev to be fair, but I ain't gonna complain whend I do. Not sure exactly how many hands I have played this month as I have started a new database, but have managed to clock up 18k hands in the last 9 days, so I am pretty sure that this month will be the most I have ever played. This is gonna be nothing compared to the 100k hands+ a month I will need to be doing shortly, not sure how much I am looking forward to it, but gonna give it a good bash.

So the suns out, just come back from a lovely walk in the park with my wife, i'm winning at poker and I am about to go down the pub to watch the footy and sink a few winonas with me mates. Its what life was meant for.

Rock on...............

The Cardigans - My Favourite Game

Monday, March 08, 2010

Shoot for the stars

Been playing on Stars almost exclusively at 50NL Full Ring, only 6 tabling just to get a feel for the site and also only playing when I feel like playing. I don't know why, but there is def something about Stars that makes me tilt less, I am sure I will prob regret that statement later on the year.

Only played about 6k hands this month, but I am over 3 buyins up, so can't complain had a couple of beats too, but overall, nowt to send me on a spunk monkey tilt fest.

In preparation for upping the amount of tables, I downloaded a trial of Table Ninja. It really is one impressive piece of software and I would not play without it any more on stars when multi-tabling, it is worth the $$ alone, just so the active table is under the mouse so you don't have to click twice, which was driving me fooking nuts !!!

The only pain in arse I have is that I can't upgrade to the latest version of HEM, due to an issue I have with .net framework on me Vista PC, its gonna take a rebuild to cure it and frankly I can't be arsed. If I am gonna rebuild it, I will prob go straight to windows 7, but its coming up to 3 years old anyway, do thinking about buying a new one, will prob leave this till I come back from me hols, will def save a lot of hassle being able to build the new one and get it all set up while still being able to use the old one.

Been having a mooch on pokertableratings as well, not sure what to think yet, I am not sure how accurate it is, as I have noticed it has already missed one of the days off when I was two buyins up, which over a sample less than 10k hands, makes a big diff to how you potentially would view a player, so might use it as a very rough guide, but prob not make any stacking off decisions based on the info on there.

Overall enjoying poker again, although this may be due to the fact that I am playing only when I want to at the moment. This will obv change in may when I have to start grinding out prob at least 500vpp a day to get to supernova by the end of the year. I will post my progress weekly on this little challenge from the beginning of May, but as of now, the plan is just to tick over, slowly transfer $$ over to build the roll up on stars ready for the big plunge next year. Made Silver Star this month and should easily get Gold. Hopefully keep Gold during April when I won't be able to play many days, will just have to make sure I get a fair few points in on the few days I can play.

I also think I may of misjudged my calcs for next year, on my last post initially I said my aim would be for SuperNova 500k, looking at the VPP/Hand I am getting at the moment, I think realistically this may have to drop to 300k target unless I can get some big sessions in at 100NL, I guess time will tell.

After seeing Rammstein the other week, it def got me thinking I don't go to enough gigs anymore, used to go to loads. Next on this list is the Foo Fighters, I saw them at the Reading Festival in about 1996, even crowd surfed to them (was a bit lighter in those days !!)

Wish my hair would fooking stay like his instead of looking like some ink dipped hippy !!!

Foo Fighters - Best of of you (Live)