Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moving House

This could be my last post for a week as I am moving house on Friday, BT have promised me a seamless transfer of my Broadband when they transfer it over to the new address on Friday at 14:00, I strongly suspect that I will not be playing poker again until at least next wednesday after umpteen phone calls to BT trying to find out what the fck is going on.

I have been off work packing all day and my nads must have sweated a gallon of water into me pants over the course of the day. I felt like a hippy on the last day of glastonbury and that stinks maaaaan......

Managed to break to play the 20:30 on laddies, didn't really get much but was sitting ok with about 60 left, found QQ utg and put in a comitted raise, chip leader called and two after him went all in. I could not put myself all in to get rid of the leader as the underraise rule kicked in, wo I could only call, flop came down T high, I went all in. The chip leader actually folded and the other two turned over KK and AA, thanks laddies. This left me with just over a 1000 chips and the blinds were 150/300, managed to get back up to 2500, when it was folded around to the SB when I had AT, min raise off him, so I pushed and he flipped over AK and Goth left the building in 35th place, no dosh.

Gonna enter the 23:15 omaha to get one more fix. Will miss my online nutz buddies while I am off the air, but hopefully will come back hungry and more focused in my new, more comfortable surroundings, cya all soon.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Water water everywhere !!!

And I found most of it.

Played at West Midlands Golf Club today on a golfing day out. A course full of water and now also full of my golf balls at the bottom of it. Years ago when used to work shifts I used to play a lot of golf and managed to get my hadicap down to 11, regularly shooting scores in the mid 70's. Now I only play a few times a year, I managed to wangle it so I played off 18 and still only scored 22 points. Lost quite a few balls, but it was a good day out, sun burnt me face, so I look like a beetroot, reckon its gonna sting like fck in the shower in the morning.

Was gonna have an early night last night, but entered the 23:15 omaha on laddies as I was having a good laugh with the nutz boys and girls, even though I was 21/21 at one stage, I managed to come 5th lol, jat7065 was robbed heads up with a muff river, but always good to see two leagunutz members on a final table. I can blame this for my poor show on the golf course today.

Got back home and missed entering the leagunutz weekly special by two minutes. Shame as Graham was offering a years entry for next year to the winner, well worth winning, and Jat played a good game and took the first prize. It was good to see a regular player win it. One funny moment had to be when prince01 called pokerkaz's all in (AK) with K7 suited, hit his flush and then proceeded to blame kaz for his call as he refused to be bullied by her !!!!! Good job it was not a live game, I think he may have been picking chips out of his arse if it was ;-)

Gonna play the omaha again tonight, like the game, still don't know really what I am doing, but 2/3 final tables in 3 nights, I must be getting lucky at it at least.

It is also weekly weigh in today, good news this week. Last week my average was 15st 1/2lb this week my average was 14st 11 3/4lb, even with a shed load of beer on Friday and another chinese, so its heading in the right direction for a while at least. Hopefully, I can keep it going this time........

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No vegas for me

It was the last night of the WSOP tourney and it ended with a bang, poetically my AA got cracked by triple8s' 99 to knock me out and hand him the seat, it is probably just as well as I would not have been able to go and I was advised that I would not be able to sell it, even for 50p lol (you drive a hard bargain Sandy ;-) ) I managed 14th place though for some more points, which left me 3rd place overall, 1 off the seat for Vegas and 10th in the overall leaderboard. At the start of the series, I would have laughed if you would have said I would make a final table, let alone 4 of them and win one, so I can't really complain. The tour has been a great success and I really hope they do it again next year, as I have learnt quite a lot by playing with better players.

On another note, it was great to see Decision get a seat for the WSOP through Bad Beat, and then he goes and qualifies on laddies on the same night lol, some people are just too greedy. But it is very well deserved.

Not had much luck in the MTT's but as usual my STT's are paying for the entries, the $20 stt on stars that I have moved up to seem to be going too well at the moment as I am currently 80% ITM after only 10 games, I am sure they are not all that easy, but lets hope so. I did manage to muff my way to a pot limit omaha final table without really knowing what I was doing, which was nice.

Been supporting the leaguenutz guys and girls a lot the last few days, it really has become a great little community and we are all hoping to meet up in November at Walton, hopefully we can all play a live STT together, to try and prove who really is the king muff. lenny_dawn did try to prove he was the best on Sunday night in a small all in or fold tourney, but he just did not have what it takes when he got heads up against the darkest muff of all and the Gothman crushed him took his crown, the muff is dead, long live the muff. hehe

No poker tomorrow as it is Quiz(pissup) night. No drinking friday either as I have to work on saturday....and I am on a corporate golf day on sunday. I'll have poker withdrawl symptoms by there a help line I can call ????

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A long week

Well its been a long week, and poker wise, not a very productive one. Apart from a final table in a $1 tourney, I have not won a penny on Ladbrokes for well over a week. The outdraws are still hitting like mad, or my big hands are walking into bigger hands.

The only good poker moment was on the Bad Beat, WSOP qualifier where I managed to sneak into the final table for some more well earned points (no money though as only top 5 got paid) this puts me in 3rd place going into the final week behind Nordicstone and triple8, Nordic has already won a seat, so I am not sure what happens if he wins it. triple8 is ahead of me courtesy of an incredible call when Decision went all in on his BB with AK, and for some reason triple8 called for 3/4 of his stack with 97s and with a 99 on the flop and 7 on the river, hit a boat to send Dec sailing. Sometimes I guess I will never understand why some people make the decisons that they do, but everyone is entitled to play any two cards when they want I guess. It is almost certain that if I do win a seat that I will not be able to go, I can only hope if I do win, I can sell the seat on, but still with 2K added and only 40 odd players now, it is still worth playing for the value alone.

I have been steady on the STT's, doing ok on the $20 on stars, had a few 2nds and 3rds, but still haven't won one. Played one today, heads up. Equal stacks, blinds 100/200 25 anti. I call his minimum raise with 87. Flop comes 872, I think happy days. He bets, I raise, he flat calls. Turn brings another 2, he bets, I go all in. He calls straight away showing the mighty 32 that he had raised with to put me 2nd. Guess heads up is a different game.

Today was also the final day of the weekly weigh in....gulp. I have been keeping track everyday and decided to take a weekly average. The starting weight was 15st 2 1/2 and my average for the week was 15st 1/2. So an average weight loss of 2 whole pound !! or to put it mildly one good shit.....Not really what I was hoping for, but I guess I did have a large chinese + approx 27 pints of cider over the week (mostly on 3 days only) Will try to be better this week. I did go back to the gym 3 times so a routine has been started at least. Next weeks will be better....I hope.

I have had a few bollockings off the Nutz lads for not updating my blog more, so I am will try and update it a minimum of every two days. With at least how much I have won/lost at poker.

Hope thats ok lenny hehe.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A New Era Begins

Well I woke up this morning, life has changed.......

We are out the world cup, the swede, at long last, has gone, and David Beckham steps down as England captain.

It is also official that I am a fat fcker.........The world cup has taken its toll, constant drinking, takeaways and the only excercise is the moving of the slide bar to the far right to go all in !!

Like England, its time for a change. No more takeaways, a lot less beer and a lot more excercise and healthy eating.

It starts tomorrow morning, and I am going to post a weekly weigh in every sunday. The starting weight is 15st 2 1/2 pounds. Hopefully posting on here and maybe getting some abuse, will drive me to do what is needed, to become a fit, more focused, poker player.

Poker today has gone ok so far, made 1 final table in a $1 f/o on laddies, for some well needed leaguenutz points. We also have the "walton special playoff" tonight, which the winner gets sponsored to play in pokemaniacs tourney in november. Would love to win it, will probably go anyway, but always nice to go on a freebie.

Will let you know how I get on later.