Thursday, March 27, 2008

Energy and the Big 100

Or a distinct lack of it seems to be the order of the day at the moment and it seems to be affecting my play. I seem to be constantly tired all the time, def due to my lifestyle of little sleep and lots of caffeine.

Saying that, I have hardly played at all this week, I didn't play yesterday as I was on national Winona drinking duty, watching Sir David get his 100th cap, well done Sir, now onwards to 126 for the record.

Anyway enough patriotism for now, I think its time for a big lifestyle change and April seems to be a good time to do it. Mainly due to the fact that its quiz night tonight and also Villa are gonna spank Man U on saturday, so the pub beckons again. So the change can start "soon"

As per the title of this post, the main reason for the change is due to a constant lack of energy, this in turn makes everything I do seem like a great effort and I am a miserable grumpy old bastard till I get my first caffeine fix of the day, which is a pain in the arse, as I always need a dump when halfway through my first mug of coffee, highly irratating now that I don't use my lappie anymore so can't carry on playing poker while shitting for England on a Saturday morning.

The weight loss bet also seems to be going a bit pear shaped, as I have not lost anything this month, probably due to being a lazy twat and also gone back to eating bucket loads of crisps which are my main passion in life after my love of Winona.

So its more excercise, more veg, less beer. I am even thinking of doing some sort of mini detox cos my body feels like it is falling apart at the moment. I can't do a full detox, cos you can't drink on them, so what the fcks that all about, I want to feel better in life, not ruin it.

I am hoping that clearing some of the crap out of my body will help me concetrate more, cos I am having major problems doing. Even when I am 4-6 tabling, I still find myself fcking off and surfing the net, pissing about on all sorts of crap nothing to do with poker. This is having an obvious effect on my profits. I proved to myself in the parbet promos that if I actually do concentrate, I can read the game a lot better and make more profitable moves at the right time, rather than relying on a hunch and PT stats as a poker table pops up for a response while I am giving thehun a browse for the umpteenth time of the night.

The poker I have played the last week or so has been so so. I finally started play some 100NL and was in profit for a day or so, until I had my first KK vs AA. Luckily he only had half a stack, so only cost me $50. Strangely enough, before I joined cardrunners, I almost certainly would of folded the hand preflop due to the fact that I was pretty certain he had AA as I raised it up to $4 utg, and villain, re-popped it to 10$, his PT stats were 9/2/.5 so was nitty as fck, which to me meant AA/KK, when 4 bet it up to about $36 (to commit myself ffs) he pushed and I knew for def, but had to call.I guess, I should of 4 bet to about $18 and then if he pushed I prob could of folded, but almost all CR pros say to never fold KK pre unless you are way deepstacked and villain is too. With only half a buyin in front of him, I guess I was never gonna fold it. Still fcked my off that I was 99% sure of what he had and still had to go through with the hand.

Thats it for now, hopefully after the weekend I will have some more shit to write and be able to talk about how great Villa played in their 2-0 victory at old trafford. Hmmmmmmm


PS Amatay, theres only room for one Claret and Blue Army in the prem, so get them cockerney muppets of yours back where they belong, Div 2 (old money) ;-)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Well after the soppiness of last week, its back to good old moans about poker. My game is definitely akin to a crack whores pair of scutty knicks at the moment, so up and down its untrue, fck knows how the graph is gonna end up this month, but I guess we just plod on.

So its time for some for a few hands, so buckle up and have a laugh on me.

The Good - Played this perfect, go to top of the class.

The Bad - Got 20k hands + on villain, I know exactly how he plays, he only raises 2.4% of hands ffs, what the fck was I doing. Deserved everything I got.

The Ugly - Don't get much sicker than this - prob my own fault for not re-popping it back up preflop to get rid of the big stack....ho hum

So, as you can see, its a rocky ride this month, still in profit on the cash tables slightly, $1.2k+ up on month overall due to MTTs and bonuses etc, so can't grumble, just would rather be earning at the cash tables a bit more, to boost the confidence. Still not played 100NL yet, but have moved back to Sun for a bit now. So hopefully will have a crack before end of month and I don't mean the one in my arse either.....

Think I might start a twat of the week post, got a hand from the current session to post, but might wait till after easter, so it might be a Twatsssss of the week section the egg filled muppet brigade are let loose on the bank holidays.

Keep on Muffing


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Graham Turner

I have got quite a bit of poker news to post, but i will do this the weekend.

Today is a special day. On the 24th Feb 1996, my father passed away, way way to early at the age of 48. Being in my forties myself it definitely makes you think about life and when the plug is gonna be pulled. Some people say you can do lots of things tohelp you extend your life, while I agree that a healthy living may help, I am also a firm believer in fate and destiny. When your time is up, its up. Sometimes the wrong people leave us a little too early.

The reason for mentioning this now, is my father would of been 60 today, and I am sure that I would not of had my normal night down the local down the quiz.

No one is perfect in life, but my father had a lot of values, which I believe he passed on to me, and was a good person. I know the difference between right and wrong and act accordinlgy, it is a value which I wish more parents these days would pass on to their children, which I honestly believe does not happen as much these days as it should.

So today, is not about poker, its about what could of been. Happy birthday dad, wherever you are, the beers are on me tonight, and I miss you.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Just like buses......

Well, you wait four years for your first $1000 poker win, then as if by magic you get another one within two weeks of you first. This time, it was a 2nd place in the last of the Parbet/ promotions. 1st prize would of been cool entry into the Olympic Challenge tournie in Tallinn Estonia. but after a 2 1/2 hour 5 man sng I had to settle for second place when my 34 in the bb gave me a rivered two pair, but also gave him the nut str8, but I was more than happy with $1k for 2nd.

At the tables, had a steady weekend, but I am writing this now, in the middle of a bad session, had a mad 10 mins, where got outdrawn on a lot of big hands and had to stop for a while to calm down. Picked back up a bit now, and now a little calmer.

Not played as much poker as I would of like, mainly due to a couple of nights out on the piss and spending most of saturday in bed with a hangover, still, I managed to win the works bowling night, dunno how, cos I can't remember much of it. Also on a course for the next two days, so gonna miss even more.

Still can't grumble, looks like I might be on the way to beating last years total profit by the end of March, which can't be bad.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Feb Stats

Well, what can I say, Feb has turned out to be my best month ever since I started playing poker. The big win on Parbet helped a lot obv, but I was up on the cash tables and some good rakeback and bonuses bought the months total profit to approx $1920, which puts me well on target for my $10k for the year goal. I have looked back over the months hands and I can't help but notice the amount of money I donked off not being able to lay down big pp's on low flops when I know I am probably beat. I reckon that this has cost me another $400 over the month, a big leak.

This month, the plan (at the moment) is to carry on playing some 25c/50c 10 seaters on Parbet, then use Sun to start playing more 6 seaters (25c/50c) for the first week or so, then after the first week, if I am happy with game, start playing 50c/$1, both at 10 seater and 6 seaters.

Decided to do it this way, as Sun has now changed there bonus structure, especially for new players, but us "grandfathers" can still get the larger rakeback and the $1k bonus (out of my reach for now) only problem is, is that it now takes 1600mpp to clear the $200 bonus, which is the same as parbet. But I hope to clear at least the $200 from each site, which will take 3200mpp.

First day of the month, was a nightmare, getting stacked twice with donk rivers, the worse one, was when I didn't follow my instincts after I put my oppo on QT after a sick river on a board off TT6 4 Q and couldn't lay down my boat when he check raised my river pot bet. I am still not sure whether to classify these as coolers and I have to pay off, but its just annoying when I put him on the exact hand and call knowing I am behind. Maybe he has AA/AT enough of the time for me to call and make it +ev. I guess if I was bothered to run it through poker stove (which I haven't got) it would tell me, if any one reading this can be arsed, I would be interested to know if I made the right play there.

Overall a happy little goth for now. Weight loss didn't go as well lat month as the first, as I only lost a bit, but I guess it is stil going down. Gonna up the excercise this month as I have no rake races to chase this month, so don't have to dedicate as much time to playing poker. Still plan to hit cardrunners vids hard this month, hopefully this will help a lot with my 6 seaters, where ultimately, cos of the better rakeback, is where I want to play.

GL at the tables.



2008 Profit/Loss + $2966.63

Todays Weight 14st 8.25 (-15lb)