Saturday, September 13, 2008


Not posted for a while, mainly as I not had much to say, just plodding along. Been playing on the 6 seaters on NOIQ at 50NL, along with some low buyin MTT's on laddies. All in all, been going quite well. Strangely enough, playing more cash these days has improved my MTT game quite a lot, I think it has bought in that extra aggression and positional awareness that I was missing before. Made the money, in 8 of the 14 I have played this month and made the Final Table in 4 of those. I started off the week with a bad cold, but still managed to drag myself into work. I had a 1/2 day on weds to take Amanda to have her leg sorted after her op last week. Still felt rough, but was looking forward to a night in watching England, then found out it was on Setanta ffs, I was not gonna pay the subscription to watch the game, so the only option was the pub. This turned out, not to be the best option, although I had a great time watching a decent England performance for once, I did not drink that much, but I paid the price. I woke up Thursday morning and the cold had turned into the dreaded Man Flu !! totally full of snot and bones aching like fck. There was no way I could go into work, so had to report in sick and went back to bed. Eventually got up about midday and sat at PC wrapped in a blanket trying to make a bit of dough on the cash tables. didn't play much. But had a couple of nice hands to bring in some nice pots.

Hand 1
Hand 2
Hand 3

The day ended out being my most profitable day so far on the cash tables. Howver being ill also then made me realise, I could not go to my beloved quiz night, so also had to report in sick on that too. Upset me buddy a bit, who just texted back "puff" says it all really. So this is where the fate part of my post comes in. Obviously I never normally play on a Thursday night as I am out, however, tonight I decided to play the laddies $4 high stack and after 5 hours, I managed to win me first NL tourney of the year for a nice $308, not the biggest win ever, but quite satisfying.

Friday mad the money in a couple of MTTs, but nothing special. Also ran into AA twice on the cash tables to get stacked twice, but this is always gonna happen.

Still well up on the month. Still feel like shit. Hopefully will get better soon and can start exercising again, as its getting me down a bit, all this lack of fitness.

So to cheer me up, here is one of my fave songs from when I was a kid. I was a massive Madness fan and this is off their first album.

Madness - Bed and Breakfast Man

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August Stats and Dream Team III

August was a very average month, a profitable month, but again, mainly due to rakeback and bonuses. At least I have knocked all the gadget chasing on the head and have now settled down to try and become a better play, concentrating on the 6 seaters. Finished the month about $550 up overall including MTT's and bonus/rakeback. Also broke through the $6k profit barrier for the year, which at one stage I thought I would never get to. This is slightly annoying as I was $5.1k up after 4 months, and only made $900 in the next 4 months, mainly due to playing like a robot and literally playing the cards only. Now that I have no goals for the year, I can concentrate solely on playing better and learning. Even though I am now rolled for $1/2 I have been watching some of the card runners vids, in particular a Brian Townsend one, which suggests that you move up when you have 30k hands at 3ptbb profit. I have yet to do this. So I will stick to my guns and stay at 25c/50c until I have reached something similar to those figures. I therefore don't expect to make as much profit over the next couple of months as I won't be bonus whoring, but hopefully will get some decent rakeback on the iPoker 6 seaters, rather than nitty 10 seaters on crypto.

Now to the bad news, I have been looking forward to going to the Dream Team Final, for so long now, saved up tons of dosh, booked the hotel room and also bought me train tickets. Then sods law, the wife gets the date to have an op on her foot, which she had yesterday (went ok) So I had to make the horrid decision not to go. I really felt bad for letting my team down, however, they were all so supportive of my decision and made me feel so much better, as I was really down about not going. My team are really a great bunch of people and are proud to have them as my friends. I am sure they will all do themselves proud at the final. Its a shame that the buyins were so big, as I do believe, if all of our team were able to afford to have played every game (I only played about 10) we would have been right up there with the leaders. But I am sure they will do well anyway. So Gooooooooooooooooooooo the Crushed Nutz......Will be thinking of you all weekend, well accept for when I am pissed watching the England game on Saturday night ;-)

Thats it for now, todays song is dedicated to the Dream Team that I am part of as they are all a bunch of "Stars"

Dubstar - Stars