Saturday, December 08, 2012

Lazy Boy + Live Donk Fest

Title sums it up really, poker seems to have taken a back seat to other things at the moment, I hardly played at all last month and just about did enough to get Silver VIP on Stars. This is a big shame as I had managed to get to Gold the previous months so it was a waste of a chance to build up some fpps. The good news  however was I had a decent month running at about 7.4bb/100 for the hands that I did play finishing up $365 on the month, also cashed in some fpps for a total monthly profit of $494.11 which I would happily take for most months.

Had my infamous xmas shopping day with Stu on Weds just gone with the drinking starting at brekkie and carrying on for the rest of the day. I landed at the casino at about 22:45 and still had time to enter the $25 triple chance, there was only about 54 runners, but the bar was open and the beer was still running good. I felt a I played really well for my drunken state and ended up bubbling the final table when I ran AhKh into KK + 99 aipf which was a bit of a wounder, if I had won that hand I would of hit the final table about 3rd in chips but it was not to be.

It was still fairly early at this point (2am) and the bar was still open so it was time for a bit of £1/2 cash. I wasn't in the mood to be pushed around and I played the most aggressive game I have ever done and things were going really well until I re-raised all in with my king high flush when it hit on the river and I hadn't noticed that there were two pairs already on the board loooool the other guy obv had the nut full house, what a muppet I was. Still I reloaded and went on another massive bluff fest and like an idiot showing most of them with a plan to get paid when I hit a big hand. The big hand unfortunately didn't come until there was only 4 of us left at 6.15am and they announced last 3 hands. UTG straddled for £4 I bumped it up on the SB to £13 and then he re-raised to £28. I decided to flat call as I still had about £140 behind me. The flop come down K42. I had already decided the money was going in, so checked to see if would have a stab, he surprised me when he massively overbet the pot sticking in a £100 bet, I was still convinced he was doing this as it was the last two hands so decided to shove. His face said it all and I obv had him. He was committed to call the extra £40 I had back and he flipped over AT, the turn bought another king and then the kick in the teeth when the river bought the ace. I just laughed as the £340 or so pot went his way. Don't get me wrong I would rather of won the pot as I would of had a free day out on it, but I had really enjoyed playing and I think I learnt a lot about live cash and also more importantly I learnt a lot more about what I am capable of when it comes to playing poker.

I eventually got home at 7.30am when I bumped into my wife at the train station of the way into work lol. Roll on next year.

I think poker this month will be pretty much the same, gonna just get enough for Silver Star and then between XMAS and New Year make a decision on whether to go for Supernova or not.

Prob gonna be me last post before XMAS, so heres wishing you all a great one and wonderful new year.


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