Sunday, February 21, 2010

Been Thinking

Brain hurts cos of it. But at last I have come to a decision on what I want to do with poker..........

First of all, nothing is gonna start in anger till May 1st. I am going to spend the next two months sorting out my health and fitness in preparation for what I want to do in the future. Everything I do is now geared around planning for next year.

In short, I have decided to give Stars a real bash, beginning with getting to SuperNova by the end of the year. Gonna build up some VPPs over the next two months, just so I can start May prob at Gold, Get Platinum in May and then go for SuperNova by the end of the year.

I have done some calcs ready for next year and I really believe SuperNova Elite will be beyond me, even if I play 100NL, working full time as well, will just be a bit too much. So my aim for 2011 will be to hit 500,000 VPP, then review from there.

Obviously all of the above depends on my state of mind, as it from what I have seen it can be truly soul destroying when you hit a bad run of variance, and when you are playing that many hands a week, it is gonna hit hard. I def have the bankroll to do it and I have already started moving the funds around, I expect I may even make a loss this year if I don't do anything else, but if I don't cash in any of my FPP's it could be a good year next year if I can stay close to breaking even. Of course the plan is to win at the table as well, but this will be a bonus as no one can play there A game when 20+ tabling.

All may change in the future, but for now this is my plan.

Still well up on the month, found I have lost my patience for MTTs so started to drift back to cash again, lets hope the gods can let my hands hold up for a bit, cos I know then I can crush the levels I play........cough.

Went to see the greatest live band on the planet a couple of weeks ago at the LG arena, 3rd time I have seen them and they were better than ever. If you ever get a change to go and see them, you just have to check them out.


Short trailer from set

No real decent live footage that has good sound on, so here is just one of there many cool vids.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Part Time Poker

Not played much since my last post, played a fair few MTT's with limited success. Made a few $$ on the Laddies Weekly 2010 Leaderboard race, could of done a lot better in it, but picked a bad week. I was actually leading it by over 100 points after 2 days, but had already got tickets to see Rammstein on the weds night, co couldn't play. Thursdays as you all know is my piss up night (not missing that) but missing two whole days out of the the whole week, was never gonna be good. Also picked up about $280 rakeback from last months play on VC, so overall about $400 up this month, so back in profit for the year....JUST !!!

I have decided I am not going to play much poker at all now until May when I return from my hols. I need to concentrate on my fitness levels and to get my weight down, I really have let meself go lately, I think I need to set some goals to get meself back on track.

On the subject of goals, my enthusiasm does seem to have wained a bit for poker, but my desire to get some serious wonga out the game is still there. Again I think I need to set myself some challenges to keep my interest up. I have seriously been thinking about going for Supernova on stars from May -> December. That would give me approx 8 months to get 100k VPP, I think that this could be pretty achievable and would definitely give me some focus as it would require some proper planning and discipline time wise to get there. I would probably look to do this at 50NL Full Ring, if anyone has any experience of this sort of grind, please feel free to leave some comments or drop me an email.

If all goes well and my game improves to cope with the massive swings the above will take, then I may even consider giving SuperNova Elite a bash, I know I would have to play a minimum of 100NL to get there as it is gonna need an average of 2740 VPP a day, which is some serious grind. I'm really not sure I could dedicate myself for a whole year to get there, but if you could do it and break even at the tables, it could pay a serious wedge of your mortgage, which is something, to me, would make it all worthwhile. Although the wife would prob have a hissy fit at me playing poker for 6-7 hours everyday !!!

But at least it gives me food for thought on where to head.........

Joan Osborne - One of us

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

All Change

Jan the 1st came and the plans for the year were all laid out. Bankroll aims, table selection, amounts to withdraw on a regular basis etc etc etc......

Jan the 26th and the toys truly went out the pram, a few mad tilt sessions and I had had enough of playing cash. If you are 15 tabling and you start tilting, it can be very expensive very quick.

I ended up withdrawing all of my money out of all sites, except for £200 in laddies and about $75 on stars. I also decided to take out about £1800 out of my bankroll to pay for the spending for the up coming Canada trip in April and pay of the odd other bits of stuff.

So its back basics, back to playing MTTs with maybe the odd 6 seater cash table when there is not much else about.

Yesterday was me first day back at the tables and went ok, played about 8 tournies and made 2 FT's coming 2nd in one and 4th in the other, although the 4th was in a Razz tourney with not that many runners. Also bubbled the FT on an omaha tourney, which was a bit frustrating as I got it all in with AAxx on the flop with the nut flush draw, the fish who called by all in with K6xx for the 2nd nut flush draw hit K and 6 on the turn/river for runner runner two pair, now that is foooking annoying, but c'est la vie. Hopefully tilt will be behind me soon (yes, I have said that before lol) but really gonna try not to let it get to me anymore.

Still not sure where to play me tournies yet, currently mainly playing on lads, but I know the pacific/littlewoods network has some good tournies on there, my m8 Ian took one down for a $12k payday in the last week or so, so they must be shite !!!

The one thing I did do after I had me little tanty snot rage was go back through all the hands etc and to be honest, I really didn't get shafted that much. I only ended 10 buyins down at the tables over about 27k hands, which is not the end of the world really and I have got a fair chunk or rakeback to come back which will cover most of that. I think the main reason for giving it a break is that I really don't want to go a whole year again being a slight losing player and making small change on rakeback, hence the reason to go back to MTTs. I will def be looking to sat into a few of the bigger tourneys and once I have got my roll back up again, start to look at buying in to €20 euro tourneys directly. I have left £3k in my poker savings account which is how I keep my bankroll seperate from my day to day money, and have about £300 online with about another £250 to come back in rakeback this month. Hopefully this will be enough to move forward.

Hopefully as they say on KrackedKings.....Big one coming !!!

New Order - Dreams Never End