Sunday, August 16, 2009

Running Hot

Well warm at least, for a change I have been dishing out some muff twice I have got it all in with QQ on a low flop only to walk into AA/KK and both times been awarded with a two outer to stack my oppo, on one of them, he was as tight as a nats chuff, so I decided to ck raise him post flop to see if he really did have AA/KK, of course he shoved so I had my answer, then before I could fold, the iccle gremlin in me head goes, "ah call anyway, just to see" I did manage to fold AA post flop after doing the same on a 468 double suited flop vs two fish, they ended up all in, one with a flopped set of 4's the other with the nut flush draw which he duly spiked, felt pleased with my laydown and saved meself 70BB. Its these sorts of laydowns that build up and save you a lot of $ p/hour in the long run.

Been 4 tabling comfortably for a while, but I have upped this to 6 tables and seem to be coping quite well with it for now, think I am gonna play most of my week like this then choose maybe 1 or 2 sessions a week where I just play two and try some different things out.

Also revamped my bankroll strategy, basically building for the future. Decided I am definitely going to stick to a 100 buyin rule now, but as added protection, I am gonna make this in ££ even for the €€ tables. This should also then allow to have some room to play 10-20 MTTS a month as well, I do enjoy them now and then, but have to be in the right mood, I find after playing cash tables all the time now, I have lost a lot of my patience in MTTs, which obviously, is a big no no.

Overall, played about 13.5k hands this month and running about 3.5ptbb/100. Which is not the best stats in the world, but I am happy to run at that, my minimum to move up the levels is 3, so I am above that at the moment, but over such a small sample, 1 session can change that quite a bit. Up about $650 on the month and I think I got a $90 bonus to come next week, so looking good. Almost certainly won't make the 30k hands I had hoped for as I have been distracted on quite a few evenings and I got a weekend on the piss coming up at the end of the month. Still hope to play well over 20k hands, which will probably be the most I have done.

Lets hope things can carry on like they are at the moment and I can make the most of this hot streak and clock up some $$$.

PJ Harvey - Down by the water

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A welcome bankroll boost

I know a few posts ago after I managed to muff my my to 3rd in a $20 donkament on LuckyAcePoker I said I was gonna play a few more tournies, but like most things men say, we just don't get round to doing them, it came as a great surprise when last Wednesday I entered the 3€ 19:15 High Stack on laddies and even more amazingly enough managed to win the foooker. The €222 1st prize was a welcome boost the old bankroll. Throughout the tournie, I did nowt special, just took my time, played big pots with big hands and got away cheaply when I hit nowt. The only real bit of luck was when I was down to about 8 big blinds with about 16 left and I was dealt AT in mid position which is really an automatic shove and got snap called by the button who turned over KK, not an ace in site, but the TTx flop did help a tadge. After that, just played solidly till the last 5. One player (can't remember his name) was dominating the play raising 4 out 5 hands, he was on my button and must of had my blinds 10 rounds on the trot before I found a hand I could defend with, he was soooo annoying, but only in the fact that he was playing the game hard, he eventually went out 3rd after overplaying his agression. Heads up I managed to get a decent 2-1 chip lead when I was dealt JJ, I raised, he re raised and I shoved, he flipped AK and hit the ace on the turn and I was back fighting again. After about 10 mins I got slightly in the lead when I raised with Qc9c and he flat called, the flop was 345, with two clubs on the board, I bet, he raised and I shoved. the chips went in and he turned over J5. I rivered the floooosh and he was not a happy bunny. It was just a matter of time before the victory came. He started whinging about my luck, what he doesn't know is how much I bluffed him off pots leading prior to the muff, sometimes when you are heads up, you are happy with 2nd and just don't care, so I butchered him, nearly all of my grinding pots were none showdown, if I can get the hand history up in some sort of replayer I will, just to show him how outplayed he was (blatent brag I know, but so true) I guess he just annoyed me saying it was all luck after he called an all in with J5 on that 345 board after I had raised pre, he obv did not give any consideration to my holding, he just thought " I have top pair" Overall though, was very chuffed with the win, that along with the support on made me feel great. If your not a member get you ass over there, it is def the best community on the net, you will be made very welcome. I do have to give a special thanks to Lexus and Kaz who kept me company on MSN and gave me incredible support, special friends indeed.

On the cash front, been another up/down week, played about 8.7k hands so far this month and I am just over a buyin up, better than being down.

So overall, poker life is rosy at the moment, long may it continue. Having a night off tonight as I have been down the old rub a dub and can feel the muff coming out in me, so keeping away from the felt. Lets hope next week can be as good.

Current Bankroll = $7450 (exchange rate helped this week !!)
Years profit to date = $1937.36

As i'm having an early night, summat to help you sleep.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Managed to finish July in profit at the tables, not a big profit as you can see, but none the less it was in the black which is more than the previous two months were, with some rakeback + bonuses was about $300 up on month over the 18k or so hands played.

The drop in levels and the adjust of playing styles has def helped, although over the 18k hands I only changed my vpip + pfr by about 3 points each. I was hoping for this to be higher, but a few coolers 1/3rd way through the month made me slightly more cautious, this is an obv leak and is something to work on, each hand should be played on its own merits and previous wins/losses should not change that.

Gonna start a new health kick today, I have not managed to stick with any of the previous ones, hopefully this will also help with my concentration and confidence.

Augusts aim is to try and grind out 30k hands at a minimum, ideally would like to make the laddies VIP, but at 20NL where I am going to stay for this month, thats going to be quite tricky, if I get close 3/4 way through month, might move back up to 50NL, but only if I feel I am playing well.

Also gonna try and post more, maybe even put a weekly graph up, not sure yet.

Thats it for now, this mornings session finished in 1/2 buyin profit after 700 or so hands, so its back to the tables to catch a fish or two.

Current Bankroll = $6850.
Years profit to Date = $1507.64

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