Saturday, August 06, 2011

Bad Timing

The title of this blog entry is not about my bad timing, but about Stars timings for the battle of the planet promotion. If it ran from Monday- Sunday instead of Sunday-Saturday I would of pissed the weekly 100 STT one lol, however unfortunately for me, I had a real bad day on the Sunday (1st Day) before running uber hot for the next few days, then with only about 13 tourneys to go I was going to place easily in the top 20, I then hit the next bad spell before running uber hot again once the 100 completing, sooooo frustrating, but no iccle extra bonuses for gothdude.

Its good to see Stars pushing the STT promos at the moment, with double BOP payouts next week and and a free $7 entry if you deposit $20, I do like some freeeeee $$$$ Also the promo to get to platinum for 750 VPPs also seems to have bought some more feeeesh to the pond and the games do seem slightly softer at the moment.

It would be great if stars could keep the VPP promo going for an extra few months, although I will be missing out on some of the value as I bugger off to greece at the end of september, so will try and get some extra volume in to make up for it.

The coaching has been going well, still enjoying it and learning plenty, hoping that it will start coming to fruition soon and bring a steady upward swing to the graph, which is obv the aim.

Still playing the $7s for the time being so I can try out some of the changes that I am making to my game, must admit when I first started going back to STTs I thought I would be 18 tabling them by now, but I still can't keep up with 9 tabling too well at the moment, but I am sticking with it. Its strange that somedays 9 tables is easy and I can follow everything and other days I seem to be struggling to keep up with everything, I guess its down to concentration levels which vary from day to day and hour to hour, something I def need to work on.

Gonna play the $30k 100fpp VIP event tonight, keep forgetting about these, they are a bit of luckfest so I will probably try and chip up early with a few gambles, if it don't pay of, nay bother.

Still enjoying it at the moment especially as the profit for the year has gone back above $1k, which annoyingly it was 1/2 though May !!! Still got about 10k fpps which I have not done anything with but will probably be saving these till the end of the year. I am thinking about trading them in for 500fpp $7.50 steps tickets as this gives a lot more value, although if the platinum promotions keep going, I might just buy the $650 cash bonus when I get enough fpps, not to sure yet. If I knew stars were going to do steps promos for the WSOP main event next year as I do intend to go and play in 2012, It could work out a good way to get a seat. Alternatively grind them up to the level whenre you can trade them in for the $215 tourney tickets and try and bink summat bigger lol, who knows, I guess i'll decide later in the year.

So for now, its keep on grinding, its not an easy life at the low stakes ;-)

Snogged one of these babes back in the day looool

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