Monday, December 31, 2007

A good year

Well, it has come to that time where we all must look back on the year and say "where the fck did that go" cos if your like me, it only seems about 3 minutes ago it was new years day 2007. God time goes fast as you get older.

Been a big year for me really, I got married, had a 40th birthday and moved from being an SNG rock to being a cash muff. Quite an achievment for a 12 month period and I came out of it in one piece.

Unlike last year, I have had a good december, in fact, it is close to my best month of the year, approx $600 up taking my yearly profit to $5000, which is $500 more than the target I set myself, which considering my biggest MTT cash was only $340, I can't be any happier.

Next year I plan to concentrate on building up my bankroll. Due to the costs of the wedding, I have had to pull out about $5k of my poker stash to help get the mortgage payments back on track, which took a hit cos of the interest rate rises. But all is ok. The move to cash and the period spent with bad beat has taught me a lot about bankroll managment and I have now set my new targets and goals for moving up the levels. Hopefully, the time it will take to gain the required bankroll will be sufficient for me to increase my skill factor to cope with the "better" players that play at the higher levels.

So my goal for next year is a big jump. My aim is to finish the year $10,000 in profit. I am still going to concentrate on cash and have set the following rules for my bankroll management.

Level     Stake           BR to Play    Sitdown    FallBack
1             25c / 50c     $1500         $50            N/A
2            50c / $1        $3500        $100          $3000
3             $1 / $2         $8000        $200         $6000
4            $2 / $5         $20000     $500          $15000

The fallback figure is when I drop back down a level, should I go on a bad run. I intend to play mainly on Sun to get the bonuses and rakeback, which  hopefully will accelerate the bankroll plan and provide cover for any losing months that I have. Will be concentrating on 6 seaters, with maybe some 10 seaters and Hi Lo cash, just to get the extra MPP needed to get the $500 pm bonus. Current Bankroll on Sun is about $1.8k and I have about the same spread around laddies/stars etc, will play on them occasionally to try and break the boredom of playing on one site and add a bit of variety. The bankroll plan is a little on the conservative side, but I think it is a good starting platform and provides cover for variance. I am nor sure if I will go to the 2/5 level on sun should I be doing ok on 1/2, I may just stay there. I don't expect to do all of the above in 1 year, but it would be nice if I could get to that level asap. Unless my game improves dramatically, I think $1/$2 will be close to my limit, but I would like to have the odd stab at the higher levels, but at the moment I am a def TAG type player so my get run over by the LAG players at the higher levels, but you never know.

For MTT, I will probably play a few, but mainly try and sat into some of the bigger buyin events and def will go for WCOOP/ECOOP/LEOCOP events next year as I didn't bother this year and regretted when a few of my close online buddies made some decent cashes in them.

So that is it for me for the year, hopefully plan to do more with my blog next year and maybe develop a bit more.

But for now its over and out, A big Happy New Year to you all out there and cya at the tables next year.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

And a big thankyou for Santa delivering all the fish early and not letting them hit.......

Apart from the mandatory case of man flu which sent me home from work on wednesday afternoon and kept me stuck in my bed Thursday/Friday, well, when I say bed, I actually mean my comfy armchair in front of my PC. And, if I happen to be stuck there, well, it it would be rude not to play poker !!

It turned out to be a highly profitable few days sick, approx $550 to the better. In fact it would of been a lot better, apart from one unreal player on Sun calling every raise and hitting runner runner on 3 occasions (one with 93os !!) to stack me 3 times. Sometimes I really think they know something that we don't.

My first day off sick on the thursday the cash tables on sun were pretty scarce, so I decided to play the laddies $10 high stack in the afternoon. Not many runners, but I tried to play a bit more aggressively than normal and try a few different things out. It seemed pretty sucessfull and was lying about 2nd in chips when a reraise from me with AK could not get Mr Scandi to fold his mighty AJ for which he duly pushed all in happily chimped his 3 outer, to drop me well down the field. I still managed to make the FT, where with 7 left the sb raised my BB for the 3rd hand running, I looked down and found K9, more than enough to try and teach him that this is MY BB and duly rr all in, without a thought, he insta called with his mighty K5 sooooooooooted and of course hit the 5 to take me down.

On the evening, I decided to enter the 20:15 laddies hi lo muff fest, being as tight as a nats chuff, I did not rebuy or add on. Shortly after the break, I managed to muff it up to about 6k chips and then never looked back, a couple of pieces of sound advice from hi lo Guru LANGERS and I was on the final table, but before long I could not outdo my hero and was muffed by Kunkuwap and went out 6th.  Interestingly I think I have only played this tourney 7 times this year and made the FT 5 times. Maybe I should play it more, but I guess if if I really knew 
what I was doing in the game, I would not make the final table. But 2 MTTs played and two FT's, can't grumble.

Cash has been going well, in particular on the laddies 6 seaters, where I have found the standard of play definitely lower than on Sun, if only laddies could match the Sun bonuses and rakeback, it would def be my home. Then I decided to play the Mansion seaters, now these are unreal, I could not believe the amount or rr all ins I saw with abs pants/fck all hands and called with 2nd pair shit kicker. These guys are sooooo bad, def gonna give these tables a dabble around the pub hours, seems like there could be a lot of value around on them.

Still plan to attack the Sun bonuses in the new year on the 25c/50c 6 seaters, but looking at the results on Ladbrokes/Mansion, it may be that the value is outside of the bonuses.

If I don't see you at the tables tonight. I wish you all a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.


Friday, December 07, 2007

Decision Made

Well, after a great deal of thought and anguish, I decided that it was time to pull out of the Bad Beat trainee trader scheme. After 6 months, I had made a profit, but as mentioned I was struggling to put the hours in that the scheme requires. Over the last two months, I was starting to play a lot of my sessions while tired and not in the right frame of mind just so I could try and fit in the hours. This showed in my results, with a first losing month in October and only a small profit in November. It was a tough decision as it really is a great setup and I think they are going to go from strength to strength. I would like to pay special thanks to Jeff Burke (nenobear) and Matt Myford (younghero2/Enterprise), who were my mentors during this time, these guys really know their stuff and I think improved my understanding of the game a great deal. I think if you are a student with a limited bankroll, the set up is perfect, but bankroll is not really my problem and I def have the discipline, it was just the time that caught up with me.

So my poker playing has now moved on to new ground. I have decided to give Sun Poker most of my business for the next couple of months or so, I am going to use december to realistically work out what I need to do to get the 3400mpp to get the $500 a month bonus, this + the rakeback should work out at about $750pm. All I need to do is make sure I am in profit for the month, or even break, this will then help me reach my new $10k goal for 2008. The ideal aim would be able to play at a level of cash where the 9000mpp was attainable, for the $1000 cash bonus, this along with rakeback would probably be $1700 pm just in bonuses/rake, now if that was sustainable without large losing months, that would be a very tidy sum over the year. Hopefully if things go to plan, I will increase my bankroll by mid 2008 where I can play at stakes which will make this a reasonable prospect, lets just hope that they keep these bonuses going. Just hope and pray the dumbass US gov come to the senses and open back up the big american fishtank again so that crypto can get some more numbers at the tables as it can be a little scarce. Come on Bushy, do us all a favour, fck middle america, we want the whales back at the table...........

Cya around.