Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where to play

Decisions, decisions, decisions........Where to play my poker.

As much as I like playing on sun poker, the bonuses are good and the rakeback is great, there just isn't enough players to go around, most of the tables of full of regs, grinding out bonuses, so there is a fight for the fish, and when the fish get lucky, we all tend to just feed off ourselves when they scarper off into the distances. I have been off work this week, and have not really been able to play much at all during the day at all, due to lack of tables, which is very frustrating, so frustrating that I even found myself clearing the garage out at one point...ffs what is all that manual work about !!!!! def not for me, the only time I normally need to wash me hands is after a good scratching session on me farmers...........

Anyway, I have been scouring the forums and emailing various people for info on where best to play, but I still can't seem to find the right answer. A move back to iPoker seems to be one of the best options, but memories of horrendous beats of laptop smashing proportions are still fresh in my mind. Also, if I do decide to move back to iPoker, a decision where to play is still not an easy one. Rumours of under the table deals for players are rife, most of which are illegal, trying to sift through these is doing me bonce in !! NOIQ seems to be favourite at the moment, but I am still awaiting replies to a few emails sent out.

Had a decent few days on the tables, didn't play saturday/sunday as was on the piss both days, and in bed for 21:30 shitfaced, oh the joys of "when the wifes away" but the results from friday + Monday have put me well back in the black for the month and moved me above $5k profit for the year, which is always nice to see on the spreadsheet.

Will play for a few hours tonight to try an eek out a bit more profit and rakeback, but I have caught a cold and am sniffling like twat at the moment, so will have to wait and see how it goes.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Beat Bonanza !!!

Well, you may think this is gonna be another bad beat fck off whinge post, well its not. The only thing I have to moan about is the fact that I won the hand and my opponent was short stacked.

As you can see by this hand, it was sooooooooo sweet.

Its the first time I have seen a bad beat jackpot hit, and even better I was one of the hands involved.

I was convinced my opp had KQ and thought they were trapping, but woohoo, even better. Was slightly annoyed that it was only $250, but I guess the bonuses go a lot quicker on Crypto as they can happen on any table including the omaha ones, and there is no contribution towards the rake.

Been winning on the tables a bit as well over the last few days, so with this bad beat jackpot I am back on winning ways for the month. Its fcked up me PT stats a bit, and I can't be arsed to go into it and edit the hand as it put the $250 as part of the winning pot, so me graph gonna look strange at the end of the month, but who cares as long as it is above 0$.

Also the good news is that I am now offically in profit more this year than I won in the whole of last year, so looking good at the mo to reach my $10k target. (Hope I don't regret that)

Weight also went down this week (fck knows how, was on the piss 4 nights out of the 7)

And to cap it all, we spanked the scum 5-1 to edge them nearer to relegation where they belong.

Loads more footy on this week, so gonna be another 3 nights down the pub this week. Then ManU vs chelsea on saturday lunchtime, which means 12 hours in the pub. AND then Villa on sky on sunday versus Everton, fck me I think I'm gonna need a new liver.

Off work all next week, so will be on a detox/training week.

Life is good at the moment, wonder what is gonna come along and fck it up.............


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting Battered

Short post, cos I am getting fcked from pillar to post at 100NL FR at the moment, can't hit a hand, as you saw on my last post, getting my monsters cracked. I am actually $400+ down this month at the tables and I am even down overall on the month after rakeback and bonuses, which really sucks. The only saving grace, is my nitty bankroll managment. Which hopefull will see me through. Gonna perserve with it though. Got a week off work at the end of the month to hopefully do some serious studying. But for now, this hand is typical of what has been happening to me, even when I trap perfectly, I get fcked....................

Maybe tonight will bring some better luck after 3 losing days on the trot.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

March 2008

Seems daft, I had my 2nd best month of profit ever, but I still feel annoyed. Adding up all MTT/Cash/Bonuses/Rakeback, I managed to finish the month $1580 in profit. Mainly due to the $1k Parbet win. The bit that pissed me off is that I only was up approx $100 on the cash tables. And the most bad spots I got into was my own bad play. Had a couple of coolers for large pots, but they are always going to happen. My game still needs a lot, and I mean a lot of work.

I am however playing 100NL quite regularly, only at full ring at the moment. I still can't decide between full ring and six max at the moment. I think until I get on top of my concentration levels I think I am going to have to stay at full ring and only play 6 max when I am really focused. Will prob still play it at 50NL until I can get about 50k hands in at the level, as I think I have only played about 6k at the moment.

I have finally tuned my bankroll plan to where I think I want it to be and will stick it up next post, it may help a few people who piss all their winnings away too quickly.

Diet went to cock last month and actually put a couple of pound on, managed to stay the same weight for the last 3 weeks even though, been going out to the pub more again lately, Mainly due to too much good footy on. This week, is champions league again, so might mean Winona gets bit of a licking this week, will have to get back on track again the week after that I guess........

Slightly down this month so far mainly due to these two hands. They happened within 5 minutes of each other. The first hand, the player is as nitty as fck and knew he had AA/KK/QQ and would call hence the push.

The second hand, the guy is obv a chimp, as the only hand that was calling him would have him beat. He proved his position in the food chain when after he scooped my chips, he typed in "owned" I didn't bother replying, but might have put a couple of his teeth in his chip pile had we been playing live.........

Still feeling as tired as fck, relying on coffee to get my by. Working on changing this still as well. But for now, i'll keep on slurping me expressos.



2008 Profit/Loss + $4546.88

Todays Weight 14st 9.25 (-14lb)