Friday, August 27, 2010

Should I throw in the towel ??

Well, I have had a week off work and planned to play tons of hands in my bid for supernova, however it just hasn't happened. The week has turned out having a few more drinking sessions than I originally planned, which although was great fun, was not good for the grind or the bankroll. I started off the week with the best intentions, getting a 5k hand day in for the first time, but I didn't play well and it affected my confidence quite a bit, I think after that I was looking for excuses not to play just in case I played or ran bad again.

I reckon I might only pull in about 8k vpps this month, which will put me on around 42k for the year in total, with 4 months to go this would mean I would need to get 58k vpps at an average of approx 14.5k vpps a month to get it. Considering the most I have ever gotten is about 8k, that would obv mean playing a lot more than I am now.

So sometime in September I am going to have to make a decision what to do. If i don't carry on and get to supernova, all my plans for next year will have to change, if this is the case, I might as well try something else for the remainder of the year as at the moment as it stands the year is going to be a complete washout and almost certainly the lowest yearly profit since I have been playing poker, which considering it is by far the most I have ever played, is pretty piss poor.

I still think my health and fitness is causing me issues as my concentration level is appalling, even when I am 15 tabling, I still tend to drift off and mooch around on the net. I know for a fact that the days when I can keep my mind on the game, my decisions are much better (not always the results, variance is a beeetch)

If I do knock the supenova bid on the head, I think i will spend more time on my fitness, I have been trying to lose a few pounds, well stones to be fair, for quite a while. I have posted before many times how if you feel better about yourself, your confidence level increases and if your confidence increases, so does your profit at the tables, so I think this is a must starting in September.

But for now, it was my buffday on Wednesday, so tonight is yet another night out on the piss, which will inevitably end up with 9 tabling drunk later on, I know I shouldn't but sometimes I can hold it together and play ok, other times the drunken risks pay off !!! but mostly, I play like a twat and lose a buyin or two lol......c'est la vie.

Todays song is from a little known band called 22 pisterpirkko I came across them by accident when at a festival in the 90s, it started pissing down and I dived in the nearest tent and this band happened to be playing and they were amazing live.

22 pisterpirkko - This Time

Friday, August 20, 2010

Struggling for time

Been a busy old month, unfortunately busy, as in, out on the piss a lot !!! So obv, the poker hours I planned to put in have suffered. I have only played about 22k hands so far this month and I am slightly down at the tables. This is mainly due to one drunken tilty session where, to be honest, I just did not care about the money at all and just piled in with uber aggression. Of course when you are pissed your reads and timing are, well to be blunt, fooking miles off !! With the big drop in profits that comes with it. This along with an AA vs KK all in pre for 110 bb where the board finished 8, 9, 10, J, Q !!! Did not help either.

I have got an all day wedding tomorrow as well, then sunday the mighty Villa are on telly at 13.30, with Man U the next game on at 16:00, which means another all day super cider sunday....Just hope I can keep off the tables when I get home.

The good news is that I am off work all of next week, so should be able to catch up on the old hours.

I decided to cash in 50k fpps for a $650 bonus which I should be completing early next week, so hopefully the doom switch won't get turned on and lose the lot getting the bonus, which I have heard a few people say its rigged to do *tuts at conspiracy theorists.

I have also accepted an STT challenge from BurnleyMik on the krackedkings forum. Only a $20 wager over who can post the most profit over 25 $5 stts on stars. I haven't played stts for yonks, they used to be my bread an butter back in the day, but I got bored, although at times when playing bad at cash I have thought about going back to them, especially now that I am used to mass tabling a bit more, I only used to play two at a time when I did them a while ago, I feel I could comfortably 18 table them, hopefully not getting heads up in all 18 at once !! Will be starting them next week, Mik has already done 10 and got 4 3rds and 2 2nds, so might have me work cut out.

Will be having a night in tonight (well thats the plan, until Winona calls !!) so hopefully can get a couple of thousand hands in and catch the friday drunken fish on later, although that could end up being me !! Got to die me hair tonight at some stage, so having a shed load of beer prob not be a good idea, otherwise I might end up looking like a morris dancer !!

Thats it for now, feeling pretty good at mo, mainly cos I know I got a weekend on the piss and partying coming up and a week off work straight after. So as we are in a happy mood......

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Whores Draws

The title exactly shows what my July was like and as you can see in the graph, up until the last two sessions of the month it was looking quite rosy, but as we all know, a good kick in the balls is only a few hands away.

To be fair, I actually ran quite well, which is even more annoying cos I would of expected to of won a lot more considering how +ev I was, but I guess we can't have anything.

The main downside of the month poker wise was the amount hands I played. I was determined to get over 12k VPPS but personal circumstances dictated otherwise, I did manage to get over 7.5k though so at least I have got back to platinum level, but I still am now only on about 31k VPP, so to get to 100K by the end of the year to get to supernova is starting to feel like a tall order. As stated in my previous post, I have got some leave in August so want to try and get a lot of play in. I feel realistically I need to be over 50K VPP by the end of August to stick a chance, but this would involve probably moving up to 18 tables from the 13-15 I am currently doing. I am already find it difficult to post any sort of decent profit mass tabling as it is. Maybe I should have at least two days a week where I drop to 4-6 and play proper poker instead of just mindlessly play nitty abc poker to get the volume of hands in. If i am going well, its def any idea to be looked at.

On a personal note July was a truly awful month for me. There are only 4 things I truly love in this world namely my wife, my mother, my grandmother and my dog. July incredibly took two of these away from me. My Grandmother sadly passed away at the grand old age of 84 and the funeral took place at the beginning of July. Then when things looked like they couldn't get any worse by beautiful staffie Fern went off her legs at the age of 13 and we had to make the awful decision to have her put to sleep. Now I have had a couple of dogs before who have passed away, but this was the first time I have been in the vets when we have had to do it and it is truly the most heartbreaking thing I have ever had to do, I am even shedding a tear while writing this just even thinking about it. She was one of the most precious little things you could ever meet and the house now seems completely soul less without her running around causing mayhem. We will eventually get another staffie, almost certainly from a rescue centre again, but it won't be for a while as the pain of losing Fern is still to hard at the moment.

Any, enough of cheering you all up, this is supposed to be a poker blog !! So at least you can see the reasons why I didn't hit my goal of 12k VPP.

Gonna go out for a walk today around a local park then have some dinner then start back on the grind. Still not sure what to do about the FPPs. I have about 62k of um at the moment, so could cash 50k in for $650 and then do the same again in September. Would def help the roll I suppose, but tempted to keep them for the $4k 250k fpps if I get to Supernova. I don't need to cash them in just yet as my roll is quite healthy, so will prob leave them for now. If any of you our there that read this are stars players, let me know what you do with them and the best value ?

Thats it for now, hopefully it won't be a month before my next post, should be able to slip in a few updates in between the grind, if I haven't gone completely insane.

Something softer today to calm the mood.

Bauhaus - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything