Sunday, December 29, 2013

Waste of a Year !!

You can probably guess by the lack of updates what the poker year has been like. To put it mildly, I need to either improve dramatically or just not bother, but as you can guess, I am not going to give up just yet.

I have finished the year $122.22 in profit AFTER rakeback and bonuses, which is a big concern as I played approx 670,000 hands this year, mainly at 25NL zoom.

So what happened, well basically, if you look at my top 10 losing sessions of the year I would of broken even at the tables and thus been at least a $2k up. It seems that my lack of focus or playing at certain times, ie when pissed or when not really in the mood takes up more of a toll than I imagined. The good news I guess is that if I can limit those sessions there is hope in making some reasonable $$.

I was hoping that I could pay for a new car out of this years winnings, but I can just about fill my existing one up with some fcking petrol !!

So the plan is simple, I am going back to basics. Changing from Full Ring down to 6 Max and dropping right back down to 5NL Zoom with an initial online bankroll of £150. I still have an offline roll of £1550, which I will always keep separate for reload bonuses. I will not however use this for topping up my account at all, if I start losing, I will drop down levels, if I go bust, I give up it is that simple.

I have setup a withdrawal plan and moving up/down plan which is slightly less conservative than I have at the moment, also any bonuses will not count to moving up at all. So again, if I am not winning, I give up.

I know I say this a lot, but I hope to post more, I would like to setup a PGC thread on 2+2, but not sure that I would keep it up, so I might just post up an initial thread with the goals and see how it goes and update it once a week, if it gets any followers, will then maybe update it more regularly, will prob x-post on to here as well, which is a bit lazy, but who cares.

My primary focus for 2014 is going to be my health, if I can manage to fit quality time with my family and friends and squeeze in 100k hands per month, that would be ideal, but if something has to give, it will be the poker volume.

Thats enough shit for now, hope you had a merry xmas and wish you all a happy new year.