Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quiet Times

Been quite an interesting week. Hardly played any cash poker at all this week. Mainly due to being out on the piss. Was out Weds for England game, Thursday for quiz, Friday played live and Saturday was out with Amanda and my m8 Graham and his wife to be, hes 58 and just proposed !! Dirty old git, and shes 19 years younger than him !!

Anyway, the live poker was a bit of a disaster, was completely card dead all tournament, not having a pocket pair above 77 all night. I managed to hang in there for a fair time though, eventually going out pushing with 22 and be called by the utg limper with A4, of course the tension mounted as he didn't hit his ace till the river of course. Live poker is soooo rigged................

Def want to play more live poker, the standard of play there is truly awful, their are a few good players, but overall, most of um haven't a clue and my biggest mistake is giving them to much respect, If I would of actually hit a hand, you can just value bet them to town, cos if they hit any part of the board, they ain't going anywhere.

So after leaving the casino at two in the morning, still sobre as we did not drink before we got there, I decided I was fcked if I was going to pay £20 for a taxi home, so walked. 3 hours later and 11 miles walked, I had arrived home at 04:55, a very pleasent walk and the most exercise I have done all week !!

On the online scene, not a bad month, up on the cash tables and had a nice result in the laddies 22:45 $4 high stack, coming 2nd losing heads up with 10c2c on a 3 club board, when he had limped with Ac3c. Don't think anyone is gonna fold a flush heads up for a tournie win. Still, 2nd not bad and a nice $130 boost to my laddies roll and some more $$$ to move me up the league table on

The only thing that was bad about the tourney, was the fact that I had forgot how long the tourney lasts, it didn't finish till about 4.20 am and I had to be up for work at 07:15.

Glad its a bank holiday tomorrow, need the extra day off to rest my weary bones, hopefully the wife will let me get away with doing fck all, especially as its my buffday. Yet another year past, god life is going soooooo quick, feels like only yesterday I was looking forward to leaving school. Now I am just looking forward to retirement !!!

So looking back at the "old days" reminds me of the first single I ever spent my hard earned pocket money. So here it is.

Sham 69 - Hersham Boys.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

iPod oops

Made a big boo boo last week, already got the one iPod touch from littewoods, was going along nicely on Betsafe, got the 1500 points, sent in the email, only to find out I had misread it and needed 15,000 points, ffs, what a knob I am. So thats the end of that. Decided not to go the for the other promotions, so moved on to the 6 seaters, playing a bit of 10p.20p on littewoods, but not having much luck, with the fish hitting everything against me, so will prob go back to iPoker soon, just gonna for a couple of days there to see how the rakeback works out playing the 6 seaters there.
The health kick has been put on hold, as its party party for the next few weeks. Had a works do last friday, got the all dayer down the pub watching the footy today, its my birthday next week. Then the dream team live final at the beginning of sept. So, fck the diet for the next month. Will try to just keep the training going, so the metabolism keeps up a bit. The positive thinking part is going well, as I am not letting my little losing streak I am on at the moment worry me. Will just keep plodding on. The next step is to stop being so results orientated. Just gotta keep trying to do the right things.

Played a couple of multis again this week, not much luck, but the world league of poker is going well. If you not yet joined, then your mad, free money, great community. So get your arse over to its never to late to join.

Just playing a couple of 6 seaters on littlewoods while writing this, getting ready for the big piss up later, getting muffed to fck of course. But no worries. Todays song will help. Sometimes, nothing gets to you, you just want to stand in the middle of the lounge, eyes closed and spin around with not a care in the world, this is the track I like to do it to.

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder on the dance floor

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boring Week

Well, not a lot happened this week, not played too much poker, still not got the 2nd iPod about 70mpp short, but should get these tonight. Played a couple of MTTs but not really got anywhere. Only exciting thing to happen was when I got a Royal Flush but didn't get paid, was hoping my oppo was slow playing his boat, but it was not to be. Heres the hand

My m8 Hach (Blue1969) had a great result on laddies last night, coming 2nd in the $50 Rebuy for a cool $3900, hes been playing very well lately and was only a matter of time before he had a big score, hopefully this is the start of the big time for him, def deserves a few big ones, so well play Harry.

Still not decided if i'm gonna go for this usb vid cam bonus on Interpoker, desperate to get back to 6 seaters, started data mining iPoker and laddies to get a bit of info ready for when I do. Might even try a few on Crypto and give platonic a bit of a spanking, I know he loves it ;-)

Been to the cinema twice, saw the mummy 3 on thursday which was ok. Then the Dark Knight yesterday, which considering I am not a batman fan, I was very impressed, def go and see it if you have not already.

So thats it for this week, hopefully next week will be a bit more eventful.

Todays song is by a little known band, first came across them in the 90's I think when my m8 lent me a CD, just good old indie pop.

Lush - Hypocrite

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Just not Cricket (+July Stats)

Well actually, for a change it was cricket. Yesterday I went to see England in a test match for the first time at Edgbaston. Checking the BBC weather site before I left, showed that it was going to be showers all day, but being hard, I decided to still wear me shorts. But as good old Mr BBC is the man in the know, I did not take any sun cream etc. Of course, the sun shone all day and I now have a face like a beetroot, sore as fck, except of course where my sunglasses were, which is still white. Look like kung fu panda at the moment, which when I got back into the pub after the game, amused my drunken buddies no end !!

Still had a great day out, not too much beer in the ground as by 1pm, they had ran out of cider ffs...I was fuming, had to drink lager for the rest of the day, which to me, is only brewed as an emergency backup for the "real" mans drink that is my complex apple brew that is "the bow"

As normal, my presence jinxed the cricket, England started off great in the batting then needlessy cracked. Then got of to a decent start in the bowling to get us into a good position to win the match, but a great batting display by Graeme Smith, stopped what could of been a perfect day out. Still, just being there was good enough for me. The highlight of the whole day had to be seeing all the blokes in fancy dress. Even if you are not a cricket fan, I highly recommend going to a test match just for this alone. The best, to me, had to be about 10 blokes all dressed up as Amy Winehouse, all with the big black wigs, getting the whole of the one stand to sing Valerie, which I believe is one of her songs, was leaving us all in stiches. Nor far from us was the Village People, 7 blokes dresses up as the indian, policeman, motorbike cop, construction worker, the full works. Hats off to them, they looked great. The funniest thing was driving back in the taxi seeing 10 blokes walking down the road all dressed as Fredie Mercury, complete with skin tight lycra shorts and vest and big 70's black porn star moustaches, a truly frightening site indeed.

Thats enough of the fun stuff, now back to reality with Julys stats, quite a big losing month. Was about $400 down at the tables, so ended up about $90 down overall. Can't grumble, though, most of it was my own bad play. Had a good start to the month on Friday however, finishing almost two buyins up. The play this Friday on Crypto, was truly unbelievable, people calling river re raises all in for all there stacks with Ace High !! was truly muppetry of the highest proportions.

Just need another 500 points for the 2nd iPod now, hopefully have this done by weds night, then can change my priorities. However RakeTheRake are doing a promotion on interpoker for a video gadget that looks quite smart, very tempting that one, only 1000mpp over two months as well, could even do that in the background with 1-2 tables, not decided yet.

So looking ahead to a good month, a birthday month for me, so hoping for some nice pressies, even coming up to 41, I still get excited at the thought of opening a nice big pressie on me buffday, I guess some of us never grow up.

Feeling very positive about all things, so todays song is just a fun happy song with a great video.

RHCP - Dani California