Sunday, June 12, 2011


Just can't seem to get a decent run together at the moment, its so bad, I actually posted my first negative month last month, which I thought would never happen playing sngs. The run of bad variance (maybe bad play) really does effect you mentally and you just don't want to sit down and grind out another 20 or so STTs for fear of blowing off another chunk of your roll.

Only played 99 STTs this month, which is not good preparation for when I start getting some coaching as I have to do 150 per week, the way I am running at the moment, I think I will end up in the nuthouse after the minimum 4 month period lol....Hopefully they can identify some simple major leaks that I obviously have that can stem the freefall that I seem to be in at the moment.

Gonna try and get at least 30 in today and try to use next week as a test run to see if I can get 150 per week in without losing my marbles.

Have had the dreaded Man Flu over the last week as well, which hasn't helped the new fitness plan, although it has killed my appetite, so have had no takeaways or nights out in the pub and to be fair, I have lost 5lb due to it, which is better than it was when I was able to get some swimming in !! Should get below 15st again by the end of the month if I can stick to even 1/2 my goals, so at least that part of my life is back on track. Next goal after that will be 14 1/2 stone by the end of July. Its strange, but I feel I have really turned a corner on the health front, I think the stark reality of how much weight I have put on over the last 15 years has at last kicked in and I know now if I don't do something soon, I will not be making my 50th Birthday.

So lets try to keep things on a positive front, even if the poker is running like a dog......

Old Skool Music today

PWEI - Ich Bin Ein Auslander