Saturday, August 26, 2006

Stats - I'll show you mine, if you show me yours !

I haven't been able to link a s-xheet into my blog. But I know you are all dying to know how I have been getting on on my move up to the $20 sngs on Stars, so here is a sample of my stats so far. Main concern is the alarming amount of 2nds compared to 1sts, any theories on why, let me know, cos I'm stumped, but it is a small sample so I ain't worred yet.

Pokers Stars $20 STT 9 Seater.

Played:- 31
ITM:- 58.1%
SNG Profit:- $326
$ p/h:- $10.40
Avg Fin:- 3.32

1st - 3 - 9.7%
2nd - 11 - 35.5%
3rd - 4 - 12.9%
4th - 5 - 16.1%
5th - 4 - 12.9%
6th - 3 - 9.7%
7th - 0 - 0%
8th- 1 - 3.3%
9th - 0 - 0%

Will update stats when at 50/75/100 and then every 50 from then, hopefully a few more wins, but can't say I am to unhappy with the results so far.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting Lazy

You may have noticed that I am getting a bit lazy updating my blog and to be honest, I have. Fat lazy uninteresting twat springs to mind. But, its my birthday tomorrow and I have vowed to use this event to kickstart my life into shape. It will be my last year in my thirties before the big one next year (I'm not 50 ya fcking cheeky twat Stanford !!!!)

The weight loss was put on hold while I moved house, but luckily it has not gone back up and still hanging in about 14st 10. Aim to be at least 13 1/2, hopefully less by the time I go to Walton to muff it up live.

Poker wise, not having a bad month, currenty $420 up on the month, $2.8k up on the year. So on the way to meet my $4k target I set myself at the start of the year.

Also won my first Omaha MTT last night, the 23:15 on laddies, only 70 runners, but I seem to be making more final tables in this particular event than anything else at them moment. As I still do not know what I am doing in omaha, there must be some poor players in this.

I am going to try and start to publish more poker stats on here soon, including my STT stats, will attach my x-sheets if I can work out how to do it !!

So watch this space and come back and visit for, hopefully, a more informative, witty and updated blog........


Monday, August 14, 2006


Was a good weekend both home wise and on the poker table. At home, managed to find a great dining room suite at a reasonable price.......................errrrrrrr meeeee. Bought two nice new scatter cushions for the sofa to brighten up the stoppit...........aaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Its official, moving house has turned me soft. If anyone meets me at Walton, give me a slap and say...."No" "Goth" weekends are for playing poker and drinking with ya mates, not trawling through homebase, looking for a bargain nest of tables that go well with the carpet and curtains..........

Enough of that, was in decent profit for my low level at the weekend, mainly due to a 2nd in the 00:30 $5 on laddies, which I should of won as I was a 2-1 chip leader going heads up. Still, can't moan, got some decent league nutz points as well which is also a bonus.

Having a little bad run on Stars $20 stts at the moment, with my hourly rate dropping below $7, this was mainly due to a run of 4 4ths, which makes you sick. But I played one just before writing this blog and won it, which helped.

Will try to post more poker results here in future.

23:15 omaha started on laddies, so must go muff someone.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Poker.....Too much fun ?????

I have a big problem with poker at the moment......I am enjoying it too much....

How can that be a problem ? you may ask....Well it is. Up until the last couple of months I got in to a routine of a daily grind of playing my $10 stt tables striving hard to keep up a $3-$4 p/h profit, while playing the odd MTT to alleviate the boredom and hopefully get the quick "big win" to boost the bank roll. Recently I have become more involved in playing on laddies with all the leaguenutz lads and lasses and I must say, I am having an absolute scream. The chat and the piss taking (and also the support) is 2nd to none, consequently, last month I only played approx 12 STT's, where I would normally be nearer 100 (although moving house cut it down a bit too)

I am finding chatting to everyone is improving my game no end. In a bid to get respect from my peers, as I do consider myself one of the more weaker players in the nutz, I am finding I am making moves and playing better poker as a result. In turn my MTT performances of late have been getting a lot better. I have also found myself branching out and playing different forms of poker, ie omaha. Interestingly enough I have made more final tables in omaha than I have done in No Limit Texas, amazingly enough, I played my first Hi Lo multi last night on laddies in the 21:15 $10 rebuy and made the final table coming 6th. I have only ever played the odd 15 mins or so on a hi lo cash table before, so I was well pleased.

To cap it all off, a couple of nights ago, 5 of us nutz lads chipped in $11 dollars so we could enter the laddies $50 22:00 2nd chance, which I played. This was the highest buy in I have ever played and although shortstacked for most of the game, managed to make the final table and come 6th for a very nice $454 to share amongst the lads. It gave me a lot of confidence to know that I can play at the higher buy in levels and get some success. I know I still have a hell of a lot of learning to go, MADV still thinks I play like a big girlie and need to get my chips in more to get the 1sts rather than the 5th/6th/7ths. I know he is right, but I am just not quite ready for that yet, maybe once the bankroll is up above 5k, I can be a bit more aggresive and mix it up more.

So the question is what do I do ?, I have moved up to the $20 STT tables on poker stars and I am currenltly making about $11 p/h on them, so I know, if I was to concentrate on these tables, I would make a decent sum over the year if I put the hours in, however what about the fun ?

Can't say it is the worst dilemma in the world, make more money ? or have more fun. For the time being, I think I am just going to carry on as is, maybe squeeze a few more STT in to keep the flow of cash coming in. Either way, I am sure I will be doing it with a smile :-)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Almost Settled

Well it will be two weeks since I moved house tomorrow and we are almost unpacked......

BT did not do too bad and I was back online on the Tuesday evening following the Friday move, however in their infinite wisdom and customer service, they are now trying to run my broadband line at the highest rate possible, they will do this for the first 10 days and then "settle" in to what they think as acceptable speed/reliability........FUCK OFF BT, I do not need 6.2 mb that discos 6 times a night for 20 seconds.....GIVE ME BACK MY TOTALLY STABLE 2MB..........I tried to tell them this when I was on the phone to their call centre (probably in fucking Delhi by the sound of the YTS I was talking to on the phone) He persisted in telling me to turn my router in, even after for the 5th time I told him, "I AM AT WORK, MY FUCKING ARMS ARE NOT NOT 15 MILES LONG !!!) he then got the jist and said "when you get home, can you turn your router on !!) I told him to forget it. I will wait until the end of the 10 days and see what it settles at, I guess then I will have to go through there testing procedure...Switch it off, wait 10 seconds, count the filters, how longs your cock and all that blox. I am a fcking Cisco engineer and I have to listen to their bollocks, although when I talk to my dumb users, I do the same...but thats different ;-)

Well thats the end of that rant.

Will try to post some poker stuff over the next few days...but I had to get that off my chest, I bet this does not post as I have probably been kicked off while typing this and it will not submit......