Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Dilemma

Well, I think I have come to a crossroads in my poker life, after two years playing 90% cash, I am really starting to think if it really is for me. If I actually compare the profit from my early years which was all sng and mtt I think the figures tell there own story. Taking into account I played a lot less in those days and got NO rakeback and NO bonuses at all. At the moment, I am still a small loser on the cash tables overall, but making all my money in rakeback and bonuses.

So the dilemma is, do I go back to playing sngs and MTTs ? or to I still stick to cash and work hard on my game, so that when I do eventually become a winning player at the tables, this along with a good rakeback deal and 30k hands a month should then bring some decent $$$.

I have been looking hard at my figures to try and find out why I lose at the cash tables and it comes down to a plain and simple fact that I pay people off too lightly, I just don't believe them and I always thing they are "at it" and look them up light. I am also sad to say, I still tilt off a couple of buyins a month at least, this really does add up over the course of a year.

The month started off very well on my new site, but as you will see at the end of the month on my graph, the steep climb of profit for the first half of the month is far outwayed by the dramatic fall from grace as the decent is steeper coming down. I actually had another tit attack on friday morning and withdrew most of me money from the site, which I now regret, as it hasn't cleared and I only have 3 buyins left in there at the moment, so I can only play two tables max at the moment (which probably is a good thing)

Maybe only being able to play two cash tables, will give me the opportunity to play more MTTs as well. I have played a couple recently and done well, I should of made a decent score the other day when I was sitting 3/21 in the laddies 2.5k guarenteed out of 698 runners, I got dealt QQ and raised, 1 caller. Flop Q95 all clubs and he insta shoved, I called and he showed 55 and the lucky fish hit his 1 outer for quads on the river, was unreal, I wudda been a massive chippy at that stage as he was quite big stack as well, but eventually went out 15th....sigh. Also managed to make the FT of the 1111Poker Kracked Kings special, which I was really pleased with as there were a lot of good players to get through.

So, until the money clears back into my bank account, so I can then put it back into the poker site I took it out of, I guess its just gonna be 1 or 2 cash tables and mtts on laddies, so watch ya back on the tourney tables, Goth is back ;-))

Lush - Hypocrite

Saturday, November 07, 2009

All Change

Well the old saying goes "a change is good as a rest" So a change it is. Giving laddies and the 6 seaters a break for a bit and for my sins, I am going back to iPoker and also back to 10 seaters full ring.

So its a new site and a new nickname, keeping it stum at the moment, but its prob not that difficult to work out who is me if your trawel the 50NL tables, i'm very much a creature of habit !!!

Managed to get a good deal with an afiliate, hopefully it will work out, if not, I guess theres a lot of iPoker skins to have a pop at, but will stick with it for a couple of months at least just to see how the rakeback comes in.

Played a few hands at the end of last month on the new skin just so I can get my hud etc set up. Its been a while since I played full ring, especially on iPoker and I can't believe how many short stacking mother foookers there is, there abs everywhere, at least 5 on each table. The good news is that, as far as I can see, they are all shite lol. Just wait for the right time and value town them and never ever fold top pair post flop vs them.

So started in anger on 1st november and so far, touch wood, things are going ok, a couple of buyins up, just playing quite nitty and getting it in good where I can. One thing I had forgot about was you can't resize the tables and the mini ones are a bag of wank. Also the play is sooooo slow, after playing 6 seaters mainly for the last 18 months, it seems to take forever for the fish to think about folding there 72 off suit under the gun !!! I guess I might have to play 8 tables to counteract the hands per hour rate, been doing 4-6 for that first week, will up this if it continues to go ok.

Other good news, managed to get my first live cash at Broadway Casino in Brum on Friday in the £20 rebuy, was only 64 runners, but there was a 4.5k prizepool up for grabs. I did manage a couple of pieces of luck to get there. At 15 left I was down to 800 chips after the utg limped, I shoved with TT in mid pos and he insta called with his QJ !!! WTF !!! two hands later, there was a raise in early position. i shoved me 35 os in for value with me lat 800 chips. He turned over AK. I had a big smile when the flop came down 345, big sigh on the turn bought the 2 for his straight, then a big fook off grin when another 5 dropped on the river to boat me up looooool.

A few hands later, there was a couple of limpers and I shoved me AK, got called by one of the sneaky fookers with QQ. The flop came down 2QK and I was on me way to the bar but the poker gods were with me, with the turn coming an Ace and the monster K on the river to give me the bigger boat lool. Live poker is soooooo rigged.

After that, managed to get to final table, kept me head down while still short stacked watching them knock each other out. With 6 left I was guaranteed £220, with 5th paying £280, I only had 3 BB left and I did a deal for £300 with all of the others who were pretty even taking a bigger cut, but all playing for the remaining 1.6k. I was happy with that and eventually went out shoving with KJ and walking into AK right behind me. But overall very pleased and really enjoyed the banter. It def gave the confidence a bit of a boost.

So all is rosy again, apart from the fact that I can't seem to sleep at the moment, hence writing this at 2.45am (oh and homes5 was whinging I don't update it enough *blush)

So thats it for now, hopefully will get a shed load of hands in tomorrow, although if I pop down the pub at 14:00 to watch the rugby, it may get a bit messy as they normally turn into an all dayer....c'est la vie, its a hard life.......

Todays song is just a plain and simple happy song, seen the band live twice, always make me smile.

The Wannadies - You and Me Song